Friday Shopping

>> August 29, 2009

So I went "a hunting" for the mythical Zyrtec clearanced kids meds yesterday, checked 4 stores and only found 3 at ONE store. So I only did the deal once. I can see how it would have been a nice Walgreens MM if I had found them earlier. I guess it does "PAY" to watch for deals and act promptly.


2 Zyrtec Children's Hive Meds (75% off) $3.29- $3 IP= $0.29 each

Total on a WAGS GC

Earned a $5 RR

99 cent store...

I also picked up a few goodies for our upcoming Disney trip (we leave in 3 weeks!!!)

Animal cookies (packages that reseal!)

apple juice to stock in the mini fridge at the hotel (only $0.39 each)

and glow sticks for Quinn, no need to pay $5+ a pop there!


Free $10 to Tucson Mall Again!!

>> August 28, 2009

Here is another $10 mall freebie... (found via SwagGrabber). This time around, you sign up and they send you a voucher for a $10 gift card!!!
Then you redeem Sept 17-19. There is a limit of 500 per mall, one per person, email address and household.

Here is the link.

And there are other malls.. throughout the country participating.. so if you aren't in Tucson, just change the mall location, see if there is one near you!!


Frugal Ramblings 8/27

>> August 27, 2009

I have not been doing a ton of shopping lately, definitely not a ton of deal seeking. I am feeling better so I am slowly working back into a routine. I have noticed I am keeping the house a "tiny" bit cleaner by not running a million errands every day. :-) There's a positive! So my thoughts for today are mostly surrounding our upcoming trip!

  • I ordered a $5 Subway Card from My Coke Rewards yesterday. I planned on ordering the $5 refill as well, but unfortunately its out of stock. I guess I need to keep checking. I hope to have at least $10 for our upcoming trip to disney. We can find a subway on our way home and stop for lunch! (I plan on packing sandwiches for the drive out there!)

  • I went ahead and ordred a $50 safeway gift card from my chase leisure rewards account (attached to one of my debit cards). I plan on converting that into a disney gift card!

  • Good news: safeway has a $30 transfer RX coupon in this weeks ad! Time to grab a few copies of the ad before they run out! You can only do one per person usually at safeway, but frys and cvs should also take these Qs! Its been a while since there have been good RX coupons out, so I am excited to see this!

  • I went through my "gift card" box and found about $100 in misc left over visa/american express gift cards and safeway gift cards. I plan on converting those to disney gift cards. I also have a $25 gift card, $94 left on our disney rewards card, plus another $97 to transfer. I have my disney birthday fun card left from our last trip, I can't figure out a way to check the balance but I should have about $50 on it. Plus Peter will get one for about $72 (current one day pricing) for his b-day while we are there. I also have $110 in various gas gift cards. (We are driving again!)

  • I also have a $167 on a visa gift card, I had converted some mystery shopping checks into it a few months ago.

  • I am a little disappointed that I have been neglecting my MyPoints account, I only have about 1500 points right now. I usually like to snag a Rain Forest Cafe gift card with my points for our trips, but I am not really anywhere close to that. I don't think any "big" points would post fast enough even if I was willing to do a trial offer. I guess I will just keep plugging along at earning the points via email (easy and free). If you aren't a member you should join.

Ok some other thoughts not trip related...

  • I threw a chicken in the crockpot today with BBQ sauce. We are trying to focus on simple protein meals right now and even went out snagged a rotisserie at Costco a couple nights ago. I made sure I pulled out a chicken out of the freezer that night, to defrost, so that I was ready later this week.

  • I went through my HBA pantry yesterday (with my grandma and mom's help.. Quinn sometimes is the opposite of help and needs a little supervision!!. I was able to clean it up a bit, and make a huge bag to donate besides the bags of goodies my mom and grandma snagged. I really need to go through our 'regular' food/snack pantry soon. Its a disaster!!

  • Another meter deal is happening again at CVS. Hopefully, I can find some in stock to pair with the $5/25 Q (from their website) or $4/20 (from the pharmacy) and snag some free/cheap necessities.

