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>> August 19, 2009

I needed to some stuff Quinn's bottom. No real deals on it, although it is nice to realize that when I do need to buy something, I can use ECBS to minimize my OOP cost. I did buy 2 baby creams + 1 clotrimazole in cvs brand, so I could use my $2/10 CVS CRT Q. I also used a $4/20 CVS Q. The spices were marked down to $0.25 each and the pedipaws refills were 90% off at $0.49 each! I don't have it, but my mom does and is giving up on using it for her dog. I thought I would try and use it on our 2 mutts! I don't have my receipts with me for totals... but I used mostly ECBS with under a buck OOP cost.

I received a $10 off $10 JC Penny Q last week in the mail. I wish I knew what triggered these, they are so nice! My mom received the same ad, but her coupons was $10 off $25. Anyway, so trying to being practical, I snagged 2 pillows on sale for $5.99 each. I rounded up my purchase with tax to $3 even (some charity contribution JCP is doing now).

I also found a couple of deals at Twice As Nice. Some cute Airwalk sneakers for Quinn, they happen to be 9 1/2 in size. They were in nice shape and only $3.99! He is in size 8 now and I have size 8 1/2 and 9 already ready to go! So we are good!! for awhile on tennis shoes. I also found these IKEA things, (kinda hard to see in the picture)... Both new...$6.99 for both (packaged together)
1) Cushion for our IKEA highchair (Quinn didn't use one, but it might come in handy in the future).
2) Double pack of cute IKEA blankies.
Of course OOP was $0 for these, since I used Twice As Nice credit.

Another CVS Run: I was excited to see the CVS trash bags were BOGO 50% off last week. I actually like their trash bags quite well (way better than the cheapie hefty bags I snagged during the last Bashas Super Doubles), plus they are cheap when using CVS $!!!
So this deal was
2 CVS Trash Bags ($7.49 and $3.74)- $2/10 CVS Brand Purchase = $9.24 for both.
10 Candy Bars (fillers) = $5- $1/2 MQs= free
1 Smart Food Popcorn $0.89- freebie MQ
1 Twin Labs Smart Fuel (75% off=$7.49)- $7 CRT =$0.49 (this was a filler to get my total higher)
1 Honey Nut Scooters.. $1 More filler...
-$5/25 CVS Q
- CVS ECBs (again no receipt... so probably 10 or 11 ECBS)
Total ~$1 OOP

I also snagged a receipt for 2 CVS Black Garbage bags (they only had one left when I was there and the box was opened...) Which worked for me anyway, since I prefer the raincheck for another trip.


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