Kohls' Deals from today....

>> June 30, 2009

Ok braving the heat.. we battled to snag 2 more pairs of pants for Peter. My mom ran around doing errands with me today, and she actually bought a couple of things she found on sale at Kohls. So I didn't have buy any fillers to use my Kohls Qs.

Here is what I brought home...

2 pairs of pants and 1 sprinkler thingy (grandma paid for)...

my mom gave me $15 cash for her "extra" stuff.

I paid $11.23 this weekend for the pants + filler shirt, so basically I told her that she could have the benefit of the extra $2 off from each Q.

In the end. .it worked out that I paid $23.06 for both transactions. And we did end up with a fun extra for Quinn, because grandma is always spoiling him and one of her "finds" was this sprinkler thingy toy.

2 pairs of pants on sale $17.99

1 sprinkler toy $6.74

- 2 $10 Kohls Qs (+ my mom's stuff) - $15 cash (mom)

Total $23.06 or $11.53 per pair.. $0.30 more than this weekend.


DARN is it hot.. Almost too hot for errands, but here is what we did anyway...

No pictures today... I could barely bring the groceries in without collapsing from heat exhaustion.. I am still recovering...


2 24-pack waters $1.99 each with a newspaper Q
Total $3.98 OOP

1 Chex mix $1
1 Sierra mist ruby red 2 liter $1.34 - free q (only $1) = $0.34
2 Crystal Lights $2- $1 Qs= $1 each
1 Kraft Mayo light $2- $1 Q= $1
2 ICBINB sprays $2- $1/2= $1.50 each
1 Activia Yogurt $2- $1 Q= $1
3 B&J Frozen Yogurts $2 - $1.50/3 Catalina Q= $1.50 each
bananas $1.46
3 McCain Sweet Potato Fries $3.99 (not on sale) - $0.75 Q= $2.99
-$5/30 Frys Q
Total $16.77 OOP

1 Gallon Milk $1.39
2 Purex Laundry Soaps $1.99- $0.35 = $1.29 each
8 Gatorades $.69 each
3 Purina kitty foods $2.59- $2.19 (free q) = $0.40 each
1 Swiss Miss Cocoa $2.99- free frys Q= free
4 Kraft Cheese slices $1.47 - $.50 and $1 MQs= $.47 and $.97 each ($0.50 MQs did not double)
2 Orajel Toddler Toothpastes $2.99 each - $.75Q= $2.99 and $1.99 each
-$5/30 Frys Q
Total $14.24 OOP

So.. not bad.. a couple of side notes, albies is at least doubling coupons right now, perhaps tripling/quadrupling. There were no signs up in my store, but my mcains $.75 Qs= did double to $1 off. Also Frys is supposed to start tripling tomorrow, so the purex laundry soap with $.35 Qs would be better tomorrow, since they will triple to $1 off. However, my Frys 5/30 expired today, so it wouldn't have helped me as much...

I will be contacted Frys corporate about my kraft singles Cheese Qs, not doubling.
The store basically told us "
TOUGH! If they don't double, there is something special about them and they can't force it."

There is nothing on the Q that states DND, and are just regular MQs. so we will see what Frys Corporate says.. they do advertise that they double manufacturer's coupons... so they should have doubled.


My Kohls Deals

My Kohls Deals...
1 Croft and Barrow Khakis on sale $17.99
1 3t shirt 80% off $2.40
-$10/20 Q
Total $11.23

That is a smoking deal on work pants for Peter. I drug him out this weekend and made him try on 6-7 different pairs all on sale for about $20-$24 a piece.. oddly enough he chose the one pair below $20. He said they fit best!

The great thing about that, is that you can actually find some ok stuff for $2+ to bring up the total to $20. (like the shirt for Quinn) I plan on snagging several more pairs this week with some Qs, I was able to trade for. If I run out of cheap t-shirts for Quinn, I will resort to kitchen towels :-)


Safeway, walgreens, and Frys

>> June 29, 2009

I bopped into Safeway to get a refund on my cards. The manager only wanted to give me a refund less the 2 B1G1 free Qs, I had.. which isn't entirely the right thing to do from their perspective, since they will still get credit for them.. but whatever, I didn't want to argue and at least I got a full refund for my actual OOP.

So factoring in my $8.49 refund.. my total OOP from Saturday was actually only $52.37, and of course that was because I had $50 in gift cards and I also paid $0.25 for each hefty one-zip package, so that means $0.37 in tax.

Anyway, so I did grab 2 of the turkey breasts on sale for $0.99 a lb and also one kraft singles using the $0.99 super Q from the Sunday ad.

2 Turkey Breasts ($.99/lb) $15.80
1 Kraft Singles ($0.99 with Super Q) - $0.50 MQ= free
-$5 gift card
Total $10.80 OOP

I had noticed some splenda with fiber on clearance at walgreen this weekend, so I ran back in with my MQ to snag some. Unfortunately there was only one left, but I guess that is good enough for now. We have NO splenda left and it is my preferred sweetner.

Splenda clearanced to $1.49 - $1 MQ= $0.49
Total OOP $0.49

Frys- Daytona buy 10 save $3 promo.. I am listing the after promo price below.. seems easier for me.
3 Purex $1.99 - $0.35 MQ= $1.29 each
17 Gatorades $0.69 each
3 Kraft Singles $1.47 each - $0.50 MQs= $0.47 each
1 Deli Fresh pack of ham marked down to $1.89 (filler)
1 Tylenol - free Frys Q= free
2 frys Milks $1.39 each (I love this price!!)
-$5/30 Frys Q
Total $16.55 OOP
Actually..it should only be $15.05... the kraft singles MQs didn't double. Good thing we are going back tomorrow.. so I will get my $1.50 back then.


Tucson Freebies

Blockbuster is giving away a free 1-night rental today only to promote their new 1-day rental option. This is good for Tucson stores today for anyone with a membership. If you don't have a membership, sign up! It's free! (just saw this promoted on the morning news!)