  • There are some decent deals at Frys this week including hefty ziplock bags for $1 each (and I have $1 blinkie Qs that I traded for awhile back), so free for me and also extra lean ground beef cheap. I hope I can plan a few errands in the next few days!!


A few Disneyland tips!

>> August 26, 2009

Ok, so I hadn't really mentioned it, but we are actually planning another trip to Disneyland in September, for Peter and Quinn's birthdays! Anyway, someone just requested my eating tips at Disney, so I figured I should confess about our upcoming trip. :-)

Hopefully I am back to full energy by then! This is perfect timing for me to review my "food ideas" for our trip as well!

Breakfast: We always eat breakfast in our room, (quickly as we like to be there when the gates open, it always the best time of day to be there!).

  • You can bring groceries with you or have the delivered (if you need a lot) from Vons (safeway) or albertsons. There are also little gift shops/convenience type stores around (depending upon where you stay) to grab a few things. Bring/Buy Cereal, granola bars, bagels etc. and then buy some milk would be the easiest thing!

  • Now if that doesn't work for you can grab a muffin and drink (milk/coffee) on the way to disneyland at Mimis (assuming you stay along Harbor). La Brea Cafe in DTD (really close to the park entrances) also has a quick service area where you can grab something to eat and go.

  • You can grab a sandwich at McDonalds (also along the way from HOJO) or stop and eat at IHOP, McDonalds and Mimis. You get a free breakfast entree for signing up to be a member of Mimi's e-club. I would pick the anaheim location if you plan on using it there, I honestly don't know if it makes a difference. I also don't know if you can use more than one Q at a time (if multiple family members join). I am guessing not...but you can always eat breakfast there more than once and save some money each time.

  • Park dining is expensive, so besides timing, I also try and save money on breakfast by not eating in the park. There are places open in the park, along with a bakery on mainstreet to grab a fun sweet something if you want to go that route.

  • Character Breakfasts: Character dining is expensive, although breakfasts would be the cheaper route depending upon the location you go to. If you really want to do this, are splurging or have vouchers included in your package; I would stretch this into a Brunch/early lunch by going as late as possible. (call and ask about the latest reservation times). That way you have a few early hours in the park and use this meal as a break.

Lunches/Dinners: We almost always eat in the park. Sometimes we have grabbed Mimi's to go on our way back to our room for a break. It's on the way back to the HOJO.

  • Sharing food is always a good option, especially at cafeteria locations, where you can see the portion sizes up front (Pizza Port is one). Although I can say the portions are usually pretty generous no matter what.

  • I have also done the kids meal route. (Peter of course can't... he needs more food). However, I find its just enough not to overeat, besides we always budget for snacks!

  • If you have a little one (toddler), they also sell toddler meals for like $3, but its truly for toddlers... We sometimes grab it for Quinn.

  • Taste Testers Pilot in DCA has a nice self serve condiment bar, so if you like your burger loaded up, this is a good place to make it your way!

  • Pacific Wharf Cafe also in DCA has huge bread bowls full of soup and salad. Its definitely a place to fill up!

  • If you are in DCA, the tortilla factory and bread bakery tours are worth bopping into for a snack (they are very short) and you get a sample on your way out. Plus if you are visiting for your b-day (and are wearing your b-day button), then the tortilla place usually gives you an ENTIRE package of tortillas!

  • Here is one website that has menus uploaded for the different places. What is also nice, is they have upload dates so you know how recent they are. Its a good way to get an idea about food types and prices.

  • Downtown Disney: We don't generally eat there, but we usually stay the HOJO which is going the wrong direction for us. We have enjoyed ESPN zone and Rain Forest Cafe, both can be expensive. We are also members of the Rainforest Cafe safari club, so we get a tiny discount on eating there... its still too expensive for my blood! There is also a pretzel place and jamba juice for a quick bite among other places.

Snacks... Always leave room for snacks at Disney.

