I am back!! Disney was great!!!

>> September 26, 2009

Ok so we arrived back yesterday evening after a nice long day in car. We were smart this time and left by 9:30, avoid traffic out of LA and getting home at a decent 5:45!

I just got my mail from the past week delivered and had lots of goodies!

  • 12 magazines, a few that go direct to the Bookman's pile and the rest for us to enjoy first!

  • $50 rebate for the bushnell thing, I paid only $30 for it! So that is making money on a xmas gift!!!

  • A $7 Nature Made Q from their Wellness Rewards that I had recently requested. If you buy vitamins this is a great program. I have a ton of points banked, so I try to request the coupons often (you can only do one a time), because with a B1G1 sale at Wags or CVS, that makes for 2 free or very cheap vitamins!!

  • (5) $4 Star brand Qs for doing a survey. Star makes olive oil among other things, but I love these high dollar Qs! Plus they are good until Dec 2010!! So this should make for some super cheap olive oil!!!

  • Mambo Sprouts Q book

  • $10 Subway gift card I bought at MyCokeRewards!

  • Plus b-day cards for Quinn and Peter!!

We have spent all day cleaning the house, which was a disaster. Plus unpacking, doing laundry, etc. I have to grab some essentials for the fridge because we are out of lots of things. We are having a little cake and ice cream party for Quinn tomorrow with immediate family, so I need a few things for that as well.


Precious September 28, 2009 at 7:54 PM  

I just loved getting the Bushnell Rebate. I hope Quinn has a blast at his party. Happy Birthday to him!

kc September 28, 2009 at 8:58 PM  

Thanks!!! He did and was spoiled rotten. :-)

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