Also Dave's Famous BBQ (on Oracle Rd) is giving away a free meal tomorrow (Tuesday, June 30th only) to any "Dave" with the purchase of another meal. I have two "Daves" in my immediate family, so my SIL can buy a meal and my brother, DJ (David) can get his meal for free!! What a fun promo, if your name is Dave, of course! :-) (thanks to pete's parents for the heads up, and it was also on the news last night!)


CVS, Walgreens, Safeway, Frys, etc...

>> June 27, 2009

I did a grand circle tour yesterday to run several errands. I was fairly successful, a few minor issues, but overall a good run, although it was quite hot!

I tried to do the gift card deal again, this time with TWO $25 gift cards, since the deal was buy 3 hallmark cards and get $5 off a gift card. I was hoping that I could get $10 off. Unfortunately it didn't work out like that. I was ok with one $5 off, since I was still buying the same number of cards as yesterday, however I didn't even get that. I deal was supposed to run through today and I even used my mom's phone number/card in case it was one per person. Anyway, I was in midst of many errands, so I didn't deal with it at the store then. I will go back on Monday when I have more times. Worst case, if they don't want to give me $5 or $10, I will just return the greeting cards. I picked Kohls cards to buy, since I plan on snagging Peter some pants this week there anyway.

2 $25 Kohls Cards
6 Greeting Cards $2 each - 2 B1G1 Qs= $8 total for all cards
4 Vitamin Waters - free with greeting card promo
5 Kelloggs Poptarts $1.99 each - $5/5 store promo - $0.50 MQ= free
8 Hefty one-zip bags $1.25 each (in store promo wyb 4+ bags)- $.50 & $1 MQ= $0.25 each
Total $60.86 - $25 safeway gift card (from the day before) and the rest OOP.

So... I paid an extra $10.86 above the gift card values, $2 of that was for the (8) Hefty bags... so $8.68 for tax and the cards. I thought I would have received either a $5 or $10 discount for the gift card promo. I plan on going back and having my order fixed or return the greeting cards. It's nice to stock up on extra cards for cheap, but I don't need them for $8+.

2 Oreo Cakesters $2.50 - $1 MQ= $1.50 each
1 trial size j&j baby powder $1.29 (filler)
-$3 RR
Total $1.37 OOP
Earned $3 RR (oreo) and $1 (j&j)

1 Aquafresh toothpaste - $1 IP= $2
1 j&j baby powder $1.99- $1= $.99
1 lip stuff (filler) $0.24 (marked $0.62.. unexpected bonus!)
Total $0.55 OOP
Earned $3 RR (aquafresh) and $1 (j&j)

So.. I spent$1.92 OOP, but have an extra (2) $1 RR besides a new $3RR that I still had after my 2nd order. So really a "break even" transaction. :-)

I ran in to pick up a RX and found some bagels marked down. $1.29, so I snagged them.

No SoyJoy bars, so I got a rain check. Did find a couple of cute pacifiers 90% off. I always like find good baby gift stuff to have on hand, but I actually have a couple of Preggo friends, so I am working on some specific baskets. $0.52 each, total $1.10 on a gift card for both.


Retail Therapy

>> June 26, 2009

I snagged a few deals tonight, we had dinner at Pete's parents and I hit up a few stores in their neck of the woods after we ate.

Nothing was super essential, but rather some good deals and retail shopping therapy for me.

Order #1

6 Hallmark Cards $2 each - B1G1 Tearpad Q (I found months ago..and expires in a few days) = $6 total for all 6

1 $25 Safeway gift card

4 vitamin waters - free with instore promo, one water per $3 hallmark purchase, max 4

5 Rice Krispies $2.49 - $5 in store sale wyb 5 - $1.50 MQs= $0.01 overage each!!

-$5 instore promo wyb 5+ hallmark cards and a $25 gift card (ends tomorrow I think).

Total $26.94 OOP

Summary... I spent $1.94 on the 6 cards and 4 vitamin water, which is good for low blood sugar, and I always looking for gatorade/juice type deals for this purpose. And of course the ceral was free with Q's anyway.

Order #2 = Problematic
Same order... except substituting 2 poptars and .50 MQs for those with the cereal deal. It's a mix and match deal, so each poptart and cereal resulted in $0.01 overage still. I used the $25 safeway gift from my 1st order, for my 2nd order. Unfortunately the $5 gift card deal and free vitamin waters did not come off automatically. The manger decided that it must have been one deal per person... (certainly per day since it didn't work) but let me do it...

So again $1.94 net cost for another 6 cards & 4 vitamin waters and the cereal/poptarts were free anyway.

I do have the 2nd $25 safeway gift to use.. and I am hoping they sell Kohls gift cards (which is likely as they do have a large selection) because I plan on stocking up on works pants for peter for $10 each. That way I wont be sitting on a safeway gift card, which is my least fave store to shop at...

Side note-------> Kohls Deal:
There were $10/20 Q (stickers) on local newspapers this week. My mom received one.. and I am trying to trade for more. Various khakis are on sale for $20-ish this week less the $10 Q works out to $10 work pants. That is a good price for us, and Peter's job is hard on his pants.

Order #1
2 Oreo Cakesters $2.50 each - $1 MQs= $1.50 each
1 J&J Baby Powder $1.99- $1 MQ= $0.99
1 Mini Aftershave (75% off) =$1.24 (cheap stocking stuffer)
-$3 RR
Total $2.49 OOP
earned $3 RR (oreo) and $1 RR (J&J)

Order #2
1 Aquafresh TP $3.00- $1 MQ= $2
1 Mini Aftershave (75% off) = $1.24 (2nd cheap stocking stuffer)
- $3 RR
Total $0.58 OOP
earned $3 RR (aquafresh)

So I started with a $3 RR, and ended with a $3 and $1 RR, and spent $3.07 OOP.. so net cost $2.07 for the aftershaves, and everything else was "free."