Also there is a service called Ridemax that helps people plan out their trip and maximize their ride time. It sounds interesting, but costs money, so not something I would generally do. Plus we go fairly regularly so we have the ropes down. If you aren't a regular and want help that is one way to go.

I would however recommend spending a bit of time on the Disboards to see what disney fans have to say instead. I like to bop in and see what is happening. More specifically check out the "Fast Pass at DLR" section in this thread (near the top). There are a couple links there that explain Fast Passes and how to maximize their usage! I think that would be a better way to go vs. RideMax.

Ok. Any other questions? Sorry my blog seems a little rambling, but I wanted to get my ideas up quick this morning, while I felt good enough to do so!

Oh and here are some of my previous posts about our disneyland experiences: Click Me!! :-)


Disappointing Shopping Trip!

>> August 25, 2009

So we managed to get out and grab some much needed groceries at albies... unfortunately, I just went for it on stuff we needed or wanted and I seriously spent $70+ and I can't even claim any deals except for the $0.97 cheese. And I only grabbed that because I saw the deal in store. I tried to grab 3 boxes of cheap wipes, unfortunately the cashier only keyed the walgreens Qs in for $1 each... (the walgreens Q says $2 on one side and $1 on the other side). So I will have to go back and see if they will honor the other side of the Q or I will just return them.

I can't imagine spending $70+ on the amount of groceries I got on a regular basis... it is insane! I am feeling better, but still not up to my normal deal seeking self.

I do hope to do the walgreens wipes deal tomorrow, the $5RR wyb $25+ is on again!


Baby Deals

>> August 24, 2009

Well I have a few more baby deals to point out to those that may need them. (Here is my baby....)

1) Born 2 Save listed a company that does diaper studies. Currently they are doing size 1 (boy or girl) and 3T-4T girls training pants. Check out her post here. You get 3 packages of diapers to try and also a $10 check when you are done with the study! Sounds like a fabulous deal!!

2) Bashas is still doing free pre-natal vitamins. Just have your doctor send over a RX for a generic pre-natal and Bashas should automatically fill it for their free vitamins. I didn't even have to ask for the "free kind". This saves us $30 a month (over at least 10 months = $300!!)

3) BabyCheapSkate has a great list of baby sign ups for coupons and deals. Check it out here! There are lots of diaper, formula, baby magazine sign ups + some misc ones. A tip on the formula ones, putting your due date a couple months sooner than your actual due date is useful for getting samples and checks(formula coupons). It seems like they start sending them pretty close to your due date, so its hard to stock up and look for deals with the coupons if you go by your actual due date. I can tell you when I was 8-9 months pregnant, I was very grateful to be stocked up on my essentials!

4) The Huggies wipes are reasonable at ablies through either Tuesday (or possible Thursday) using the Walgreens $2 Q! They are on sale for $2.50 - $2 Q= $0.50 a tub. That is less than 1 penny a wipe! Just for comparison purposes, Costco has 1000 huggies wipes for $24.99, which works out to be 2.5 cents a wipe! Plus if you have any MQs you might be able to combine it with the Walgreens Q for an even sweeter deal (YMMV)!

You could do even better at Walgreens with a MQ + the Walgreens Q, check out Arizona Savings for her deal! It takes a little more work, with printing some IPs ( and the $5 RR is not longer valid, but you can still work a great deal without it!

I hope these deals can help some of my pregnant friends out there, I know it will help me! :-)


Today's Deals....

>> August 22, 2009

Ok so I am FINALLY home, we had a crazy 20 hour day yesterday with long travel, 2 flights, a longish layover anyway, weather delays for both flights and because my dad is a paranoid traveller, arrived at the airport 3 1/2 hours BEFORE our flight was originally scheduled... Am I complaining??? :-)
I think I might be getting over yesterday (the long day and jet lag)... but I am still not feel well!!! DARN IT!!!

Anyway, while dreaming of deals at the airport yesterday, I decided I wanted to hit Old Navy for their $3 t-shirts and $1 kids socks, plus work on a huggies wipes deal. Unfortunately I didn't do any deals today. :-( I am a little disappointed about the old navy deal, but I guess I am not DESPERATE for new shirts.

