75% off anyone?

>> July 31, 2009

I snagged some toys 75% off yesterday. I tried to restrain myself. I already have stuff set aside for quinnie and gifts, but I couldn't resist a few more.
My fave toy finds are the yo gaba gaba guitar.. much bigger than the tiny one he has now. He has been playing with it a lot! And the pirate bath set with foam "bath stickers".

Plus I found 2 of the super cute "daddy" sandals for Quinnie. I have been waiting for them to hit 75% off. I found size 10 and size 12... $3.24 each. They are just like Peter's sandals (well without the strap). :-) He is in size 8 right now.. I wish I could have found these in size 9, but honestly there were very few pairs left, I am lucky I was able to find these two!

And the best news.... I FINALLY won a $75 off $100 Old Navy Q last night!!!


Kohls $10/20 in today's paper...

>> July 30, 2009

Check the front of your paper today. A Kohls $10/20 Q should be there, (its a blue sticky)!!!
Good only Friday and Saturday!


$0 Total Today!!!

>> July 29, 2009

Albies- Made it to the Albertsons with self check out today....
1 Gallon milk $1.99 - Free Milk Catalina (scans $4.50)= $2.51 Overage!!
1 Chocolate Milk $2.49 - free wyb white milk IP (scans $3.75) = $1.26 Overage
4.36 lbs Red Seedless Grapes @ $0.75/lb = $3.27
1 Hersheys Bar $0.50 (needed it to cover the negative $0.50 overage)
Total $O OOP!!!

4 Bubble Mailers $.39 each - (3) $0.50/1 MQs= $0.06 for all 4!!!!

Ok so the chocolate milk coupon is on coupons.com (use zip code 63006). Thanks Queen!


Monday Shopping: Walgreens (stamps) CVS, Office Max & Albies

>> July 28, 2009

I used one of my $4.50 milk catalinas at Albies. Some people have reported being able to use the full $4.50 amount, but as I figured it was a no go at my albies. The cashier looked at it, and just manually punched in the price of the milk. He didn't even scan the coupon. Still a decent deal for buns and milk though. Of course you know albies will get the full $4.50 credit on these Qs. Oh well....

2 milks $1.39 each - 1 freebie Q= $1.39 for both
2 sara lee buns $0.97 each (with ad Q)
Total $3.33 OOP

4 peanut clusters $0.99 each - $2/2 CRTS = free
1 Binder clips
1 Push pins
-$1.98 ECB
Total $O OOP
Earned $1.98 in ECBS!
Office Max
6 Crayons $0.01 each
Total OOP $0.06
(I did have a friend with me, buy 3 of them.. cause the limit is 3 per customer). Office max and office depot were already out of all the other super cheap supplies! I guess people are finally waking up and noticing the super cheap back to school deals.


Lots of weekend shopping to update.. +++ Stamps Deal ++++

>> July 27, 2009

Ok just want to keep the stamps picture on top... so no one misses out on this deal! These photostamp kits are normally $19.99 and include a gift certificate for 20 1st class photo stamps. They are marked down to $7.19. Given that the current postage rate is $0.44 Times 20= $8.80..
So you are already saving money on these vs. regular stamps. Plus you get the bonus of cute photo stamps. I have always wanted to try these, but couldn't justify paying $1 per stamp! Also if you do Upromise, and checkout through your account for your stamps, you get $8 back in your Upromise account!! So really its a money maker with 20 free stamps!!!

Ok on to the regular deals.

Twice as Nice

Sorry about the sideways photo, but blogger is fighting with me right now. Anyway, I found these gems at twice as nice this weekend. The camo capris are for me ($7.99). I have been on the lookout for a cute pair for awhile (I loved my maternity ones!!). Also found a Winnie the Pooh First Clock/Book ($2.99) and a SUPER cool Melissa and Doug Puzzle ($2.99). Of course this was $0 OOP for me, since I used trade credit. Quinn loves turning the hands on the clock, it makes a very satisfying clicking noise as the "gears" move. Also, the 3-D clothes pieces on the puzzle have grabbed his attention too!


2 Pencil Cases $.99 each
1 Push Pins $0.99
1 Binder Clips $0.99
2 Mini Staplers $0.99 each
-$1.98 ECB, and $4 ECB
Total $0.32 on a gift card

Earned $1.98, $1.98 and $1.98 ECBS (all supplies free after ECB)
Ok Unfortunately, I did lots of little shops this weekend and I scrambled today to pull it all out and take pictures before putting it aways, so, it will be too much for me to separate out with tax & details. Here is the Gist

(4) Pentel G2 pens $1 each (earned $1 RR for each one)
(5) Pentel Highlighters $.09 each
(3) Papermate Mechanical Pencils $0.19 each

Office Max
(3) Colored Pencils $0.25 each

Office Depot
(5) Folders $0.05 each
(3) Protractors $0.05 each

3 Root Awakening sets $1.99, $1.99 and $0.99 (they were on clearance + BOGO 1/2 off) - $3 MQ- $1 MQ = $0.97 for ALL THREE!
6 Rulers = $0.19 each
7 Stamps 20 first class photostamps kits $7.19 each
2 Grandpa shirts (75% off) = $2.50 each.

I found one X-Large and one Large, so I am only short one shirt, I stumbled across this randomly, and I had given up finding a deal on Father's Day Grandpa shirts for next year. Now I will only need to find one at full price next year (unless I get SUPER lucky again)!