10 Soy Joys $1 each - $2 and B1G1 MQs
-$2 ECBS
Total $2 on a gift card & earned $8 ECB (The deal is buy 4, get 4 ECB, so hopefully I can snag another 10 tomorrow.. and I will get another $12 ECBS..)


Laterish trips last night: Frys & Albies + a Beauty Brand freebie


3 Crystal Light $2.50- $1.00/1 & $2.00/2 Ips = $1.50 each ($1 each after promo)

1 BC cake mix $1.50 ($1 each after promo)

2 Kraft mac and cheese cup $1.25 - $1/2 = $.75 each ($.25 each after promo)

2 cans of olives $1.25 ($.75 each after promo)

2 B&J pints $2.50 - $1/2= $2.00 ($1.50 each after promo, which is a stock up price for me...)

7 Marcal Paper Towels $1.49 - Free MQ= free

~3 lbs chicken $5.69 (on sale for $1.67 a lb)

-$5/30 Frys Q
-$5 Promo
Total $10.33 OOP

I am pretty happy with this order! Basically the chicken was free with the $5 Frys Q and of course the paper towels were free... the other things were a decent/good price.


5 Glade Warmers $1.99 each - free MQ= free

6 Manwhich $.99 each - $0.40/2 = $.59 each ($0.29 each after promo)

3 Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.99 each - $.50 MQ= free ($.30 overage each after promo!!)

7 Gatorade $.89 each ($.59 each after promo)

3 Ragu Sauce $1.59 each - $0.30 MQ= $0.99 each ($0.69 each after promo)

1 Purex $2.29 each - $0.35 MQ= $1.59 ($1.29 after promo)

3 Kraft cheese slices $1.47 each - $1.00/1 IP and $1.00/2 Frys Q = $.97 and $0.47 each

- $5/30

-$3 & $3 Promo (buy 10 daytona save $3 promo)

Total $6.27 OOP

Beauty Brands

Free Fancy Shaving Cream... Here is the Q. I was really hoping for the free OPI nail polish, but my store wasn't offering it. I loved the dark metallic gray color, oh well, Peter got his luxury freebie instead. They were also offering a Biolage body wash or OPI body spray also. However, what couponer truly needs body wash? And I am not super big on body spray, the scents weren't bad, but I am sure I wouldn't use it. Anyway, if you have a Beauty brand nearby, you should stop buy and snag a freebie!


Laundry Room Mini Renovation Update

>> June 25, 2009

Ok. So I managed to get it organized and back in order yesterday. Click here to see the original pictures. Basically, peter added another shelf above my top shelf, diving the height in two. I had to use bins in order stack stuff on top of each other, I haven't managed to stack a windex bottle on top of another windex bottle yet. :-) If you figure out how to do it, let me know. :)

Anyway, this didn't really grant me a lot of extra space, however it did allow me to organize my stockpile better. I also got rid of several bins that hid what I had. I can now see that I have PLENTY of hand soap. :-) I don't have to pull down heavy bins to get something I need or count what I have.

I plan on adding a hook on the side wall to hang this laundry bag of rags/towels. I just bought the laundry bag at the 99 cent store, so it was cheap and I think it will work. I would prefer a different style bag, one that would be easier to use, but the cost of organization/visual appeal has to make sense too. I definitely want the towels to hang here, to the side, so that I can utilize the space and not taking up shelf space.

Here is the shelf above my freezer again. The left side is pretty much stacked to ceiling. The right side is pretty much just random stuff, extra cleaner things that are not often used. I am debating whether or not to try and throw it into a bin to try and squeeze more up there (not that I need to space yet). However, then we won't easily see what is up there...
Anyway, I feel much better about my extra shelf. Plus I can now send Peter in there to grab spare hand soap easily. And he find any cleaners he wants without looking through bins.
Oh and I did reorganize under my kitchen sink a little better. I had thrown extra handsoaps/dish soaps under there haphazardly and now they are all moved up with their friends in the laundry room. It is easier to see stuff under there as well.

What do you think, an improvement?


Bashas & Albies

I ran out and did a few errands in between a dental check up (yuck!)

Albies - They are also doing a buy 10 save $5 promo (limit 2 rewards per transaction)

4 ben & jerrys froyo $2.50 - $1/2 IPs = $2.00 each ($1.50 each after promo)

5 Crystal Lights $2.50- $2/2 and $1/1 IPs= $1.50 each ($1 each after promo)

2 OM Bologna $2.00 - $1/2 IP = $1.50 each ($1 each after promo)

2 mac and cheese cups $1.25 - $1/2 IP= $.75 each ($0.25 each after promo)

Albie hot dog buns $1.50 ($1 each after promo)

Albie hamburger buns $1.50 ($1 each after promo)

5 Pillsbury Pizza Crusts $1.50 - $0.40 MQ = $1.10 each ($0.60 each after promo)

1 Bagels package $2.50

1 marked down bagels package $.99

-$5 Promo

-$5 Promo

-$5/30 Frys Q

Total $16.99 OOP


2 Cottage Cheese $0.88 each

2 Saralee breads $1.50 each

4.91 lbs Bananas (.59/lb) = $2.90

Total $7.66 OOP


Frys Daytona Event

>> June 24, 2009

Frys is running another buy 10 (of select items) and save $3.00, there is no limit to how many $3.00 rewards you earn.

15 Kroger Yogurts $.40 each (not pictured)

4 Manwhich $.99 - .40/2 MQs= $0.59 each

2 Ragu Sauce $1.59 - $0.30 MQ= $0.99 each

3 Purex Laundry Soap $2.29 - $.35 MQs= $1.59 each

8 Gatorade $0.89 each

3 Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.99- .50 MQ= free

3 Glade Warmers $1.99 - free MQs= free

- $3.00 Daytona

-$3.00 Daytona

-$5/30 Frys Q

Total $11.78 OOP


Laundy Room & Stockpile Project

>> June 22, 2009

So I have a pretty great laundry room; Definitely the best one out of all of our previous homes... which have been quite a few. This was a space that we claimed as a laundry room when we remodeled our house.