There are 2 great huggies wipes deals out there right now. The most impressive one is from the Arizona Savings Blog, check it out here. She is actually profiting on wipes! This deal ends tonight though and takes a bit of work with printing Qs. However, wipes are such a necessity, this is a fabulous deal and well worth the effort!

The deal that I still have a chance at doing is at Albies. Apparently their wipes are on sale for $2.50 a box and since Albies takes competitors Qs, you can use the Walgreens $2 Q from their Back to School Savings Book (should be available with the store ads or by the register). You should be able to combine with any MQs you might have.. .make them free. I am pretty sure there is a $0.50 Huggies Q in either tomorrow's paper or last week's paper. But even with just the Albies Q, its only $0.50 a tub! Hopefully I feel better enough to attempt this by Tuesday. Oh and I ran across this deal on the PYP AZ board!

Anyway, I hope everyone else is catching deals!!


This week's deals...

>> August 19, 2009

So hopefully you have been checking the blogs on my side bar to see what deals everyone is finding this week. I am sort of stuck in a hotel or hospital mostly this week, so no deal hunting for me.

I did order my 20 free prints from The coupon code is 20FREE4ME. Just upload your pics, and select ship to store. 20 free prints! (Oh and this is per account...) So I might try and upload a few more pics to my husbands account later tonight or tomorrow. The deals is only for today and tomorrow. :-)

Supposedly you will receive a $5 RR when you spend $25 at Walgreens right now. I actually did that today, when I ran out to grab some "necessities" for my dad. I didn't get one.. so I guess I will email Walgreens and see what they say. Perhaps their machine wasn't on?

Anyway.. I will update if I find any other deals tonight.. but my dad is wanting to use my computer now, and I should let the poor "sick" guy have some fun!


Deals from last week...

I needed to some stuff Quinn's bottom. No real deals on it, although it is nice to realize that when I do need to buy something, I can use ECBS to minimize my OOP cost. I did buy 2 baby creams + 1 clotrimazole in cvs brand, so I could use my $2/10 CVS CRT Q. I also used a $4/20 CVS Q. The spices were marked down to $0.25 each and the pedipaws refills were 90% off at $0.49 each! I don't have it, but my mom does and is giving up on using it for her dog. I thought I would try and use it on our 2 mutts! I don't have my receipts with me for totals... but I used mostly ECBS with under a buck OOP cost.

I received a $10 off $10 JC Penny Q last week in the mail. I wish I knew what triggered these, they are so nice! My mom received the same ad, but her coupons was $10 off $25. Anyway, so trying to being practical, I snagged 2 pillows on sale for $5.99 each. I rounded up my purchase with tax to $3 even (some charity contribution JCP is doing now).

I also found a couple of deals at Twice As Nice. Some cute Airwalk sneakers for Quinn, they happen to be 9 1/2 in size. They were in nice shape and only $3.99! He is in size 8 now and I have size 8 1/2 and 9 already ready to go! So we are good!! for awhile on tennis shoes. I also found these IKEA things, (kinda hard to see in the picture)... Both new...$6.99 for both (packaged together)
1) Cushion for our IKEA highchair (Quinn didn't use one, but it might come in handy in the future).
2) Double pack of cute IKEA blankies.
Of course OOP was $0 for these, since I used Twice As Nice credit.

Another CVS Run: I was excited to see the CVS trash bags were BOGO 50% off last week. I actually like their trash bags quite well (way better than the cheapie hefty bags I snagged during the last Bashas Super Doubles), plus they are cheap when using CVS $!!!
So this deal was
2 CVS Trash Bags ($7.49 and $3.74)- $2/10 CVS Brand Purchase = $9.24 for both.
10 Candy Bars (fillers) = $5- $1/2 MQs= free
1 Smart Food Popcorn $0.89- freebie MQ
1 Twin Labs Smart Fuel (75% off=$7.49)- $7 CRT =$0.49 (this was a filler to get my total higher)
1 Honey Nut Scooters.. $1 More filler...
-$5/25 CVS Q
- CVS ECBs (again no receipt... so probably 10 or 11 ECBS)
Total ~$1 OOP

I also snagged a receipt for 2 CVS Black Garbage bags (they only had one left when I was there and the box was opened...) Which worked for me anyway, since I prefer the raincheck for another trip.