4 Diet Coke 12-packs (not pictured, already chillin' in the fridge) 4/$13 - $1/2 tear pads= $2.75 each
3 Kashi Cereals 3/$10- $1.50 IPs= $ 5.50 for all 3
2 Pens $0.99 each
1 notebook $0.99
twix (filler)
-$15.98 ECB
Total $0.22 on a gift card
Earned $3 (coke), $5 (kashi) $1.98 (pens) and $0.99 (notebook) in ECBS

So basically a net loss of $5 in CVS funds, which makes my diet coke truly only $1.25 a 12-pack (smoking hot, particularly since its CVS money anyway) and the kashi and school supplies were free!


Dropped off a stack of magazines- they took about 10 for $10 in trade credit. I flipped the credit immediately for 2 Sophie Kinsella books. These will come in handy for a couple of upcoming east coast trips that came up suddenly.


9 Pentel Highlighters $0.09 each


Hot Deal Alert!!! Stamps!!!

>> July 26, 2009


Quick post before I hit bed... cause its late. I saw this on SlickDeals today and found some at my stores...

Walgreens has their stamps.com 20 stamp kits marked down from $19.99 to $7.19. 20 stamps at the current postage rate of $0.44 = $8.80! So its cheaper than face value for postage! Plus you can make cute photo stamps!! I snagged all 6 at one store (using my walgreens savings card.. so $0 OOP). Anyway, the next store I checked at least a dozen behind the photo counter. I wasn't sure if I needed anymore, so I passed.

The kits cover the cost of any postage increase, so sort of like forever stamps.

Also Upromise gives $8 back if you shop through them!

I will try and post a picture tomorrow, night night for now!


I made a Blog Button!

>> July 24, 2009

Well at least I think I did... we will see if this work!


Ok.. well its up now on the right side of the blog.. and I think its right. Although honestly I am not sure if it really is, because I haven't put up anyone else's button. And then what should I do with the image in this post.. should it link to the image location or back to my blog? Anyway, I guess I should figure that out another time. It is super late, Jimmy Fallon is already on! I need to go to bed!


Ok I am back, bright and early Saturday Morning. I added the little scroll box to "grab the code". It looks ok to me, but then again, I don't know. Any opinions out there on the mechanics/function of it?


Staples & CVS

>> July 23, 2009

My school supply deals for the week (so far that is...)

Pentel Highlighters $4.99 (free after rebate)
Zebra Cadoozles mechanical pencils $2.99 (free after rebate)
Zebra Gel Pens $4.99 (free after rebate)
High Sierra backpack $24.99 (free after staples rewards)
Total $41.03 OOP
I will get back a rebate check for the highlighters, pens and pencils. ($12.97) +++ I will get back $24.99 in staples rewards for the backpack. So basically I only paid $3.07 in tax.

Again I love staples and I am so happy they are now in Tucson. They have easy online rebates, so its easy to fill out, submit and track.

2 Filler papers $3 each
2 Pens $.99 each
- $7.98 ECB
Total OOP $0
Earned $6 (paper) and $1.98 (pens) in ECBS!

I had hoped to snag 2 $7.99 backpacks, plus all the school freebies on sunday, but of course no backpacks at all in my store and only 2 of the freebies.. so my $5/30 Q went to waste and I have no backpacks to donate. :-( Oh well.. I could donate my super pretty Staples one.. but I think I may keep that for myself. Selfish??


Tucson Coupons: BOGO

Hi everyone. I stumbled across these coupons the other day on the KVOA website. Check them all out here... KVOA Coupons

There are lots of different ones up there, but I like these ones the best:

Peter Piper- BOGO lunch buffet

and Penguins- BOGO

The main page says "good today only," which is rather generic. The same coupons have been up for days, and the expiration varies on each coupon, so just read the fine print!


I LOVE Great Grocery Runs!!!!

>> July 21, 2009

Everything in this picture cost only $13.87!!!!!!
Frys (2 orders combined)
9 kraft cheese $1.39 - $0.50 MQ= $0.39 each
7 Playtex gloves $0.50 each - $1 MQ= $0.50 overage each
2 Sunny D's $0.89 each - $.55 IP = $0.11 overage each
2 Speed sticks $1.00 each - $1.50 IP = $0.50 overage
8 SOBE $.49 each - BOGO IP = free
6 vitamins waters $.49- $0.50 MQ= $.50 overage each
3 welches Jam $1.49 - $.50 MQ= $0.49 each
2 Softsoap Handsoap $1.00- $1.00 MQ= free
4 Kraft Dressing $0.99 each- $1 MQs= free
5 Wrigleys/exra gum $.99 each - $1 MQ= free
2 Dixie paper plates $1.49 - $0.50 MQ= $.49 each
** non mega sale deals **
6 listerine pocket packs $1.00- $0.50 MQ
3 Tyson Chickens: $3.03 $3.19, $3.67 - 1 MQs= $2.03, $2.19, $2.67
4 Diet Cokes $1.99 each (used a rain check) - $2/2 and $1/2 Qs= $4.96 for all 4

Total OOP $14.60 HOWEVER... just checking my receipt, I am missing a $5 MegaSale discount.. and it is because she missed one of my paper plates.. she had 2 push my 2nd dixie coupon through cause it beeped. I should have realized what that meant.. of course it was late and customer service was closed anyway.. so when they add in another dixie plate and give me my $5 discount,
my total OOP will be $11.09!!!

Which is awesome! My sodas ($4.96) + chicken ($6.89) alone = $11.85! So the overage paid for everything else + tax + a little bit of my soda and chicken!!!

I have no problem going back in and getting this fixed, its easy on their receipts to see how many promo items were purchased since a (+) prints next to it on the receipt. Its very easy to count them up and see where the mistake is.... Anyway

I grabbed 2 milks at Bashas: $1.39 each = $2.78

On the way home, I considered stopping at Albertsons for the yogurt/milk deal, but peter really wanted me to be back in under and hour (he doesn't like me shopping at night). Plus I figured they probably didn't bother to restock the yogurt, plus I have quite a bit right now, so I don't NEED it and I don't have experience with freezing it.