I love stockpiling, and I love the idea of perfect organization, however I am not perfect at organizing. And I also don't want to spend a TON of money on the perfect storage solutions, it seems like that defeats the purpose of stockpiling to save money. Anyway one of my biggest problems has been that my shelves are "too tall" and it's hard to stack things. So I have resorted to using bins that will allow me to stack things better. The problem is pulling down heavy bins is quite dangerous and taxing, plus it is difficult to see/know what is in the bins (even when they are 'clear' bins).

Here is an example of how my shelves often look.

The top of my washer, dryer and chest freezer often become staging areas when I find a new deal. It is nice to have the extra "table tops" to throw stuff up on, however the stuff makes it difficult for me to open my washer and freezer.
You can kind of see the freezer in the picture below.. with some stuff stacked on it. Not the best picture at illustrating it, but you get the idea.

Well my husband gave in to my request to add an extra shelf above my washer/dryer area, to split the upper area into smaller spaces. I am hoping this will allow me better organize the space and use less bins in there. I hate not seeing what I have stockpiled and also having to pull down bins when I need something.

As a part of the re-organizing I may be moving around some of the stuff above the freezer too. 60% of it is my air freshener stuff in bins. I am hoping I can pull it out of the bins and stack it "in plain sight" within one of the smaller shelves. I am still stuck with how best to utilize this "tall shelf space." I will most likely still need some of the space for "taller" bottles that might not fit on the new shelves above the W&D, however I would like to do something different with any remaining space. I really dislike big bins that are heavy... and difficult to see in.. (have I mentioned that yet?)

Peter randomly/all of sudden picked up the materials to do my shelf today ( I seriously have been nagging for months) and has been working on it this evening.
He is just finishing up some painting right now, which will have to dry overnight. Then I will be able to organize, and load up tomorrow. Unfortunately I will have to wait until Quinn naps, because he really can't help. He likes to follow you up the ladder (right behind you, yeah scary) and also likes to find other interesting/yet possibly dangerous things to play with in there. It is easy enough to go in and grab something, switch around laundry, etc but I can't spend big chunks of time organizing with him "helping."
So I will be posting pictures tomorrow of my project and what I end up doing, organization-wise. I would love ideas on how to deal with the space above the freezer, I don't think I can talk peter into doing an extra shelf there and I think I might be good to keep some "tall" space there anyway.


A confession and my trips to Frys and CVS

I have a confession.. a sad confession, sometimes the cost of a vacation is too high for a couponer to bear.... I let $20 in CVS ECBs expire :-( Man, I could kick myself! Basically, I used up the ECBS that were expiring while we were gone, however I didn't consider the 2 $10 ECBS I had to use the day AFTER I returned from NYC. Sometimes it is easy for me to bop in and out of store, but not always. My first issue beyond being tired from our trip, was that Quinn was still recovering from being sick, so that definitely complicated any errands I needed to run. In addition, I didn't actually realize they were expiring on Monday, I had thought in the back of my mind that I had a random ECB set to expire "sometime" that week... I was cleaning out my purse/wallet and trying to get it back in order this weekend when I came across the expired ECBS. UGGGGHHH!

Anyway.. Luckily I manged to get in on the lens wipe deal at CVS, so for $1.98 I earned $10 ECB. And my trip today was a slight Money Maker as well.


3 Always Infinity (huge boxes) $4.99- $4 MQs= $.99 each

1 Freestyle Meter $9.99- $9,99 MQ= free

2 Thermacare heating pads $2.49 each - $1 IP= $1.49 each

1 Hefty Bags (travel size) $1.49- $1 MQ= $.49

-$5/30 CRT

Total $2.77 on a gift card

Earned $4.98 ECBS (ThermaCare)

Frys Order #1

6 Dole Mandarin Oranges $.99 each - $.55/2 MQs= $.49 each

Total $2.96

And earned 2 $1 OYNO for the oranges.. I guess buy 3 get $1 OYNO.

Frys Order #2

2 Dole Mandarin Oranges $0.99 each - $.55/2 MQ = $.49 each

2 Gallons of Milk $1.39 each (GREAT PRICE)

2 Gerber straw cups BOGO Free $4.39- $.75 MQs= $2.39 for both!!

- 2 $1 OYNO from 1st order

Total $4.47 OOP

I didn't earn any OYNO for 2 oranges... because again I think you have to buy in groups of 3... which I didn't realize until after my 1st order (and I was at self check with Quinn, so there was no going back...), besides my store was low on the oranges.. only a few cans left that were pretty badly dented anyway.
I plan on running back later tonight or tomorrow for more milk, some .99 cottage cheese and maybe a few more cans of dole mandarin oranges.


Walgreens tonight

>> June 21, 2009

I snuck out to Walgreens this evening.. well actually 2 of them because we have 2 within a mile of our house. I will post a picture in the morning (when I unload the car...). I planned my orders to roll the $3 RR for the coke, aquafresh and nabisco deals.
** added picture... missing one soda that is already chilling in the fridge! ****

Walgreens #1, Order #1

1 Aquafresh Toothpaste $3 - $1 MQ= $2

Total $2.18 OOP

Earned $ 3 RR (Aquafresh)

Walgreens #1, Order #2

4 12 packs of Diet Coke - $1 MQs= $9 for all 4

1 Big Roll of TP (filler) $0.50

-3 RR

Total $6.53 OOP

Earned $3 RR (Coke)

Walgreens #2, Order #1

2 Oreo Cakesters $2.50 each - $1 MQ= $1.50 each

1 Big Roll of TP (filler) $0.50

- $3 RR

Total $0.53 OOP

Earned $3 RR (nabisco)

Walgreens #2, Order #2

4 Diet Coke 12 packs -$1 MQs= $9 for all 4

1 Big Roll of TP (filler) $0.50

-$3 RR

Total $6.53 OOP

Earned $3 RR (coke)

Walgreens #2, Order #3

1 Aquafresh TP - $1 IP

2 Big Roll of TP (fillers) $0.50 each

-$3 RR

Total $0.24 OOP

Earned $3 RR (Aquafresh)

$16.01 OOP with tax... (and a $3 RR still left to Roll/Spend) and that includes 5 Big Rolls of TP, MUCH Needed TOOTHPASTE (because every couponer runs short on toothpaste) and of course the oreo caksters.