MIA Again...

So sorry for the lack of blogging. My dad flew into down last week and that usually slows down my deals and blogging a bit. I did find a few a deals last week, I may post them later or at least pictures. :-)

Currently I am a bit under the weather and also temporarily relocated to Baltimore. My dad had a special foot surgery back here yesterday and I am his "round the clock" nurse at the moment. We fly home on Friday. I had hoped to put up a few "extra" blogs while here, but I have honestly not felt like it. Hopefully I can get to it later. Otherwise, I should be a bit more normal next week.

I have seen plenty of cool deals popping up on my blog list (right side of blog), so be sure to check those out!!


CVS & Albies

>> August 10, 2009


2 Gallons of milk $1.39

6 Bush Beans $0.57 each

4 Blue Bunny Champs $3 each -$1 each in store promo wyb 41 - 2 BOGO Qs (from in store savings books)= $0.50 each

2 pieces of cake :-) $0.87

1 loaf of bread $3.59 (UGH!)

4 bagels clearanced $0.99

Total $14.52 OOP

CVS Order #1

2 diet coke 12 packs $3.25 - $1/2 MQ= $2.75 each

2 Huggies Pull UPs $9 - $5 MQs = $4 each

1 Sharpies $.99 - $1 MQ= free

-$5/25 CVS email Q

- $8 ECB

Total $1.43 on a gift card

Earned $4 (Huggies) ECB

CVS Order #2

2 diet coke 12 packs $3.25 - $1/2MQ= $2.75 each

1 Contour Meter $14.99- freebie MQ = free

1 Revlon Mousse $9.99- $1 MQ= $8.99

-$5/25 CVS Quiz Q (from

-$13 ECB

Total $1.11 OOP

Earned $3 (diet coke), $5 (bayer), $9.99 (revlon) ECBS

Summary of CVS Orders: I spent a total of $23.54 in CVS $/OOP costs and earned $21.99 back. That is a net cost of $1.55 for both orders. Not a Money Maker, but pretty darn good for 4 cases of soda and 2 packages of Pull ups!!


Evening Shopping...

>> August 08, 2009

10 Skippy Naturals for $2.00 Total... Just ran across this deal online, basically you buy one jar for $2.00 (sale price) and then a $2.00 Skippy Natural's coupon prints, then you buy another jar in another transaction and another coupon prints. Unfortunately, not all walgreens stores carry the natural version. I checked on before I left and searched Skippy, they have an option to see what stores in your area have it in stock. I did check a 3rd store (that the website said didn't have any stock) and it was accurate, it looks like they don't even carry this variety of Skippy. Anyway, 20 cents a jar isn't bad!

I also snagged a 42" tower oscillating fan on sale (50% off of $49.99) for $24.99 + a bag of M&M's filler - $5/25 Walgreens Q
Total $21.90 OOP
Plus the $10 rebate is still valid (through august 29th), so that printed up after I paid. So the net cost will be $11.90 for a nice fan!

We stopped by kohls and did quite well on some necessities for the boys. We had two $10/20 Qs + $5 off email Q + 15% email that you can stack with those $ off Qs.
We got peter work boots for ~$32.75; Very nice leather sandals for $13.77 and some cute shark sandals for Quinnie (kinnie as Quinn says it) for about $3.75!

I was particularly excited about the work boots, because Peter mentioned the tread on his boots were starting to wear bad. His current boots are kirkland boots from Costco which were $30-$40 (a great deal for us). So the kohls deal was along those lines. We have had to go out and spend $50-60 last minute in the past when his boots died suddenly. I hate unexpected expenses like that!

