Frugal Ramblings 9/7 - Part 2

>> September 07, 2009

So I came up with a few more thoughts to share....

  • I requested another $5 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks! I just went into my account and counted it up.. I have earned $155 from Swagbucks, to me the best extra money, online program out there. It is beyond easy. My earning has slowed down quite a bit, but I still try and go and search using Swagbucks a few times a day. If you haven't joined... go for it. You won't be disappointed! I have already "blown" $40 on magazine subscription deals + a xmas present. The rest I am saving for other xmas presents I need to buy closer to the date.

  • Speaking of Xmas, I continued going through my gift tote bins and made a more accurate list of what I have already. I am in pretty good shape. I still need to find a good deal on a travel humidifier for my step dad, I just saw one posted on SlickDeals, but I need to get some advice from my brother to make sure it is a good deal. However, besides a few random gifts and maybe a couple gift cards, I am pretty close to be done!

  • We ran by my brother & SIL's house early for a free "chair massage". They bought one of those fancy massage chairs a few months ago, it is quite nice! I need to get over there more often to take advantage it!

  • On the way over there, we bopped into 99 cent only store and I found BIG (24 oz) boxes of quaker cinnamon oatmeal squares cereal. Yum! I snagged 3 boxes (maybe should have grabbed a few more). We are all out of "sweet" cereal here, so it was a nice find! I enjoying a bowl right now!

  • Oh and HealthyChoice has some $2.00 printables right now! Run and grab them! Remember to print each one twice!! (Thanks Swaggrabber!!)

  • I joined Buzz Back Surveys today, I haven't truly started with them yet, but I have read lots of positive reviews (apparently they pay $3 per survey and are quite fast), so I will let you guys know how it goes. Anyone out there already do BuzzBack?


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