NYC Trip Summary of Deals: Part 2

>> June 19, 2009

Other fave deals and bargains in NYC

  1. Time Square- Hanging out the Time Square is free! And the city has made it easier than ever to hang out a bit, rest up and soak up the crazy lights; They have recently shut down one of the main streets and have set up lawn chairs for people to enjoy!
  2. Brooklyn Bridge- Walk across the bridge for free! You get to enjoy a great view of the city and history!
  3. Subway- $25 for 7 days unlimited riding on subways and buses! The subway was SOOOO easy to use; and got us anywhere we needed to go! What a travel bargain! Be sure to snag a subway map, 1st chance you get. We had to ask at several stations before we found one in stock.
  4. Coney Island- We ventured out to Coney Island and saw the sights, dipped our feet into the Atlantic Ocean. This was all free too.... We didn't do any rides, only a few were operating and I wasn't too interested.
  5. Federal Reserve Tour- Another freebie. The building was beautiful and it was neat to see the gold vault. I wouldn't do it twice, but it was a neat little 1 hour adventure.
  6. Chinatown/Little Italy- We ventured around the area to see the sights. Grabbed a great slice of pizza and drink for $5 each. This is definitely a good stop for "cheapish" souvenirs. Check out this website for a good walking tour, with points of interest in the area. Actually, if you explore the website a bit you will find more walking tours and neighborhood maps that are quite useful.
  7. Grand Central Terminal- A great building to explore, our hotel was a small block away so we were in the building often. The Sky Ceiling was pretty and the Whispering Gallery was neat. Check out this website for more information about the building, a walking tour and also guided tours. The lower concourse had a mall type food court and "ok" public bathrooms (which can be hard to find...). We had a sandwich and cheesecake at the Juniors location down there. It was YUMMY!
  8. Broadway Tickets- We snagged tickets to Rock of Ages via the TKTS booth for 40% off. This saved us $57 for both tickets. You can check out Broadway Box for discount codes to purchase the tickets ahead of time. It allows you some more control over your tickets, you get to pick your seats via ticketmaster and no for sure that you can get tickets. The TKTS booths offer tickets up to 50% off and are a great option if there are no discount codes that apply to the show you want to see. In our case, there were discount codes available, just not for the Friday show we wanted to see. Anyway, if you go the TKTS booth route, there are three locations. I would recommend going to the South Seaport location because it opens earlier (11 am) and has less of a line. The main TKTS booth in Times Square isn't open until 2pm and had crazy long lines (although people have claimed the lines move fast...). Anyway, we hit the South Seaport location before walking the Brooklyn Bridge, but its also right down by the financial district as well, so you could definitely plan some site seeing around buying tickets.
  9. Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center)- We decided to do Top of the Rock vs. Empire Center because of crazy lines. The Rockefeller center is also where Jimmy Fallon is taped, so we did this right before dusk. It was gorgeous. Normally $20, but we used this $3 coupon. If you forget a coupon, snag one from a guy in a red vest down in the plaza. They were passing $2 coupons to everyone.

Not a deal, but another great resource.

HopStop- Plug in your starting point and ending point and it will give you directions using subway, buses and walking. I set up itineraries for each day (which is adjusted somewhat) and it was great to have general directions about which subway line to take and where to get off (especially before we were able to find an actual subway map).

Ok.. so I think I am done. If you have any questions, please let me know. We had a blast and can't wait to plan our next trip.


NYC Trip Summary of Deals: Part 1

>> June 18, 2009

Ok I have decided to break up my NYC Deals Summary into a few posts, perhaps I will get them posted sooner....

My Top 5 NYC Freebies

  1. Staten Island Ferry- Free rides from the city to Staten Island with great and FREE views of the Statue of Liberty! The ferries seem to run every 3o minutes during regular hours and they are HUGE. Lots of inside seating, and some outside seating. There is even a snack bar on board. :-) Here is a link to their website.

  2. Jimmy Fallon Show- We watched a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It was free, and super fun. The coolest part was one of the guests was "Jim" from the office. But the SUPER, COOLEST part was my husband was chosen for an audience member segment. They snatched us out of the line, took us through security and to our seats ahead of the rest of the audience. And of course peter is on TV. The show is still available on the Jimmy Fallon website (episode 63, aired 6/10). You can also submit ticket requests on their website, although I called for our tickets.

  3. Daily Show- We also attended a taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was very funny and lots of fun. We saw that on Wednesday with Katie Couric as a guest. Tickets are available on their website as well, although you do need to book in advance unless you want to chance it for standby tickets.

  4. Central Park- Another freebie the city has to offer. We visited Friday morning, it was damp and drizzly, so quite empty for us. We only spent a couple hours there, but you could explore several days there if you wanted. On a side note, the Jonas Brothers were giving a free concert in the park that morning, so we did get to experience lots of screaming girls, with some of their music in the background. :-) Very amusing. They also offer some free walking tours, which we didn't do because we were short on time.

  5. Our Hotel!!!- I won 4 nights free at the Hotel Fitzpatrick Grand Central via the LastMinuteTravel website promo. I know, I know, I was lucky!! The hotel was very nice, a block from Grand Central Station, down a side street. The location was convenient for getting around the city. Their beds were SOOOO comfy, it was unbelievable. And small but decent sized rooms with a mini fridge. I would definitely recommend it. Also on a side note, I would have totally priceline/hotwire room if I hadn't won this. And Last Minute Travel is also running a $10 a night promo that includes some NYC hotels.

Two more FREE resources:

  1. Trip Advisor NYC forum: I used this forum a ton. You can search for specific topics, read other people's itinerary ideas and post questions. There is a great NYC FAQ thread at the top of the forum. It is a great place to start!