Oh and I received 6 magazines in the mail, 4 were immediately put in the Bookmans pile (that has grown steadily over the past week and half), so we will need to go this week. Plus a $10 off $10 JCPenney Q good next week!!!


Frugal Ramblings 8/8

  • has a quiz for a $5/25 coupon on their front page. Here is a direct link to the quiz coupon. (I found this via SlickDeals).

  • I just enrolled us in a special RX savings card specific to a medicine we use monthly here. It reduces our copay from $50 to $5 a month. If you are on any specialty medication, you can always try and search (using Swagbucks of course) to see if their are any specific medication savings plans out there for your particular medication. Often times the drugs manufacturer will help. Check out these links to get you started. Pfizer & Abbott

  • I ran out of napkins a few weeks ago, which then began a glut of paper towel usage. I have been wanting to cut back even more on paper products, so I dug out the cloth napkins I had tucked away (AND NEVER USED). I thew them in a basket on my counter (underneath the paper towels, so no one forgets to grab one). I had snagged them YEARS past during Target's holiday clearance. I actually think I have another set of "cream" ones also that I could dig out. However, we have been doing fine with the green set.

  • In addition, we bought a hook to install on the cabinet next to the sink, to hang a hand towel. I still catch Peter grabbing paper towels to dry his hand, but he is definitely getting better!

  • Oh and I had faced this dilemma on how to store my towel/rags in my laundry room. However, I had a reader suggest this ikea thingy, which I actually already had stashed away in Quinn's room (not in use). It works great, I love when I can organize better and not buy anything to accomplish that! Thanks again "J"!

  • Overall my towels and & rag laundry has increased in volume, but not in the number of loads. I was already washing it once a week anyway, so I don't think my laundry has truly increased but our paper product usage has definitely decreased. Now the loads are more normal sized, vs. tiny. Here is the hamper I am using for dirty towels and cleanings. It is the perfect size and lets the wet rags dry in between washes.

  • I have been slowly working on different deals for xmas presents. Unfortunately with family snooping on the blog.. its hard for me to post much about it. :-) I hope you have started thinking about xmas, last minute shopping generally costs more! I think I have some creative gift ideas and worked on different reward and discount programs to get the most bang for my buck. I have to say my favorite overall deal has been Swagbucks! I have been redeeming my swag bucks for quite a few amazon gift certificates, which will help me finish off a few gifts closer to xmas!


Albies Ad Q deals & $0.01 sharpies

2 Motts Apple Juice $1.37 each (with ad Q)
6 Bush Beans $0.67 each (with ad Q)

Not bad prices.. I haven't seen a bean deal in awhile. I plan on going back to get a few more cans. I also just ran out of bottles of juice for Quinn, not the best price, but an ok price.

Office Max
6 Sharpies .01 each (with email Q)


Back To School Donations!

>> August 06, 2009

So my pictures aren't the greatest, but I didn't have time last night to "artfully" arrange them for a photograph. We had our 3 local school districts start school this week, so I wanted to get all the supplies I have been collected donated! I have been hitting CVS, Office Max, Office Depot and Staples pretty well, getting all the cheapie and freebies!

I ended up donating at the local place where I donate my HBA and excess food. I might make one more smaller donation next week, if I end up with any more cheap/free supplies.


CVS, Albies + I saved 92% at Old Navy!!!

>> August 04, 2009

2 gallons of milk $1.99 each - $4.50 OYNO Milk ($0.52 overage!)
1 chocolate milk $2.49 - $3.75 Free chocolate milk IP ($1.26 overage!)
4 boxes (small, unfortunately) of Kix $1.47 each (with store Q) - $0.50 MQs= $.47 each
Total $0.10 OOP!!!!