Frys and Albertons Deals

Sorry for the dealy in posting my deals. The Albies deal (below) I think ends tonight. I might try and run back out again later. The frys deal continues through next week, although prices may change, you never know.

Frys (2 orders but combining them here) Prices are after the $5 off for 10 items mega sale
6 Kraft Cheese $1.39 - $0.50 Qs= $0.39 each
2 Sargento Cheese $1.39- $0.50 Qs= $0.39 each
4 Kraft Dressings $0.99 each - $1 MQs= $0.01 overage
5 Sunny D's $0.89 each - $0.50 MQs= $0.11 overage
3 Dixie Paper Plates $1.50 each - $0.50 MQs= $0.50 each
3 Tyson Chickens $2.94, $2.86, $2.77 each - $1 MQ= $1.94, $1.86, $1.77 each
Total $10.33

This is a great deal if you have any Qs and can get there tonight!
All these yogurts are $1.50 each... less Qs, either $0.35, $.50 and $1 Qs = $0.50 each! Albies is doubling right now. So I paid $4.50 for 9.
The best part.. I earned 3 Milk Catalina Coupons Good for up to $4.50!! You earn 1 free milk for 3 general mills products, but this is the best deal to be had. Someone on PYP mentioned getting 2 free milks with one Q, because the total price was less than the $4.50... I don't think I will plan on that though, my store isn't as easy going.
Quinn loves yogurt, and cheap ($1.50 a gallon) milk is a WIN WIN for us!! And I will make an effort to eat the healthy yogurt... too bad there was no low sugar ones though.
I have a few more Qs, I might go back and get a few more, you can't beat 3 yogurt packs and a coupon for a free gallon milk, for $1.50!! The milk coupons expire in 2 weeks, though, so no need to get crazy!


Delays in my posting...

My dad was in town for a long weekend, so I managed to only do a few deal runs and then of course had no time to blog about. I finally blogged about my CVS deals from this past weekend, below. I will try and get my Frys and Albertsons Run up soon, the deals are good through today at Albies and the Frys Mega sale is supposed to run through next week as well!


My last couple of CVS runs...

After doing a couple practice books for the kodak photo books, I managed to go back and create some more on friday and saturday nights.
Here are the deals I have been finding
Order #1
17 boxes of Hallmark Handmade Greeting Cards clearanced to $0.10 (for a pack of 10!!!) = $0.10 each
1 Photobook $7.99
1 Bayer Breeze Monitor $19.99 - free mQ= free
2 J&J Buddy Bars $1.19 each - $1 MQ= $0.19 each
-$5/30 email CVS Q
-$5 ECB
Total $0.58 OOP
Earned $5 (monitor) $7.99 (photobook) in ECBS
Order #2
2 Photobooks $7.99 each
1 Fusion Razor $7.99 - $4 MQ = $3.99
1 Bayer Meter $19.99 - free MQ= free
2 GE Carmel clusters $.99 each - $2/2 CRT Q = free
2 winnie the pooh table toppers (fillers and we like them) $2.99 each
-$10/50 CVS Q
-$15 ECB
Total $1.83 OOP
Earned $15.98 (photobooks), $4 (fusion) and $5 (meter) in ECBS
I then bought the last 2 books using my dad's cvs card, cause I did a few practice books earlier in the week. So $7.99 on a gift card for the 1st book and then used the resulting ECB for the 2nd book. I still have $7.99 on ECBS his card to spend.
Sunday morning, I was at the store bright and early and only managed to find 2 binders and 2 packs of pens out of the school supply deals.
2 binders $3 each
2 pens $0.99 each
-$7.98 ECB
Total OOP $0
Earned $6 (binders) and $1.98(pens) in ECBS


Frugal Ramblings 7/17

>> July 17, 2009

****UGHH I hate fighting with photos.. sorry its sideways....****

  1. Cheap movie date with Peter last weekend = $14.75. We met up with my brothers and their girls to see "The Hangover," which was super funny! 2 matinee tickets are $5 each. AMC allows you to buy a "Super Ticket" for an extra $3, that gives you $4 at the concession stand. This works well for me, as I am a sucker (Read ADDICT) and always go for a large diet coke. Our large (with refill) Diet coke was $0.75 (with the super ticket) ++ they let me use the free large popcorn wyb a large soda coupons that I had. And then I brought in a reese's whopper thingy from the 99 cent store. So $5 + $5 + $3 + $0.75 + $1= $14.75 for 2 admissions, large soda, large popcorn and candy! If we had gone later in the day we would have paid $18 just for the tickets!! This was a splurge for us, both with a babysitter and new movie.. often we just catch something on tv or rent at the redbox.

  2. Quinn and I went back to the library again last week for Story Time. It was our first adventure for the Toddler story time. It was much more crowded (although not in a bad way) and a fun 30 minute outing in the air conditioning. I am planning on making it a more regular weekly event if I can help it. Cost= free!!! We couldn't make it this week because of a memorial service I attended, but we will be back next week.

  3. I spent a lot of time organizing and cleaning my office up. My mom is generally my partner in crime for deals, to help with quinn and do extra orders. But she came back later from the mountains and then wasn't feeling good. So Quinn and I stayed home more than normal. I made quite a bit of progress in there. It looks quite presentable now, although I do have some projects still to complete in there. (Like sorting receipts..)

