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>> August 03, 2009

I recently added two more AZ blogs to my list on the right.

  1. Born 2 Save- She has a great post up from Sunday (August 2) that explains how the coupon list works at PYP. (well actually how most places list out coupons). She is an AZ blogger, I love watching local blogs for deals that I miss.
  2. Thrifty Coupon Deals- A phoenix blogger that currently has a contest up for 2 tickets to Wet and Wild. Check out her blog and a chance to win!

If you know of any other AZ blogs (would love some additional Tucson ones!!!) let me know, so I can check it out. Thanks!


Born2Save August 3, 2009 at 11:43 PM  

Thanks KC! Hope you enjoy it as I enjoy yours!

I'm kind of gearing it toward people who are new to couponing (as many of my friends/family are), but hopefully it will have something for everyone!

BTW, did you see the CVS Vitamin water deal? It's great!

kc August 4, 2009 at 8:00 AM  

I love that you are spelling things out well for people. I find it hard to balance that myself. So focusing on that is a great idea!

I didn't step into a CVS yesterday, and wasn't really paying attention to the chatter online about it. I may try it today, if it looks like its still working! What a great deal!

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