>> April 23, 2009

Ok... managed 2 great orders today at Safeway, although I did have some slight issues at the register. Overall a great trip and even with my difficulties, the staff was awesome. (More about it later).

Order #1

10 Healthy Choice meals 2.99 each ($1.99 each wyb multiples of 5) - $1.00/2
MQs= $1.49 each

1 Bright Green Bleach $1.49 - $1 Ad Q

1 Super cute reusable tote $1.49 - $2 Ad Q= $.51 overage

1 $25 Disney Gift Card

- $2.09 (10%)

-$10 OYNO Q

-$2 OYNO Q

tax $.12

Total $25.91 on safeway gift cards.... (which I had saved for our trip to
buy Disney Gift cards)...

And I earned another $10 OYNO coupon


I paid $.91 + $2 OYNO for the 10 meals and bleach.. since I spent a $10
OYNO, but earned another one, and of course spent $25 in safeway gift cards for
a $25 Disney gift card!!

Then came order number 2....

Order #2

4 Skippys $2.50 - $0.40 and $.50 MQs = $1.50 to $1.70 each

5 Healthy Choice Meals 2.99 each ($1.99 each wyb multiples of 5) - $1.00/2
MQs= $1.49 each and $1.99 (for the 5th one)

1 Kashi Pizza $4.99- Free Q (only took off $4.09 for max value)

1 Bright Green Bleach $1.49 - $1 Store Q = $0.49

1 Super Cute Reusable bag $1.49 - $2 Store Q = $0.51 overage

1 $25 Safeway Gift card

-$2.09 (10% off)

-$10 OYNO Q

Total $28.38 on a safeway gift card

Earned another $10 OYNO Q


Again $25 of the Total on a gift card went towards another gift card, and
my $10 OYNO Q was replaced with another one. So really the cost of my order is
only $3.38 for my goodies....not bad. for the PB and frozen

Ok.. now on to the slight hassle, which was partially my fault on order #2. First on order #1, the free bag Q wouldn't scan and the cashier (actually the produce manager) asked for some help, tried to key it in and it still wouldn't work. However, he was super cool and just keyed in $2 for me. He did tell me it was supposed to be $50 after Qs (which I don't' think it says that on the coupon....) but anyway, he made it work.

Then my safeway gift card wouldn't slide through to work. The machine couldn't read it and the produce manager had to call another manager to figure out how to "scan" the card. So there were some slight issues with this order, but everyone was super nice and it was ok. I felt bad though since I had order #2 behind me.

Order #2... same issues with Bag Q, except that I asked him to scan it first (before the other Qs) to see if that would work. However my total was only $45.xx, which didn't seem right to me but I didn't want to hold up the line, so I told him to forget about the cute bag. Then as I hand him my other Qs, I realize that the reason it was only $45.xx is that I forgot about the kashi. So I quickly sent my mom to find one (again we are already checking out and scanning Qs). The clerk then says I will just give you the bag, do you really want the kashi? This was very nice of him, but I needed the kashi for the living well deal, and I knew my $10 OYNO wouldn't print without it (I had to hit $30). So I insisted, only my mom couldn't find it. So she is walking back empty handed and there are 2 people waiting STILL in line behind me. Another manager went back to grab me one, I told them I didn't care what kind, that I just wanted to use the Q. They apparently don't carry the entrees, only the pizza which is what they grabbed and then ok-ed it with me.

I didn't care, i just wanted to quickly check out and stop holding up the line. Anyway, all the employees were nice and the person behind didn't look annoyed. I of course apologized for the delay. In the end I think it was only an extra 5 minutes checking out with all the issues, but when you are the cause of the delay it sometimes feels like forever!!


Milloy Family April 23, 2009 at 1:05 PM  

Thanks for all of your posts! I love that you are local here in AZ. I have a question... why are you buying Disney giftcards? Just wondering... keep up the great savings!

kc April 23, 2009 at 3:53 PM  

Hi! I love local blogs too! I will go in an add yours to my list, I love checking in to see what the locals are doing. I may be missing on some crazy great deal! :-)

Anyway, that is a great question about the disney gift cards. We are actually leaving tomorrow for a Cali vacation. If you search vacation you can pull up some past posts about my savings methods for our trip. I plan to do an update tonight/tomorrow if I get a chance. We are super busy trying to pack and get ready + squeeze in the last minute necessity trips + safeway deal trips. :-)

Precious April 23, 2009 at 8:56 PM  

You did really well on the living well promos. Enjoy youe Disney trip!

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