  4. I spent some extra time last weekend on SlickDeals working on a banana republic promo. There was special mystery codes that took at least $15 off your order + you could combine with free shipping codes, to make for some cheap orders. It was one per person, so I do have a some packages going to my dad's house and a couple going to my mom's house. However, I managed to turn a $25 banana republic gift card that I had purchased as a xmas gift for someone (+ a $5 amazon code from SWAGBUCKS that I traded for some banana republic promo codes), into gifts for THREE (3) people! Quite nice gifts actually. My packages just started arriving and I am super excited about the deal!!

  5. I went last night to CVS, to try out making the free photo books. It was quite easy, although a bit time consuming. I came home with 2 different books, Peter helped me tweak the one that I will be using for xmas presents. I went back today and made another 5 (on my mom's card). They are $7.99 each, with $7.99 back in ECBS. I just purchased one at a time, and rolled the ECBS each time. The only unfortunate thing is that I need 2 more books, and the maximum the kodak machine would make for me was 5 at a time and you CAN'T save the project. (that btw is the biggest pitfall about the process to me). So I have spend another hour tomorrow, redoing the book and having it printed, but a little bit of time is worth it for free xmas presents!!

  6. My mom and I used our mani/pedi gift certificates today that we received for our birthdays. Part of the deal was having my SIL watch Quinnie, so we could go together. I bribed her (with free bic soliel razors) into giving me more time to do my CVS photo books and run to Kohls afterwards.

  7. I had a $5 Kohls Q (from signing up here) and my mom had a random $10 Kohls Q that she left me use, they expired today though, so we had to go today! I had a few ideas of things we could use, including new bras for me. I checked the clearance rack in the lingerie section first thing, but it was pretty pathetic. Luckily on our way to housewares, we came across a huge rack of "discontinued" bras for $11.99. There was 3, full racks of them, all kinds and sizes and I found some that I liked! So I managed to snag 2 of them for just over $10 OOP with tax using the 2 coupons! That is a total score, and I have seriously been thinking about finding a few new ones for like 2 years!!

  8. Old navy (the sideways picture): I managed to grab a $65/100 Q again from OldNavyWeekly last week. It expired on Thursday, so we made another last minute trip to see what we could find. I managed to grab everything in the picture : 4 pjs for Quinn (the xmas ones were marked $0.97 each!!!), a hat for Quinn, a hoodie for Quinn (bigger size), a bathing suit for me, 2 2-packs of t-shirts for Peter, PLUS a gift for a friend and my mom found a jacket. We managed to get our subtotal to exactly $100.85. So after the discount and we tax it was $38.75. I had a $25 gift card set aside for the gift I needed to buy. Leaving my total $13.75 OOP. My mom is going to pay me for her jacket, basically leaving the cost for our stuff at $0!!! I love those high value old navy Qs!!!


CVS & Office Max again

>> July 14, 2009

I ran by CVS and Office Max this evening... We really needed toilet paper, so luckily I ran across some addition contour/breeze MQs. They are $19.99 this month, with a $5 ECB (so free CVS $), limit 2 of each variety (breeze and contour), so that a potential of $20 extra per card.

Order #1
2 Bayer Contour Meters $19.99 each - free MQs= Free
$0 OOP
ECBS Earned: $10
Order #2
2 Scott TP 12 packs $6.99 - $1 MQ= $5.99 each
2 Tylenol Arthritis $3.99- $2 MQs= $1.99 each
-$10, $2.99 and $1.98 ECBs
$1.56 OOP
ECBS Earned $6 (Tylenol)
Office Max...
3 more protractors at $0.05 each and 3 more compasses at $.10 each. They were sold out of the penny highlighters. Total $0.49 OOP


Yah for Staples!!!!

So... Staples just so happen to open up 2 stores in Tucson. Not really near me, which is why I was unaware of the development, but I ran across a post on PYP last night where a fellow Tucsonan mentioned it!! Luckily it is midtown, and not too terribly far for us. Although I won't be stopping by each week just to browse. My mom came with me, so I was able to snag an extra set of pencils and copy paper.

Order #1
2 Copy Papers $3.69 each (rebate item)
2 Packs of Pencils $0.01 each
2 Packs of Bic Pens $1- $1 IPs = free
1 4GB USB drive $11.99
-$5/20 Staples Q
Total $15.72 OOP (will get back $7.36)

That makes my USB drive... $8.xx which is good for me. The cheapie 2 GB ones are $9.99 + tax anyway. I am hoping to snag a few more USB drives for super cheap during this back to school shopping season.. they can all be 1 GB, I only need one good sized one.

Order #2
2 Copy Papers $3.69 each (rebate item)
2 Packs of Pencils $0.01 each
Total $8 OOP (will get back $7.36).. so 2 packs of paper and pencils to donate for basically tax!

I already submitted the Staples rebates online. You can submit via snail mail, but WHY? It was super easy and fast to submit both mine and my mom's rebate. Plus not stamp and envelope cost!

The Staples Easy Online rebates was one of the reasons I anxiously awaited their entrance into the Tucson market!
Ink Recycling
And I dropped off 7 ink cartridges to recycle. That means I should get $21 in staples rewards next month. Staples is really the best place to recycle now, both office max and office depot have become big pains!! I am SOOO glad that Staples opened up here, if only for the ink cartridge recycling program. Hopefully, I will catch a sale on my laser toner next month and snag a deal using my rewards!!!

So now I will be nagging Peter and possibly my step dad to bring home ink cartridges... Anything to help offset the cost of ink!

PLUS I received my free Glidden Paint Qt in Navy! I have the same color coming to my mom's and dad's house. So 3 Quarts in Navy, I figure we can use in Quinn's room, for a twin bed, desk or play table at some point.


CVS: More School Supplies!!