  2. Big Apple Greeters: They offer free tours with a local, volunteer resident. We hesitated requested one and there were none available for our trip. They come highly recommended on the Trip Advisor NYC forum. It's a great way to see a specific neighborhood and learn the ropes of the city from a local!!
To be continued......



Here are some freebies to share...

  1. Free Kiplinger Magazine Subscription found via SD. I love freebie mags to trade in for credit!!

  2. Free shaving cream or nail polish at Beauty Brands, thanks D-E-A-Lish

  3. Don't forget the $10 gift card to Tucson Mall, I posted about yesterday (if you are local).

  4. Starting June 25, Glidden is giving away a free quart of paint (you choose the color!!). A great way to snag some touch up paint if you have this kind in your house already or enough for a small project!


Dback Fans and Frys Qs....

>> June 17, 2009

The Dbacks have the $5/30 Q in their free programs/booklets again. If you or someone you know is going to a game, pick up a few of these books. There is a $5/30 Q in it, good through the end of June. I can also use these at albies! This issue also had a B2G1 Free Poor Brothers chip Frys Q as well. I discovered these Qs in May when my husband brought them home to me (Happy Mother's Day) and had a blast with them! My MIL and FIL were at the game this weekend and picked up some more for me.

I hope this helps someone!!


Win a 72" Harvest shelf!!

Check out this contest. You can win a free 72" Harvest shelf from their website. Click here to enter!!

This would be a great system for any stockpiler!! Even if you don't win, it might be worth considering the investment if you have the extra cash!


Gmail - Get a Free $10 Mall Gift Card

Anyone locally who wants to run down to the Tucson Mall (if you are nearby.. gas prices being what they are and all...) I just received this in my email box. I can actually forward the email to you if you like, just let me know. It started today and my mom and I were the only ones there doing it..... Not sure how long it will last...

**** Actually if you click the link below it should bring up the email, if that doesn't work, I can also forward it to you if you like... *********

Gmail - Get a Free $10 Mall Gift Card: "Just print this email and bring to the Mall Office between
June 17-23, 2009.
Limited number of gift cards available, so hurry in while supplies last!
Mall Office Hours are:
Monday - Friday8:00 am - 5:00 pm

For more details and sales at your favorite stores, visit tucsonmall.com
Click here to tell all your Friends!
Referred recipients will need to provide a copy of this email and sign up for The Club at the mall to claim their gift card. See terms and conditions for details."


Money Saving Challenge 6/15 & 6/16

>> June 16, 2009

We are back from NYC!! It was fun and exhausting.. and Quinnie is sick. He stayed home with VERY WILLING :) babysitters, who unfortunately had to deal with a sick, crabby kiddo. He is still not feeling well, and crabby, but is on the mend! Anyway, I have been mostly getting back into the swing of things, doing laundry, paying bills online, etc.

  1. I signed up for the Kraft Free Taste group for coupons and samples. (Found via DealSeekingMom). And also printed a few more of the good Kraft Qs here.

  2. I worked on a few e-rewards surveys. They have a few decent rewards, although they are generally limited to one redemption a year. It is worth checking out though if you haven't seen it before.

  3. I ordered another $5 Amazon gift certficate via Swagbucks. I am up to $80 in amazon gift cards! (although I did spend $10 of it on a magazine subscription a few weeks ago).

  4. Hit albies for the $1.50 Orowheat bread, free breyers pint ice cream, $0.75 eggs, and chicken breast for $1.67 lbs. (no picture...)

  5. Hit Frys for milk $0.88 1/2 gallon, found a frys private selection ham marked down to $.99 a lb, yogurt and grapes (which were expensive!!!)

  6. We ordered PeiWei for dinner last night. They have a special online promo for 25% off your first order when you order via their website. They also started making sesame chicken (one of my faves) for a limited time yesterday.

  7. Sorted through 7 new magazines we received while we were in NYC. I will be going to Bookmans later this week.

  8. Picked up a few things at 99 cent store including a 10lb bag of potatoes. I will be making the Ham and baked potatoes for dinner tonight. We should also be able to get at least 2 more meals out of the ham.


Vacation Planning Update: NYC

>> June 10, 2009

Well we should be in NYC by now.. I am typing this up ahead of time to share some of my travel deals & resources.

  1. 4 night hotel in NYC= free. I won a travel promotion through lastminutetravel.com and secured 4 nights at the Hotel Fitzgerald Grand Central for free! I was just a lucky duck with this one. Oh and it took a lot of work online, so I did EARN this!! I estimate it has saved us $600! I would have most likely pricelined our rooms here, because have pretty good luck with it and didn't have an exact hotel in mind anyway.

  2. 1st class airfare from Tucson to NYC= $628 (round trip for BOTH of us!). This took a bit of work also. When I renewed my Tmobile contract with a FAR Awesome phone last Black Friday, they were also offering a B1G1 companion fare ticket. I didn't care about it all, didn't plan on using it within a year and even when we decided to go to NY I didn't think it would save us much if any $! In fact if you read people talking about it, that is the general consensus. I did of course play with their software and see that their 1st fare was GENERALLY a couple hundred dollars MORE than what I could book on AA.com. So "maybe" you could save a few bucks, but not much after fees and taxes, particularly if you hit an airfare sale. However, they did offer a price matching function which ended up requiring quite a bit of work and waiting BUT did WORK for us! The would price match a fare if the EXACT same flights in their system were 25% or more. And generally that was the case. I still had to pay taxes and fees on the 2nd ticket, but I ended up with 2 round trip tickets for $428! I did say our airfare was 1st class however, and that is where the extra $200 came in. I sweet talked my dad (a somewhat frequent flier) into giving us miles to upgrade our tickets. There is still a $50 free each way, per ticket to upgrade, which comes to an extra $200 for our travel. I am not sure if the upgrade is really "worth" $200 + the miles my dad used, but Peter is excited for the extra leg room and experience! He has never flown 1st class before. So it will be truly a treat.

