Thursday Errands : Free Mall Certificate Day!

>> September 17, 2009

I had a planned adventure for today, we were going towards the Tucson Mall to pick up the free $10 gift card. Today was the first day they were available, (good through Saturday), but you need a voucher from your email to do so.
Anyway, so I planned several other errands in that area to make best use of our time and gas.
Babies R Us
I wanted a cup holder for our new stroller, so we stopped by BabiesRUs, unfortunately the selection was very limited. I did snag one (using a BRU gift card, I purchased at safeway using safeway gift cards), but I am not sure we will keep it. I need to try it out on the stroller first.
Twice As Nice
We stopped at Twice as Nice, I was looking for another disneyland shirt for Quinn. I didn't find one, but I did find a pair of 8 1/2 vans shoes for him (velcro even). I think his current shoes are too small and the 8 1/2 shoes I already purchased are still too big (Weird, huh??). We really need a good pair for Disneyland. He tried them in the store and I can feel his toes near the end of the shoe, but they are still bigger than his current shoes.. so they must be a little better fit. Anyway for $5.99 in credit, they seemed like a bargain!
Office Max and PetsMart
I had a return at Office Max and then needed to pick up RX dog food for Buddy at Banfield (petsmart). Unfortunately it was $45! Uggh.. We have had some dog issues and very expensive extra expenses this week!
Tucson Mall
I picked up my $10 Tucson Mall gift card! I checked out a few stores and snacked on a pretzel with Quinn. He loved people watching while sitting on a big boy chair! I attempted to use the $10 Things Remembered coupon from Swaggrabber, but apparently its no longer valid. Check out her list of other Mall coupons though!
I stopped by my "other" Albies, because I "knew" they would have the marcal paper towels in stock!! And of course they did. My stores had the sale price $1, listed through 9/29 so if you still have any free, up to $1 Qs, you can check there! I grabbed 6 paper towels and the very tempting bowl of watermelon.
Watermelon $3.99
6 Marcal Paper towels $1- $1 Q= free
Total OOP $4.36! (tax = $0.37 on the free paper towels).
Plus Quinn got a free cookie! :-) Then it was time to hit home for OUR naps!! :-)


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