Last Minute Safeway Trip + Frys for Trip Goodies

>> April 24, 2009

Ok. .I really needed soda for the trip + at home.. and I needed to get my last disney gift card, so I did manage another safeway run last night
Sorry no pictures though....

5 24-packs diet pepsi - $4.99 each
1 12-pack diet pepsi $4.99- Freebie Q
1 Bright Green Bleach $1.49- $1 Store Q
1 Kids Reusable Bag $1.99- $2 Store Q
-$2.14 (10% off)
-$10 OYNO Q
Total $38.45 - $31.59 in safeway gift cards and $6.86 OOP.
Earned another $10 OYNO Q!

So... basically for $13.45 I bought A LOT of soda. :-)

I ran out to Frys this morning to fill a couple RXs (and get a $30 Transfer) and pick up a few goodies for the trip!

I did also get the free challenge butter on sale for $1 - .50 IPs! And the $1 Kroger Cheese, which is a great price! These plus the trip goodies were free with my RX transfer funds!

Anyway, we are leaving in about an hour and lucky for me, my mom came by this morning to help me with packing and Quinn. Seriously I would be freaking out if she hadn't helped me! She even cleaned up a bit! ;-) So here a sit with a few minutes to blog because of my mom! Thanks mom!

Ok... have to run and finish up a few last minute things!

California here we come!!


Lori Crouch April 25, 2009 at 9:25 AM  

Sometime when you return from your trip, would it be possible to post what are the meanings of the abbreviations and codes you use, such as Q, Transfer, OYNO Q, OOP, etc. I have no idea what they mean. Thanks so much and have a wonderful trip!

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