  3. We have free TV show tickets to see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and also The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I love free and it will be pretty fun, as we both enjoy these shows.

  4. I also managed to secure us tour tickets to the Federal Reserve Gold Vault which is also free. I lucked out in snagging someones cancellation spot here, all the free stuff should be booked well in advance!

  5. We will be doing the Staten Island Ferry (also FREE) to see the Statue of Liberty. Also walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and seeing Central park = more free stuff!

  6. We plan on eating cheaply, hot dogs, pizza, etc. In fact I found B1G1 for a nickel Nathans Hotdog coupons if we end up eating there. Also I entered a contest via Ted's Montana Grill that snagged us 2 free burgers there (which are not cheap), so that will make for a "nicer" meal. And we plan on doing Bagels/Cream Cheese in our room for breakfast.

  7. I found a lot of good articles/advice on trip advisor. Their NYC forum is awesome and I recommend anyone looking for advice to check it out!

  8. There is another SUPER COOL resource called Big Apple Greeters that is also FREE! People volunteer to take you on personal (as in no big groups) tours of the city. We hesitated requesting one and they had no availability for us when I did decide to try for it. However, the reviews for it are awesome! Maybe next time...

  9. We are renting a car for 1 day (+ a few hours) to travel to the catskills for the wedding. I found a 50% off code for budget via costco's travel section. This worked out to be the best deal for us, since we have to pay for 2 days (no hourly rate). I have tried doing priceline, but they won't accept my low ball offers, so it looks like we will be paying $80 + gas for this part of our trip.

  10. We also plan on doing one show, Rock of Ages. I haven't bought tickets yet, a new discount code appeared here recently, but it isn't good on Fridays which is when we planned to see it. So we are debating about changing the day or if we should risk using the TKTS booth the day of the show. I have been doing research and they do have Rock of Ages tickets each day, you can sign up for a daily email here. Hopefully we are able to see this show for a deal!


Money Saving Challenge June 7

>> June 07, 2009

  1. Glucose Meter Summary: So I did very well this past week at walgreens and the bayer meter deal. I managed to snag 33!! Luckily I had 10 ordered (well thought I had 20..), so an extra 15 in various store seemed doable. I ran out last sunday and snagged 2 each at 4 stores (not wanting to clear them out), then later that day snagged another 4 at 2 stores near my in-laws. So at that point, I only had 3 "extra" Qs to use. My first special order went great. They called me on Tuesday and let me know it was there and how to pick it up. The manager kindly rang me up and was happy that I helped fill in the serial numbers on the Qs. Of course the 2nd store didn't go as well, since the pharmacist couldn't manage to make a special order of 10. She did instruct her tech to sell me all 5 (in the pharmacy area), so then I had 5 more from my 2nd "special order" to find + the 3 "extra" Qs. I managed to find 3 more at stores near me yesterday and 3 more at stores near my in-laws again on Friday. I did resort to asking the pharmacy for their meters, which of course they had in stock because they had no sale signage up. In the end, I was shy only 2 of my 35 goal! And not much stress was involved at all! So that is 33 $10 RR! Plus 310 strips (since I did buy 2 Breeze meters, which do not come with strips)

  2. I received 2 more magsazines on Friday and 2 more on Saturday. The two from Friday were straight to the Bookman's pile ones (Boating life and Golf Digest). I rounded up all of our mags yesterday and took them to bookmans, I received $7.50 in trade and had them donate/recycle the ones they didn't want. Then I purchased 1 book and 1 magazine for my trip this week. And I had a strange thing happen, the purchase was $6 + $2.25 = $8.25 (no tax when using trade) and I only had my newly acquired $7.50 trade credit (left the old ones at home). However, the cashier somehow gave me an additional $0.75 discount that made it a $0 OOP purchase. She didn't say anything to me about it, as I was digging around for the change, just handed me my goodies and the receipt. It shows a $.75 discount too, so I know she didn't just cheat and ring it up wrong. So maybe it is some sort of "goodwill" gesture they do when the transaction is "close" to the trade voucher in value??? Who knows...

  3. I washed the dogs today at home in the backyard. They needed it and I wanted to have them as clean as possible for our "guests/babysitters" this week. This cost me about $0.50 in doggie shampoo vs. the $50-75 for a bath only at a groomer. We generally only take them to the groomer to get shaved (and bathed at that time), and we try to stretch out the time between professional groomings as much as possible. Frequent baths at home help with that!

  4. I picked up a RX yesterday using a $25 transfer RX Q for CVS.

  5. I ordered a $10 gift card from an old credit card rewards program. I had done this previously to "wipe out" the rewards, we never even use the card, in fact I might not even have a "current/non-expired" one. Anyway, I noticed it transferred to Chase, so either they have lower reward values or they gave me some sort of bonus for "converting" my card. Either way, I snagged a $10 gift card that I will save for xmas gifts. :-)

  6. I am back up to 45 swagbucks and redeemed for another $5 amazon gift card!!


Walgreens and CVS

>> June 05, 2009

I had $10 ECB expiring today, so I ran into CVS to see what I could do with it. Of course no real rolling ECB deal this week. Luckily I found 3 Large cans of Bright Beginnings Formula marked down 75% off, to $4.25 each. I am saving them for baby #2 (not happening yet... so this is NOT a hint). They don't expire until June 2011!
3 Bright Beginnings Formula $4.25
-$10 ECB
Total$2.75 OOP on a gift card.
Unfortunately my 2nd store special order didn't pan out. My mom ordered them for me from the pharmacy and I think that was the mistake.. the pharmacy feels much too busy to be concerned about getting them in. As a consolation, they sold me all 5 meters they had behind the counter. 3 contours and 2 breeze2's... So I paid $.61 each in tax, and earned a $10 RR. Plus of course we will snag 30 test strips from the contour meters.
So that leaves me with another 5 Qs to use from my "special order stash" and then I already had another 4 or so left to use... so I hit up 2 more stores today out by Peter's parents. I managed to snag 2 more from each store. The tax rate there is 8.1%, so I paid $0.81 each. Earned 4 more $10 RR and of course that is 40 more strips to stock pile.


