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>> September 29, 2009

I managed to make a couple quick trips after dinner thanks to LYNN!! Peter took Quinn up to Papa Joe's to ride his new big wheel at the park, which meant he took my car... anyway, Lynn rescued me and allowed me to run a few quick errands before he got too late.... the later it gets, the less likely I am to FEEL like going out...
1st stop was Target.. to pick up some RX's with a $10 Gift card coupon. The real simple september magazine has a $10 Target NEW or transfer RX coupon inside the front cover. Its good until mid November.. and the NEW RX coupons are harder to come by for me. So this wasn't a great $25 or $30 Q, but $10 is $10!
3 Tides $6 - $1 = $5 each
1 Vasoline Lotion $7.99- $1.50= $6.49
-$5/25 CVS Q (from their website...)
-$17 ECBS
Total $.49 on a gift card!!
(my subtotal was actually negative...their cash registers are crazy and I never know what will happen, sometimes they insist I buy something else.. other times they adjust my last ECB down.. and in this case... it took my subtotal negative, but of course tax brought that back up to $0.49....Anyway.. I will take it as a win!!)
Earned $7 ECB (vasoline), I will get one more tide and a dawn later this week.. to complete the P&G deal this week.. and earn $10 ECBS back (wyb $25 worth).
18 Crystal Lights $2.99 each (Mega event items) - $2/2 MQs
2 Dryers Ice cream each (Mega event items)
-$30 Pharmacy Rewards
Total $10.80 OOP
That is ALOT of crystal light.. but $1.99 is a good price and we are totally out of peach tea... Peter really doesn't like store brand versions of the peach tea and its the favorite flavor in our house.. so I thought this deal came at a great time. I knew there was a reason I couldn't find the $0.99 individual packs at Target to use the coupons... My coupons were holding out for the big canisters. :-)
Apparently Jennie-O turkey hot dogs were free with the Qs from 7/26 SS, but the Tucson papers didn't get that coupon.. . and I think that was the week I had trouble getting my Phx papers.. I searched twice and couldn't find ANY Phx smart source from 7/26.. BUMMER!! Oh well.. you win some, you lose some!


Teresa September 30, 2009 at 10:20 AM  

Hi Kc
I went to frys this morning and they still had the deal goin on with the hot dogs. I had 7 coupons and used 4 so now I have 3 I wont be using. If u want them let me know.

Teresa September 30, 2009 at 10:21 AM  

oops I wanted to ask you have you checked out kmart when they double coupons? I went sat and got over 130 worth of stuff for 27. Got to love that.

kc September 30, 2009 at 9:23 PM  

Hi Teresa!

Thanks for the offer. I double checked my freezer and realized we still had a few packages in there.. so I really should wait I guess.

I don't do Kmart, because in Tucson there is only one location on the crazy east side (Think New Mexico/AZ border)... so I never manage to snag those great deals, its just too far of a drive for me! It sounds like you did fabulous though!!!

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