Quick Bashas Deals

>> April 12, 2009

I didn't manage to make a CVS run this weekend. I really wanted to go yesterday and use my $15/75 and $20/100 CRT Qs. I had come up with a few decent runs, inspired by other bloggers. However, our plate was SOOOOO full yesterday, that unless I was willing to go at 10:30 last night, then it just wasn't going to happen. I made a conscious choice to take a bath and read, which led to my jammies, which meant it was unlikely that I would run out once Peter got back from the D-backs game. Which is unfortunate because our budget was shot and we really needed a few essentials that the big $$ CRTS could help with.
Anyway, I did make a quick run to Bashas this evening. My dad wanted a few things, so I threw some deals on his order. Here are the highlights....
3 Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta $1- .50 MQs= free
2 French's Honey Mustard $1- .75 MQs= free (+ it gave me a $1 OYNO Q)
1 dz eggs .99
5 Frosted Flakes (I left 2 with my brother) $1.99 each- $1.50 MQs = $.49 each (+ I received 2
free MILK Qs)
2 McCormick Real Vanilla Extracts $1.50 -.75 MQs= $0.50 each
I did pretty good. They were completely wiped of mustard, I was lucky to get even two. They had plenty of pasta, but we were in a hurry (grabbing ice cream) so I didn't want to bother with 2 orders. Hopefully I can hit a different bashas tomorrow and grab some additional mustard and pasta!


Precious April 13, 2009 at 1:40 PM  

Nice deals at Bashas! Don't feel bad about the CVS deals. I have found that there is always another deal down the road. So if you miss some, it is no big deal!

kc April 13, 2009 at 1:49 PM  

Hopefully I can get a little more pasta before tomorrow. I love free pasta :-) I do need a new toliet paper deal though since hte cottonelle freebies have dried up at my Frys!

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