I have checked a few stores for various Free after ECB school supplies. I used both of my mom's and dad's cards to maximize these freebies. Oddly enough each store was out of 2 or 3 of the freebies, but had plenty of the other items.

3 packs of pens $0.99 each

2 scissors $2.99 each

2 notebooks $0.99 each

2 GE Carmel nut clusters $0.99 each - $2/2 CRT= $0.01 overage

1 CVS tissue pack $0.33 (filler)

- $8.50 and $2.97 (adjusted to $2.74) ECBs

Total $0 OOP

Earned ECBS: $2.97 (pens), $5.98 (scissors) and $1.98 (notebooks)

2 notebooks $0.99 each

2 rulers $0.99 each

2 scissors $2.99 each
2 party table cloths (75% off) $.49 each

1 disney fruit crisp $0.24

2 Carmel nut clusters $0.99 each - $2/2 CRT = $.01 overage each

- $0.50 ECB
Total $11.36 on a gift card

Earned ECBS: $1.98 (rulers) $1.98 (notebooks) and $5.98 (scissors)


Sunday Shopping: School Supplies +

>> July 13, 2009

My goal is to gather as many free/cheap school supplies as possible to donate. I am hoping to find a "Stuff the bus" type promo in the next month. Otherwise I will just research and figure out what organizations are letting kids "shop" their supplies for school.


I split up my orders because I wanted to just use one $5 ECB. Unfortunately I had her scan my card last, which caused me to go negative $0.03 when she totaled it out, and since she had already scanned my ECB (and the computer accepted it), I had to grab a CVS tissue. On my 2nd order, there was no issue as I had the the exact ECB needed= no tax!

Order #1

2 notebooks $.99 each

1 scissors $2.99

1 cvs travel tissues $0.33

-$5 ECB

Total $0.32 on a gift card

Earned $1.98 (notebooks) and $2.99 (scissors) in ECBS

Order #2

2 rules $0.99 each

1 scissors $2.99

-$1.98 and $2.99 ecb

Total $0 OOP

Earned $1.98 (rulers) and $2.99 (scissors) in ECBS

Office Max

I found the clearance section by mistake, so I purchased a couple of extras.

3 Highlighters (2 packs) =

3 Protractors

3 Compasses

1 fishy flash card set $1.50

1 09/10 planner $5 (not sure why this was on sale)

Total $7.54 OOP

99 Cent store

I ran back to the 99 cent only store to grab some of the tooth tunes juniors. Quinn loved his new toothbrush and I love that it encourages him to "use" it longer. 1 cars paper plates, 2 apple cinnanom rice cakes (cookies for Quinn!) and 2 circo (target brand) infant sun hats


I found various packaging tape marked down at a few local walgreens, one of them had the Tear By Hand variety for $0.87 each and I found a $0.50 MQ here!

5 Scotch Packagin Tapes $0.87 - $0.50 MQ= $0.37 each

Total OOP $2.12 on a gift card.


I ran back to pick up a RX and check to see if I could find any 4th of July stuff at 90% off. My store was cleaned out of 90% deals. I did snag 2 more of the sesame street placemats at 75% off now (all black dot except batteries are 75% off). Next time I am there, I will return my $0.50 placemats. :-)

2 Sesame street place mats $.25 each

Total OOP $0.54


Shopping during the storms..

>> July 10, 2009

I ran out and did some shopping during the evening storms. It was quite hot when I left and beautiful if a bit wet when I returned...

I actually spent a couple hours out but didn't bring much home.

My first stop was CVS to $2 back for the Similac Q I forgot to use on Sunday. The manager returned it no problem. Figuring in the $2 coupon and ECBS I earned on my Febreeze deals, the formula was essentially free! And it is good until next August, plenty of time for me to possibly use it. If not, I will donate it next summer. I did get rain checks at this CVS for the Post trail mix cereal and the febreeze deal.

I hit another CVS store and found the cereal in stock and razors restocked! I also found the free beauty brand coupons (in the beauty section). You never know when one of these "beauties" will result in a smokin' deal! I can't figure out the tax with CVS, when I checked out I gave my ECB first.. knowing that it would help (somehow) reduced my tax... unfortunately I ended up going negative 5 cents.. so I threw the snickers bar into the order... And of course I had to eat it tonight!

3 Bic Soleil Razors bonus packs $2.99 each - $3 MQ= free
2 Bic Titanium Razors on sale B1G1- B1G1 MQ= free
3 Post Trail Mix Cereals $10 total - $2 MQs= $4 for all 3.
1 snickers bar
- $4.98 ECB
Total on a gift card $0.65

So my subtotal was NEGATIVE $0.31 with $.96 in tax... I honest don't know how my tax was reduced so low, because we do pay tax on pre-coupon prices here... CVS registers are so WONKY!

I spent about 30 minutes at Bookmans, trading in magazines and picking up a few things. I snagged a Caillou book and wiggles video for Quinn and a This Old house magazine for peter... OOP using trade credit.

99 Cent Only

I stopped at the 99 cent only store and found Zooth Tunes Toothbrushes. I bought one to see how Quinn would like it. I figured he would love it because its more like Mommy and Daddy's (sonic cares), there was the off chance that he would be afraid of the sound... but I was right, he liked it. I plan to go back and snag a few more. His baby toothbrushes need to be replaced anyway since he chews and sucks on them more than brushes anyway. I am hoping the music/sounds will encourage longer tooth brushing. Anyway, I also snagged a couple of kiddie ice packs, carrots, a dozen eggs (in the fridge already), 2 ore ida steam and mash potatoes (in the freezer already), candy for a movie on Sunday and a pretty plant.

