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>> September 19, 2009

Well, this week has been a very expensive week for us, full of unexpected costs. :-(
  • One of our dogs started having a bladder problem as a result he had a vet visit with blood work, urine tests and x-rays that cost $380! The resulting diagnosis cost $50 for meds and $50 really expensive dog food (Royal canin). As a result we are boarding our dogs for our trip (which we never do, just have people come check and feed them). This will cost $144. Plus their shots had to be current, and I had lost the paperwork. I knew they only needed bordatella shots, however my disorganization cost us some additional funds, since they then needed the other two shots for proof purposes as well. I did manage to catch a vetco shot clinic, so it was cheaper than a vet, but still cost $98 for both dogs. Grand Total: $722+ UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Then we had an ant problem, and I figured they were Fire Ants based on some online research. We had truly nolen come out, who tried to talk us into an annual plan. I managed to resist that, but it still cost $140 for a one time (intensive visit). The good news is that they confirmed it wasn't fire ants. Normally peter does our bug spray, but he tried a few things, that didn't seem to work right away, plus I was worried about them being Fire Ants, so we decided we needed to do this...

Of course we leave today for California. On a much needed vacation! We had just decided to adjust our hotel plans to splurge on the Disneyland Hotel. The entertainment rate was unavailable for our stay so we were already playing $100 a night for the Hojo (vs. $69 ent. rate). We ended up doubling our hotel costs to stay at the Disneyland Hotel (and that is a good rate for the DLH). We won't be going back at least for another year. Maybe we can plan for next xmas, the new baby will be about 8 months then. Anyway... we splurged. :-)

  • I attempted to try the Walgreens Triaminic Deal at Wags, Check out the details here. Arizona Savings had a great run with this deal, I never found the Wags Q to use to make the deal work. Oh well, at least I tried!!

  • I did manage to snag my free paper towels at Albies this week (see previous post). I am hoping to snag a few more Qs when I get back from my trip. The Oct. Women's day had a the free Marcal Q + a $1.50 skintimate Q in it. I plan on grabbing a few at Bookmans with my credit. The $1.50 skintimate Q should make some cheap shave gel or certainly free trial size shave gel somewhere. I am running a bit low on it!

  • My coke rewards has been a little better lately. They have had some $5 or $10 gift cards on there to redeem for. I snagged 2 $5 subway cards (one on my husband's account) and a $10 chilis card that I received this week. Then $10 subway cards and $10 subway refills popped up this week. I snagged both on my account. I was able to add the $10 refill to one of my exiting $5 card and should be receiving the $10 card within a week or two. The subway cards will come in handy this week for a lunch on the road to or from Cali.

  • I put together 2 baby shower gifts this week. I had lots of goodies to throw together with some great stuff I had recently bought at Old Navy!

  • I picked up my free $10 gift card to the mall on Thursday. Free money is always nice.

  • I picked up $10 Target gift card with a new $10 RX I had to pick up. Plus I have another Rx (they had to order) to get with another Target RX coupon when we get back.

Overall though I am pretty happy with the week, I wish we didn't have the unexpected expenses, but I can't change much about that. I am also feeling better each week (just need the insomnia to go away, lack of good sleep does affect me each day). I should be better at deal seeking soon!

I probably won't post anything while I am at Disneyland. I haven't been organized to do any blogging ahead of time. But given my infrequent blogs lately, I am guessing no one will miss much anyway. :-)


Teresa September 19, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

Hi Kc!
I hope you have a good trip and your family enjoys mickey maddness!
Quick question for ya I am looking into getting a hotel in williams az cuz we going to the polar express. So I was looking at the Howard Johnston and I can get a discount through AAA but I remembered you have talked about the entertianment rate. How do you get that? Or is it just for So cal?

Milloy Family September 24, 2009 at 1:36 PM  

I ALWAYS check your blog to see what you are up to! Hope you are having fun and are able to ride some of the rides even though you are expecting!

kc September 27, 2009 at 9:43 AM  

Hi Teresa,

We had lots of fun in disney! It was hot though... bummer for us. Anyway, the entertainment rate is through the entertainment book. you can check out various hotel discounts on their websites at and then decide if it's worth buying a book or not. The polar express looks fun, we might do something like that in a few years, I am just not sure Quinn is old enough to really enjoy it yet.

Hi Milloy Family,
I did get on some of rides and had fun enjoying the disney magic and watching my son have TONS of fun! I see you have been busy this past week. I hope to get some good deals soon!! I will be checking your blog!


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