Friday Shopping & Cookies

>> September 12, 2009

We made cookies last night. Yucky oatmeal chocolate chip from a package (for the boys) + No Bake Cookies (for me). It is a little odd that I dislike oatmeal cookies (in any form), but love No Bake Cookies (which do have quite a bit of oatmeal in them....). Anyway,I figured I would throw my recipe on my blog, more so I don't have to hunt down the recipe each time I want to make it.

Ingredients: (everything above except of course the BC bag... those were for the boys)...
3T Cocoa
3C Sugar
1/2 Milk
1/2 Butter
3C Oatmeal (1 minute oats)
Mix set #1 ingredients in a sauce pan, boil for 1 minute. Then take off the heat and quickly stir in the set #2 ingredients. Drop on waxed paper by tsp. Let cook and enjoy!!


After I made the cookies, we realized that we had very little mommy/daddy milk, which is so necessary when eating super sweet cookies. Plus I had a $5 RR expiring at Walgreens, so it was enough motivation to run up the street and grab some milk. I went in without a plan or any ideas on a how to roll the $5, so I ended up grabbing 2 milks (1.99 each) + 2 boxes of peach tea singles (for our disneyland trip), they were $1 each. So I paid $5 RR + $0.98 on my walgreens gift card.

I heard a rumour that wylers singles were part of the summer clearance at CVS, but I have only checked one store and didn't find any. Perhaps I will get lucky at another store. My soda intake has DRASTICALLY been reduced and I don't think I can justify buying a soda at Disney when I can't even finish a can of it at home.
My mom and I hit up Twice as Nice and Target yesterday. I wanted to find another "Disneyland" shirt for Quinnie to wear on our trip and found the best one! "I Heart Daddy" with Goofy!!! Plus I found a red crib sheet in great shape. I am on the hunt for a good on a few new crib sheets for Quinnie's new toddler bed (I will post a picture of that find another time). I was stoked to find the red sheet, exactly what I was hoping for!! Total was $5.98 (no tax with credit), but no OOP for me, since I used our credit!!!
Then off to Target
I couldn't pass up on a 4 piece pj set for $3.74 + a Dad's my super hero shirt at $1.99, both at 75% off! The shirt is 4t...because we already have WAYYYYY too many 3T shirts. The Pjs are 3T.. but we are always short on pjs around here.
We have quite the daddy and superhero theme today on clothes for Quinn. The i heart dad shirt at Twice as Nice, the Super hero Pj's and dad/super hero shirt from target!
Plus I grabbed a mini nerf football for $1.99 (50% off) for Quinn. He is throwing pretty strong now inside the house, but his aim isn't great... so we need some "safer" balls! I also grabbed a 2-pack of the fabric drawer bins for this Ikea shelving unit. They seemed smaller than the other ones, and at $12.99 not very cheap. However, I checked them at home and they are the same size, so I might snag another 2 pack to help me finish up organizing his shelves.


Milloy Family September 12, 2009 at 3:53 PM  

I was hoping with all the sick talk and prenatals that you were pregnant! Congratulations! I was wondering what ever came of the ovulation test kits you bought. How exciting! Let me know if you need any wipes! ;)

kc September 13, 2009 at 2:51 AM  


Yeah... wasn't wanting to blurt it out all over the blog so early, but it's hard to explain my lack of deals and the buying certain items.

And you guessed it with the ovulation kits, we were definitely planning. I only used one, so I plan on ebaying the other. I think I can sell it for double what I paid for it! That stuff is expensive!

I wish the wipes deal had happened a little sooner so I could have taken full advantage of it!

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