I also stopped by a couple walgreens, to see what deals could be found in the clearance section. I plan on going back tomorrow (after our day trip to Benson) and snaggin some free packaging tape!!


Target: Cheapies and Freebies

4 Tide travel size $0.97 - $1 MQs= $0.03 overage each
4 All travel size $1.00- $1 MQs= free

4 banana boat travel sunscreen $0.99 each - $1 MQ= $0.01 overage each
3 Dove Deodorant travel size $0.97 each - $1 MQ= $0.03 overage each
4 J&J travel first aid kit $0.99 each - $1 MQ= $0.01 overage each
5 next care trial banaids (they are CARS!!) $0.99 - $1 MQ= $0.01 overage each
I also found
2 "4th of july" shirts for Quinn a 3t and 4t (75% off )$0.99 each
5 4th of july napkins (75% off) $.49 each
1 pair of shorts for quinn 4t (75% off) $1.74
2 sesame street place mats (dollar spot is 50% off) $0.50 each
Total $8.33 on a gift card.
I only paid $0.58 in tax for the "free" travel stuff. There was some slight overage on some of the items and somehow the cashier scanned one of my coupons twice, so that is an extra $1 towards the freebie tax.
Every single one of my coupons beeped and had to be pushed through, which I expected for most of them since the prices were under the coupon amount. However, even the all coupon beeped which doesn't make sense since the all was $1. Anyway, luckily, the coupon gods were looking favorably down on us and at the last minute in line another cashier came to help. I could tell she was more seasoned and figured she would either understand the coupon rules and know how to push them through or would immediately get a supervisor. No supervisor necessary though, she noted there were no size restrictions on any of the coupons and pushed them all through! Yah!!!
I actually have more free coupons to use, but I didn't want to overwhelm the cashier, so I will pick through them again and grab some more "freebies" when I go back to pick up a RX.
I love having the travel size laundry soap for trips, its easy to keep one or two in the toiletry bag for all trips and to take extra when I plan on doing laundry. Now a days packing lighter is best for us, so we usually try and bring 1/2 the clothes and then just wash them during our trip. And of course with a toddler, clothes washing is almost a necessity, as they get messy without even trying!
Quinn will love the car bandaids and I anticipate him "needing" them more often once we discovers that "boo boos" get bandaids! The sunscreen is again good to through in travel bags, or diaper bags.
Quinn doesn't truly need clothes at the moment, which is why I bought bigger sizes. Its hard to pass up $1 shirts. I do need to go through his 3t and 4t clothes box to see what we already have, so I don't go too crazy as deals come up.
We also took a spin through the toy section, lots of toys marked 30% off. We will be watching them over the next few weeks, I hope to catch them the day they hit 75 % off so I can snag a few for Quinn and a few more gifts. I might also grab some to donate for xmas time.


Trish's Awesome Ice Cream Cake Recipe!

>> July 08, 2009

I have to share this great, SUPER EASY recipe for making ice cream cakes. My SIL's mom makes these all the time for special family events, birthdays, etc.
Personally I am a straight cake and frosting girl and would normally pass on ice cream cake. This is nothing like the crap you buy from a store (i.e. Baskin Robbins). It is super yummy!
The best part besides that is super yummy, is that its customizable and easy to make! It takes a bit of time to prepare, because of the baking of the cake and some freezer time, but it is short on prep/hands-on creating time!
There are only 4 main ingredients:
Cake Mix
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Topping
And a Mix in!
You can get all of it super cheap if you watched for the right sales/coupons. I only had the Smuckers on hand, so I had to run out and grab the rest. Luckily it was all on sale, so I still only spent $7 (not counting the eggs and oil for the cake recipe).
And you need a Spring Form... which I plan on watching for a deal on since I had to borrow Trish's to make this.
1. Make the cake using the recipe on the box. You want to make 8" round cakes version. Let them cool.
You will only use one of the cakes, so the 2nd cake is a by product (we just frosted it with some free frosting from my stash and indulged our sweet tooths!). You could always make 2 ice cream cakes though or perhaps attempt a double decker, but I can't vouch for such crazy ideas. :-)

2. Place half of the ice cream in a bowl and let it soften.

3. Break up the "Mix In". I placed 1/3 of the oreos in a ziplock bag and smashed them.

4. Stir the ice cream until it is soft enough to "spread".

5. Gently pop one cake out of the pan and place a "Spring Form" around it. I borrowed a 9" one from Trish, so it was a little bit larger than my cake, but it worked.
6. Spread the ice cream on top of the cake (like frosting)!
7. Top with the crushed oreos (or whatever you are using) and then drizzle half of the ice cream topping over it.
8. Pop the cake into the freezer. There is a bottom to the spring form, but I would suggest placing everything on a plate, otherwise some of the ice cream will melt and drip in your freezer before it freezes. Let it firm up for an hour or two.
9. Take out the rest of the ice cream, let it soften and stir until it is spreadable.
10. Pull out the cake and then spread the rest of the ice cream over the cake.11. Drizzle the rest of the Carmel on top of the ice cream. We made little "rivers" in the ice cream to get the Carmel to sit on top and not run over the side.

Ok. Here is the Yummy Creation!!!

Last step...
Place it back in the freeze. Once it is fully set, (1-2 hours), it is ready to go. Of course it will have to sit out a few minutes when you are ready to serve it, so that you can cut it.

The best part about this special cake, besides how easy it is, is that you can create as many combinations as possible. Any cake flavors, ice cream flavors, ice cream sauce and mix ins. I was cautioned to finely chopping up any chocolate candy bars if you do use that as a mix in, because the candy will "freeze" in the cake and make it difficult to cut & eat. Think about a frozen snickers bar... YUUUUMMMY, but it would be very hard to bite into!
Now I have a special cake receipt for birthdays and other special occasions. In fact I am thinking a Christmas cake is in order.. Peppermint ice cream, white cake, hot fudge... and maybe york peppermint patties for a mix in? Or how about some sort of banana, peanut butter, chocolate combo? The possibilities are endless!


