MIA & Resisting Impulses!

>> April 19, 2009

Look at these gorgeous people!
I have been MIA this week mostly because of family stuff... most importantly because of my brother's wedding. I love this picture.. I haven't tried to edit it yet, but the lovely couple is holding my little lovey and he is smiling!! (As he is desperately trying to squirm down)! We had a crazy hectic week, but it was fun and they had an awesome wedding!
Oh and they were married at the same place that Peter and I were married 5 years ago.
And on a bargain note! Vanessa's dress was a $99 STEAL at David's Bridal. It was very pretty and such a deal!

Here is a little frugal talk though... Both of these items were FREE to me. First the big pop up silver hamper was a hand-me down from my dad... who ALWAYS declutters like crazy when he is back in the states (which he was this week).. and it was perfect timing for us, because I have been on the lookout for a new hamper for Quinn.

The cute little green chair is from my grandma's church. They were getting rid of several and my grandma managed to snag me a PAIR!! They are perfect, sturdy little chairs, in perfect condition and in a GREAT color too! I have been on the lookout for an activity table/chair set for quinn, so its perfect. Now I need to hunt down a cheap/freebie great little table!

I think both of these "finds/deals" is a great reminder for me, that if I can hold off on a purchase that perhaps a deal will find me!


Precious April 19, 2009 at 8:40 PM  

Quinn looks so cute all dressed up! I can't believe that her wedding dress was only $99. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! They make a beautiful couple!

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