CVS, Albies + I saved 92% at Old Navy!!!

>> August 04, 2009

2 gallons of milk $1.99 each - $4.50 OYNO Milk ($0.52 overage!)
1 chocolate milk $2.49 - $3.75 Free chocolate milk IP ($1.26 overage!)
4 boxes (small, unfortunately) of Kix $1.47 each (with store Q) - $0.50 MQs= $.47 each
Total $0.10 OOP!!!!

CVS: My card
2 Softsoaps $4.99 - $2 IPs = $2.99 each
1 Vitamin Water $1.25 (supposedly triggering $3 ECB.. but it didn't work for me).
-$7.98 ECBS
Total $1.06 OOP
Earned $8 ECB

CVS: Mom's Card
2 Softsoaps $4.99 - $2 IP (just one) = $4.99, $2.99
1 Blink tears $7.99 - $4 MQ- $1 peelie (cashier forced it through)= $2.99
3 Sani Hands Kids wipes (been watching for these!!) $0.75 - $1 Peelies = $0.25 Overage EACH!!
- $4/20 Q (from readifill coupon book)
-$6 ECB
Total $2.28 OOP
Earned $7.99 and $8 ECBS
CVS Profit: $7.71!!

*** I am noticing that the ECBs are ringing up as CVS MFR Coupon.. which means I am paying tax on those too.. which is a bummer.. usually my taxes are pretty small, but lately they have been higher because of this!

Old Navy:
No pictures for now.. might show details later.. but i did go use my $75/100 Q today.
Retail value $320
Subtotal $25.29!!
That is a 92% savings!

It turns out everything I bought was clearance and they are still doing the extra 50% off clearance prices. I threw in a pair of jeans that. I thought were full price and they weren't.. they were marked down on clearance and then another 50% off that.. so I was short on my $100 subtotal.. I had to run back twice, because the 2nd pair of jeans (different style) were also on clearance. My subtoal was $100.29!- $75Q + $2.05 in tax (luckily we don't pay the tax on the subtotal for this!!) and I paid $27.34!


AhwatukeeWarrior August 6, 2009 at 9:50 AM  

So dumb question. How did you get a $75 off $100 old navy coupon in the first place??? Wow! Your savings are incredible!

kc August 6, 2009 at 2:17 PM  

Hey A-Warrior!
That isn't a dumb question.. I know I mentioned it awhile back.. but the promotion has been happening since at least March I believe. Anyway, there is a website that promotes the weekly sales.
And you can hunt for coupons on there. They only have a limited number of the super great Qs, but they generally reset thursday/night/friday at some point. If you check out the chat room at you can find some help. They usually hunt for the coupons together. It isn't easy, but if you have some time or get lucky, its definitely worth your while!!

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