Frugal Ramblings 7/7

>> July 07, 2009

  1. We spent a nice long weekend, in the cool town of pinetop, AZ. My grandparents own a cabin up there, so it was free! We only had to pay gas to get up there. Quinn had a great time hanging out with his grandma, papa, uncles and aunts. It was a nice, little frugal retreat. I love this picture of Quinn, I showed him how to blow and make the flowers "fly away!" He found lots of different, outdoor fun things to do up there!

  2. Peter kindly ran to frys to pick up soda today ($1.99 each less coupons= a great deal) while getting his hair cut after work. I told him 2 diet and 2 caffeine free, well of course the store had been pillaged and no caffeine free anywhere. My very smart husband... snagged 4 diet cokes $1.99 each- $1/2 Qs= $1.49 each! Then he asked for a rain check!! I knew he was a keeper! :-)

  3. Joined the VIP club with McCain foods (Sweet Potato fries) for possible coupons. I also sent them a quick email about how much we love their sweet potato fries, but we had found a slight issue with packaging.

  4. Worked on my reward programs. I did some Swagbucks searches and redeemed for another $5 Amazon gift card. They are now offering $5 Paypal (cash) for 80 swagbucks, but I think the $5 Amazon at 45 swagbucks is a much better deal. Unless you just can't find something to buy on Amazon. I plan on using my Amazon gift cards for xmas presents. I also did some MyPoints and e-rewards offers.

  5. We had a birthday adventure yesterday that involved home made ice cream cake. Super delish and I will share the super easy, yet super special recipe later. I seriously can't believe how good the cake is and how simple it is to make.

  6. It is Peter's mom's b-day today! Happy B-day Pat!! They are enjoying a D-backs game today and possibly picking up more $5/30 Frys Qs for me!! :-)

  7. Pei Wei is offering 25% off your first online order, and it is per customer. We took advantage of it a few weeks ago, but I ordered again yesterday in Peter's name and email and we received another 25% off our order. The offer is advertised on their website and just note that the discount doesn't show up until you get to the store.

  8. I spent some time organizing my coupon inserts. I believe I mentioned a few months ago, I was going to try FrugalSuz's plan on coupon insert organization. It has been working great and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I again have a slightly complicated situation as I do get a few tucson papers that are not the same as phoenix, so I can't actually combine all the inserts together. But it is still a great system!

  9. I received another free magazine in the mail today, and I plan on going through our other magazines tonight, so I can take in a pile of them to trade at Bookmans tomorrow.

  10. Also for any local Tucson folks with Comcast cable, I was able to "chat" online with a customer service rep via their website and get a free year of HBO channels! People were talking about it on SlickDeals, and I thought I would give it a shot! Peter is super stoked about free HBO for a year, plus I love that means we get all the HBO shows on demand!


$1.50 Bluebell ice cream coupon

I found a $1.50 Bluebell Ice Cream Q here...



Contests, Contests, Contests!!

Ok so I have been entering a few contests lately.. I thought I would share...

  1. Win and IPOD Touch from Pinching your pennies. They are my fave sight for local grocery deals! They have several very active state boards, in addition to their regular/national boards. Check them out. Here is a direct link to their contest. Win an Ipod Touch!
  2. There is a great new rewards sight for La Victoria Salsa. I found through PYP, a member/blogger there posted about it. Thanks TMotley, check out her blog here, CouponsInOverdrive. You can enter codes to earn rewards, which are coupons, but the best part is there are $4/2 Coupons that results in free salsa (when its on sale, which it is this week at frys!!). There is also an instant win and sweepstakes involved which is just icing because I love the instant gratification of coupons for free salsa!
  3. Actually through CouponsinOverdrive, I found this great contest website/blog: SweetiesSweeps. There is a great listing of lots of instant win and sweepstakes to enter when you have some free web browsing time!
  4. You can win a free coupon for a bottle of ALL detergent at MomStart. We are fans of All detergent here and detergent stockpiles well, so even if you have plenty you can always use another free bottle!!
  5. You can also win a $10 Walgreen gift card from MomStart! Check it out! Who couldn't do some damage with $10 to Walgreens!!


CVS Sunday

>> July 05, 2009

I ran out to CVS to pick up an RX and work a few deals. In fact, I ran to 2 stores. :-) I had a $5/25 email Q, to use that expired today, so I was motivated to do a few deals.

I found some hidden deal bic razors (saw posted on HCW) and also the garden stuff is supposed to be 90% off today, although only one store had it marked that way.

Store #1
2 Febreeze air fresheners $3 each - Free WYB fabric fresher= free

2 Febreeze fabric refreshers $5 each - $1 CVS CRT = $9 for both

2 Febreeze noticeables $6.50- $4 MQs= $2.50 each

1 similac formula (75% off) = $6- $2 MQ= $4!!!

-$5/25 MQ

-$10 ECB

Total $6.27 on a gift card (should have been $4.27... I forgot to give my similac Q, so I will have to go back for that)...
Earned $10 ECB for Febreeze

Store #2, Order #1
2 Febreeze noticeables $6.50- $4 MQ= $2.50

1 Febfreeze fabric freshener $5

1 Febreeze air freshener $3 - free wyb Q= free

2 Tropicanna Juices $2.50 each

-$5/25 CVS Q

-$10 ECB

Total $0.54 on a gift card (should have used a $1 Tropicanna Q.. but I didn't plan on buying OJ, so I didn't realize one existed!)

