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>> September 01, 2009

So I managed to hit up Target and CVS yesterday. I had $34 in ECBS that were expiring today and I knew I needed to make some effort to spend them. Luckily I had 2 high cost rainchecks to use on stuff we needed (TP and garbage bags).

Even though today was a better day for me, I only managed to get to CVS (one more time) to finish off the rest of my expiring ECBS. I had a nice plan together for the Frys Mega event, but I just couldn't manage it. In fact I am beat right now and I had a nap today! I am a little too restless to sleep, so I figured I might blog a bit to make me sleepy. :-)

So I hit up Target for some free dog food and trial size thingys with Qs that were expiring on me. The craziest thing I was trying to combine manufacturer's and target Qs, but the MFC Qs BOGO attached to the bags of dog food instead of the cans, the cashier noted it was wrong. However, she just kept scanning away. It ended up I couldn't use all my Qs, and allowed for overage to cover the Quinnie hat (in the picture) and hummingbird food (not pictured for my mom). I just paid tax on my order...

CVS, Monday: order 1

3 Scott TP $6.99 (raincheck) - $1 MQs= $5.99 each

1 bounce bar $3.99- $2.50 (vocal point)= $1.49

4 hand sanitizer sprays clearanced 75% off = $.50 each
-$5/25 CVS Q

- 18 ECBS

Total $2.74 OOP on a gift card

Earned $1 ECB (bounce bar)

CVS, Monday: order 2
2 Garbage Bags (rain check BOGO 50% off) = $7.49, $3.25 (cashier did the wrong math)

1 Countour Meter $14.99- Free MQ= free

4 Summer 75% off things for my mom.. $-.49 each

-$5/25 CVS Q

-$5, $7.99 ECBS

Total OOP $1.08on a gift card

Earned $5 ECBS (meter)

CVS (Today)

3 Tylenol (raincheck for $3.99) - $2 MQs

1 Glade Candle $6.99- $3 MQ

4 hand sanitizers $0.50 each

1 Bag of Tennis Balls (summer clearance 75%) = $1.75

1 first aid tape $5.19 (for my dad.. not pictured)

-$5/25 CVS Q

-$14 ECBS

Total $1.85 OOP

Earned $6.99 (glade) and $9 (tylenol)

So I went from $34 to $22 in ECBS over the past 2 days, but I did get 3 huge things of TP + 2 boxes of garbage bags which we desperately needed. I do plan on snagging another meter this week (limit 2), which will give me another $5 in ECBS!


Precious September 3, 2009 at 6:16 PM  

Hi KC,

Sorry to hear you still are not feeling well. Great jon shoppign and using up those ECB's.

I make my own Hummingbird Food. I don't know what Mom is paying but here is the recipe that I use that she might like:

4 cups of water
1 cup of sugar
Few Drops of Red Food Coloring

I make it up in a 64 oz. bottle and just fill our feeders as needed.

kc September 7, 2009 at 8:47 PM  

Hi precious!

Thanks for the receipe, that sounds similar to the one that came with our humming bird feeders, snagged them using Khols Qs a few weeks ago. I haven't managed to fill mine up and set it up outside yet. I am not quite sure why mom was interested in the might have been red tagged at Target, so she figured she should try it. :-)

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