CVS: My card
2 Softsoaps $4.99 - $2 IPs = $2.99 each
1 Vitamin Water $1.25 (supposedly triggering $3 ECB.. but it didn't work for me).
-$7.98 ECBS
Total $1.06 OOP
Earned $8 ECB

CVS: Mom's Card
2 Softsoaps $4.99 - $2 IP (just one) = $4.99, $2.99
1 Blink tears $7.99 - $4 MQ- $1 peelie (cashier forced it through)= $2.99
3 Sani Hands Kids wipes (been watching for these!!) $0.75 - $1 Peelies = $0.25 Overage EACH!!
- $4/20 Q (from readifill coupon book)
-$6 ECB
Total $2.28 OOP
Earned $7.99 and $8 ECBS
CVS Profit: $7.71!!

*** I am noticing that the ECBs are ringing up as CVS MFR Coupon.. which means I am paying tax on those too.. which is a bummer.. usually my taxes are pretty small, but lately they have been higher because of this!

Old Navy:
No pictures for now.. might show details later.. but i did go use my $75/100 Q today.
Retail value $320
Subtotal $25.29!!
That is a 92% savings!

It turns out everything I bought was clearance and they are still doing the extra 50% off clearance prices. I threw in a pair of jeans that. I thought were full price and they weren't.. they were marked down on clearance and then another 50% off that.. so I was short on my $100 subtotal.. I had to run back twice, because the 2nd pair of jeans (different style) were also on clearance. My subtoal was $100.29!- $75Q + $2.05 in tax (luckily we don't pay the tax on the subtotal for this!!) and I paid $27.34!


New AZ blogs

>> August 03, 2009

I recently added two more AZ blogs to my list on the right.

  1. Born 2 Save- She has a great post up from Sunday (August 2) that explains how the coupon list works at PYP. (well actually how most places list out coupons). She is an AZ blogger, I love watching local blogs for deals that I miss.
  2. Thrifty Coupon Deals- A phoenix blogger that currently has a contest up for 2 tickets to Wet and Wild. Check out her blog and a chance to win!

If you know of any other AZ blogs (would love some additional Tucson ones!!!) let me know, so I can check it out. Thanks!


Money Making Runs at CVS

>> August 02, 2009

Store #1
5 Electrasol $4.50 - $2.50 MQs
1 Blink Eye Gel $7.99- $4 MQ
1 CVS Eraser $0.99
2 CVS Notebook $0.99 each
1 CVS book covers $0.99
1 Softsoap $4.99- $2 IP
1 CVS Permanent Marker $0.01
-$5/30 CVS Q
-15.98 ECBS
Total $1.13 on a gift card
Earned $10 (electrasol), $7.99 (blink), $0.99 (eraser), $1.98 (notebooks), $0.99 (book cover), $4 (softsoap) ECBS

An $8.84 Money Maker!!! I totally needed dishwasher soap, I only had a few boxes left. Super happy with this run!

Store #2
1 CVS book cover $0.99
2 CVS pens $0.99 each
2 Visine Wipes $4.50 - $3 MQs
1 Visine Drop $4.50- $3 MQ
1 Softsoap $4.99 - $2 IP
2 CVS Compasses $1.50
1 CVS eraser $0.99
2 CVS Sticky Notes $0.99 each
1 snickers (filler) $0.89
-$4/20 CVS
-$3/12 CVS eye care
-$10 ECBs
Total $1.21 on a gift card
Earned $4 (Softsoap), $0.99 (sticky notes), $0.99 (book cover), $3.00 (compasses), $1.98 (pens), $5 (visine)

I am short $1.98 in ECBS here.. because I didn't realize the sticky notes and erasers were linked together for limit purposes. As is... this was a $4.75 MM, however, I plan on returning two of my eraser/sticky notes for another $2.14 back.. which will make it a $6.89 MM!!

Don't Forget to ask about the "Readifill" program at the Pharmacy! They have coupon books to give away.
The books contain:
(2) $4/20 CVS Qs (Love these!!!)
(1) $4/20 diet/nutrition products Q
(1) $4/20 facial skin products Q
(1) $2/10 vitamin products Q
(1) $2/10 allergy products Q
(1) $2/10 oral care products Q
(1) $3/12 eye car products Q
They all expire 9/12/09. I hope to snag a few more booklets if I can!

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