CVS Run and Free Gift Cards....

>> September 09, 2009

I had a few ECBS expiring today and decided to get a few things we "NEEDED!"
Ritz Crackers $3
CVS Benadryl $5.19- $2 CVS Q
CVS Ajax stuff $1.29
Strawberry Fruit Bars $4.79
Gallon Milk $2.79
CVS Prenatal DHA $10.99 - $2 Vitamin purchase
2 Sesame street books 90% off = $0.39 each
-$3/10 CVS Brand Products
-$13 ECBS
Total $5.76 on a gift card...
Earned NOTHING back!! :-( The good news is that I used no cash.. only free CVS $. Plus I picked up an RX transfer using a coupon so I have another $30 Gift Card!

Also I received my $50 in Visa Gift Cards yesterday from Nicole's Savings Advantage. I read about it on someone else's blog a few weeks ago (don't recall which one).. and thought I would try it out. There is a trial subscription for $2.95 and you earn (2) $25 gift cards. I unfortunately cancelled one day too late... and was charged the next month rate of ~$10... however, I did cancel it and now have $13 invested and received $50 in gift cards! It was easy for me to sign up and cancel. I may hunt around and find another one of these offers to try. I did a few of these "trial" things a couple years ago and made out pretty good!


Born2Save September 11, 2009 at 12:30 AM  


Thanks for the heads up on the gift cards. I've seen these but never knew if they were legit!

Prenatals? I had the suspicion but didn't see anything posted. Congrats! BTW, if you can get your OB to write you a script for your prenatals (unless you have to take specific ones) you just get a generic for cheap and collect gift cards when you transfer. Just an idea?!?

kc September 11, 2009 at 7:12 AM  

Hi Born2Save,

I had done a few gift card deals in the past, but am wary of new ones that come out too. I did see people claiming to have received them, so I thought I would give it a try! Now to find another legit one!!

Thanks :-) I have my RX at bashas for their free prenatals, but would love to bounce it around for gift cards, particularly if I can get a generic prenatal with DHA. I bought dha separately for 9.99 at cvs which wasn't bad, but I would rather have it rolled into one pill. I asked for a generic prenatal this time, last time they had me on a name brand one that cost $30 a month with my insurance! IT was crazy! I guess even if they can't give me one a with DHA, its still worth the $4 or whatever to bounce the subscription for a gift cards! :-)

Born2Save September 12, 2009 at 11:56 PM  

I totally agree! I also got my Ped. to write me a script for zinc oxide ointment (basically Desitin) but I can transfer that around and get gift cards too1 YMMV though, I've had some pharmacists who won't fill it because it is OTC.

I'm looking into Nicole's Savings Advantage (would love to get g.c. for Christmas!) but it is saying that the monthly membership after the 7 days is $14.95 in order to get the g.c. Is this a different promotion than what you signed up for? TIA for your suggestions and help!

kc September 13, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

The offer sounds different now, I believe mine was $2.95 for the first month and ~$10 each month after. Since I messed up, I ended up paying about $13.. so the current deals sounds like my deal (because I cancelled a day late). Still a money maker, but not quite as good as it could have been!

I plan on signing up for a few more when I get a chance, I am just not organized enough right now to keep track of it. Maybe after our Disneyland Trip!

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