Money Saving Challenge June 4 + CVS

>> June 04, 2009


I had to return 2 MEGA packs of Playskool diapers. I was unhappy with the last package. The tabs just didn't stay on well. I had purchased the diapers a long time ago, but I KNOW they were from CVS.. only CVS sells Playskool diapers. :)

I received a money card with $31.81 on it for the 2 Mega Pack of Diapers

I decided to replace the diapers with the CVS brand version which we have been quite happy with. Instead of buying 2 MEGA packs, I bought 4 Jumbo size because I had BOGO Rainchecks from a previous sale. CVS also had shamrock farms milk on sale for $2.59 a gallon with a $1 ECB back, making it $1.59 a gallon which is the best we can do generally. PLUS I found a $1.00/2 Q here!

I also came across a double pack of Huggies Wipes (refill) for $1.62. I didn't have a $1 CRT on my card, but I did have a $0.75 MQ with me. So it ended up being a decent price.

Here is my order
4 CVS Diapers (Jumbo) 8.99 BOGO (with a raincheck)
2 Gallons of Milk $2.59 -$1/2 IP= $2.09 each
1 Huggies Wipes Refill pack $1.62- $0.75= $0.87
-$4 and $10 ECB
Total$9.37 OOP on a gift card (from the return)

I earned $2 ECB for the milk + still have $22.44 on a gift card from the diaper return.

  1. I am an OFFICIAL member of the $10/$10+ JCPenney Coupon Club now!! I received one in the mail. I have no idea what triggered it, but it's the first one I have ever received! Yeah!!

  2. I organized my Washing Machine/Cleaning Supply area in my utility room. My husband is supposed to build me an extra shelf that will divide up the space above the washing machine better, hopefully that will happen soon. The problem is that the top shelf is is so tall, and I want to utilize ALL of the space, so I stick stuff in bins and stack them. While this stores things ok, it doesn't allow me easy visual access as what is up there. So it's hard to know if I have extra stuff stockpiled or if I am running out! Anyway, today I spent sometime (while Quinn was sleeping) organizing and it a bit better, that should help temporarily.

  3. I scrubbed our shower using a bleach/baking soda paste last night. Our shower/baths were one of the only things not remodeled in our house, so we have some pretty old tile in there and it can get pretty gross. This helped quite a bit, although if anyone has a "stronger/harsher" product idea, I am all ears. The bleach/baking soda cleaner is quite frugal, but I am open to buying something that would help in there.

  4. I am busy researching discount codes for a broadway show. We want to see "Rock of Ages" and had hoped to see it Friday night, however, any discount codes I can find aren't valid on Fridays. We might try and cram it into our Thursday evening (after our free Daily Show tickets). The other discount idea is to hope that the TKTS booth has tickets available on the day of the show.

  5. I got a Mani/Pedicure today using a coupon that gave me a free mani with a pedicure purchase. This is actually only "slightly" a deal for me even though it "saved $23." I indulge in pedicures periodically, although I do try and stretch them and even bring my own nail polish so that I can "touch it up" when it chips a little. Anyway, I NEVER get manicures, but there was a coupon for a free mani with my fave salon, so I went for it.


Money Saving Challenge June 3

>> June 03, 2009

Ok. So I haven't been keeping my lists up-to-date. I have been busy with a little bit of bashas/walgreens shopping and of course prepping for our trip to NYC. This also includes prepping for Quinnie-sitters. Of course by blogging, I am just procrastinating more! Anyway...

  1. I am up to 22 meters from Walgreens. Which means 22 $10 RRs!
  2. I consolidated all of the strips from the meters last night. That is 220 strips to add to our stockpile.
  3. I received a few more free mags in the mail to put aside to take into Bookmans.
  4. I received another $5 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks and also redeemed for another $5 Amazon gift card. It takes about a week to get them into your account.
  5. I received a coupon for a free package of Oscar Mayer Hotdogs in the mail
  6. I also received a package that I ordered for xmas already... 2 gifts + 1 for me for $10... and I had a $5.xx gift card to the store. So it was really under $5! I can't provide anymore details.....
  7. I have been working on getting a reasonable car rental for our NYC trip. We need it for just over a day for when we drive out to the wedding in the Catskills. The best I can do so far is about $85 with taxes with Budget. Unfortunately since we need more than just 1 day, we end up paying for 2 days. I have also been trying with priceline, but haven't been able to get it cheaper than $85 yet.
  8. We have only ate out once in the past week. When we were at the mall this weekend, we indulged at the food court. We did get to have dinner at Peter's parents and my brother's house as well this weekend. Plus we spent 2 evenings swimming and going in the spa at my in-laws.
  9. I also spent some time organizing my HUGE file folder of coupons to file, which makes me feel better. Slightly more organized!

Edited... also found this at DealSeekingMom... a $2 A1 Steak Sauce Q!! Click Here for the Q. This should mean free or super cheap steak sauce.


Walgreens $100 RR + Free Breyers at Albies

>> June 02, 2009

So I stopped by Walgreens this evening to pick up my special order of 10 Bayer Contour Meters. It was interesting, I think the manager thought I was strange but I did help her fill out the serial numbers and price on the coupons. And course I paid $0.61 each in tax and received a $10 RR! So I walked out with $100 in RR!

I have to confess, I have another 10 ordered at another store. I could have ordered 20 at one store, but wanted to seem less freakish. :-)

Then I ran to albies hoping to snag a rain check for the breyers $1 pint, but of course they were restocked. So I grabbed 5 + a Ben and Jerry's for my husband. The Breyers were $1- $1 Tearpad Qs (found at Circle K)= free. And of course the B&J was $3.99. Uggh!

I had planned on hitting up Bashas again for one last super double run, but since I HAD to buy ice cream, I took it home. Then decided it wasn't worth running back out again.

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