Earned $15 ECB for Febreeze (finished my deal, buy $10 worth, get $5, up to $25 total)

Store #2, Order #2
4 Bic Soleil Razors bonus packs $2.99- $3 Qs= free
3 CVS tapes $1.49 each
3 CVS pencil sharpeners $0.99 each
1 coil hose (garden stuff was 90% off)$1.99
1 hose (90% off)$1.49
1 Garden Rocker (90% off) $1.99
1 Miracle Grow Plant food (90% off) $0.55
2 Miracle Grow Organic potting soil (90% off)$0.59
-$8 ECB
Total $7.78 on a gift card
Earned $4.47 ECB (tape) and $2.97 ECB (pencil sharpeners)

I saw my original order was huge at the 2nd store and realized if I added on another $5-6, I could break up my orders into 2.. and use 2 $5/25 Email Qs. Unfortunately, the email Q beeped on my 2nd order, and the cashier wouldn't push it through, since it does say one per customer. It was worth a shot, not sure why I could use it at one store, and then 2o minutes later at a 2nd store, but then it beeped the 3rd time (2nd order at 2nd store)... who knows how these things work.

If I had thought about it better, I would have swapped my 1st and 2nd orders, then I could have gave back the OJ,when the 2nd $5 Q wouldn't work.. since those were my extra fillers. We don't need it, although, it is yummy. I already enjoyed 2 glasses tonight!

I ended up spending $ 18 in existing ECBs , and $14.54 on a gift card. I have another $ 22.44 ECBS to spend.. so my net "loss" for my orders was $10.10. Of course, I plan on getting $2 for my similac Q, and the tax on all 3 orders was $2.95 and of course my OJ cost $5 (that I had hoped to use my $5/25 CVS email Q on...). So, really besides the extra OJ's.. my real cost was only tax + $0.10!!!
Overall, my trips were great, not perfect, but I am striving for perfection, not expecting it. :-)


Laundry Room towel/rag storage...

>> July 04, 2009

Ok. So Peter added the hook to my laundry room for my rag/towel storage. I bought the cheap laundry bag for $0.99 to store my cleaning rags, but I don't really like how it works there. Its not easy to access, because the bag tightens shut when hung. I want to easily grab things out, without pulling it down and opening the top.

My alternative at the moment is a reusable grocery tote, its not ideal, but at least the top stays open.

I would love some sort of a hanging shelf/sweater holder thingy, kinda like what you put in a closet, only smaller. This would allow more organized storage, because I do have different types of towels in there. Something like this...

Sweater Organizer
But with only 2 or 3 shelves...
does anyone else have other ideas for me??


Happy 4th of July

>> July 02, 2009

Well we are off to the mountains, to seek out some cooler weather and downtime. I hope everyone has a happy 4th. I will be back on Sunday, hopefully with enough energy and time to snag some CVS deals!!



Deals of late..

Frys has their coke products $1.99 (first 4) and I had a few Qs to use, so...

4 diet coke 12 packs $1.99 each - (1) $2/2 and (1) $1/1 Q
Total OOP $4.97 for all 4!

I have a few $1/2 Qs as well, so I hope after we get back from our 4th of July Mountain adventure, I can stop back in and get some more soda.

Because I am an addict.


I did get Peter 2 more pairs of pants, but they are the wrong color. I am hoping to exchange them at a later date. Unfortunately the 2nd store we went to, had pulled all of them off the display. They said they were recalled from the manufacturer, which happens when they want to update a zipper or button or something. So bizarre. So I resorted to buying 2 of the wrong color at the 1st store (which hadn't pulled them off the shelf to return to the manufacturer, weird) and hope to exchange them in a few weeks. I really couldn't pass up on $1o-ish work pants for peter.


I did score pretty decent clearance deals at walgreens today. I ran in last night to look for more splenda and also nutrigrain bars (I heard a rumour that there were double packs marked down.. but I didn't find any). Anyway, I did find Orajel Toddler Toothpaste and First response Ovulation kits. I came home and searched for online coupons to use.. and lucky me, there are $2 First response IPs available!!! I found one lonely $0.55 MQ for the orajel in my coupon stash. It was from inside the box of a previous purchase of orajel.

Store #1
2 Orajel Toddler Toothpaste $1.89- (1) $0.55 MQ =
1 pool floaties for Q $.99 (50% off)
- 2 $1 RR
Total $2.51 OOP

Store #2
2 First Response Ovulation Kits (20 ct) $11.49 - $2= $9.49 each
1 Olive oil $5.99
1 kit kat (filler to get past $25 subtotal)
-$25 transfer RX check
Total $2.06 OOP(tax was $1.40!)

Now the ovulation kits are a killer deal... and we do need them :-). I was just planning to pick some up at Costco next week, since they typically have slightly better deals on this type of stuff unless you can pair a coupon with a sale somewhere else.

Anyway, it looks like i caught the the kits 75% off. These kits are normally $45 each.. I generally go for the 7 count packages which are about $20 at drugstore, or about $15 at costco if they are running a special. So this is a killer deal.

The olive oil isn't the greatest deal in the world, but I had a $25 transfer rx check to use and its hard for me to spend $25 at walgreens (without feeling like I am overpaying for things or unless there are a ton of great RR deals!). Anyway, I figured buying these ovulation kits cost me $19 (when you factor in the $2 Qs). So, this would be a great time to use up the $25 check. I grabbed the olive oil on the fly. I just found some on clearance a few months back, but I know its only good through this year. Also my mom was in the car with Quinn, so I had to grab something "practical" and in a hurry.

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