Albertsons Deals PLUS Win a $50 Safeway Gift Card!!

>> October 30, 2009

Albies has a decent promo this week for free or cheap cereal, granola bars (AFTER receiving OYNO Qs)
6 Progresso Chicken Broths (raincheck $1) - $0.50 MQs= free!!!
6 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2 each - $1/2 = $1.50 each
4 Chex Granola Bars $2 each - $0.50 MQ= $1 each
-$5/25 Target Grocery Q
Total $8 OOP
I Earned $10 in OYNO Qs (from the 10 General Mills Products), I might roll these into another albies run or I can use them at Frys this week, since they are taking competitor's Qs.
The cereal had the movie certificates on them... Two certificates = 1 movie ticket! So I have a total of 3 movie tickets to redeem now!!!!
$50 Safeway Gift Card Give Away!!!
And Don't forget to enter my $50 Safeway Gift Card Give Away... CLICK HERE!!! Please make sure you leave an email address, (unless your email contact is in your blogger profile). Also if you have already entered.. make sure you double check to see that your comment posted. I was having some trouble "Approving" comments and some might have been lost. All comments have been approved through 8:30 tonight.. so if you entered and don't see your comment.. comment again please!!


Frys Mega Sale Runs!!!!

ALL OF THIS FOR UNDER $5.00!!! (Plus I have (2) $0.75 OYNO Qs to use next time)!!
Frys Moonlight Madness Run.... We took "Monkey" over for a little Halloween fun. It was a crazy madhouse and unfortunately they were only giving away tootsie roll type candy, which doesn't work for a toddler really. However, he did get a balloon and cookie! Plus I snagged a few deals....

This week is a MEGA sale week, meaning when you buy 10 special items, you get $5.00 off your order. This allows for overage on some items, since the coupons will double up to the sale price, then the $5.00 comes off at the end. Potentially leading to $0.50 overage on certain items.... I am listing the prices with the $0.50 discount already..

Order #1
6 Dole Fruits $0.49- $0.55/2 MQ = free
3 Playtex Gloves $0.50- $1 MQ = $0.50 overage
2 Langers Apple Juice $0.88 each
2 Monster Cupcakes $1.00 each (NOT PICTURED... for some reason....)
1 Bar-S Bacon $0.97
1 Kroger Semi-Sweet Chips $0.97
1 Halls Cough Drop $0.50- $0.35 MQ= $0.50 overage
Total $3.64 OOP
And earned (2) $0.75 OYNO Qs (from the Dole Fruit)

Order #2
6 Dole Fruits $0.49-$0.55/2 MQ= free
2 Langers Apple Juice $0.88 each
3 Betty Crocker Potatoes -$0.25 MQs= free - $0.40 short cuts... + $0.40 overage
1 Halls Cough Drops $0.50- $0.35 MQ= $0.50 overage
1 3lb bag of apples $0.99
1 Kroger Semi-Sweet Chips $0.97
-$1.50 OYNO (from 1st order)
Total $1.23 OOP!!
And earned (2) $0.75 OYNO Qs (from the Dole Fruit)

Does anyone have $0.58?????
My mom and ran in this morning for me to do ONE HUGE order.. since I had a $10/50 AJ's Q to use. I did super!!!! Basically 58 CENTS for all these groceries..... I did have to substitute a few things from my original plan..

3 Betty Crocker Potatoes $0.99 each- $.25 MQ= free
2 Playtex Gloves $0.50 each - $1 MQs= $0.50 overage each
3 Bumble Bee Tuna Pouches $0.49- $.55 MQs= $0.50 overage each
2 Gatorades $0.49 each
3 ICBINB sticks $0.99 each - $1 MQ= free
3 Uncle Ben Rice $0.99 each - $1/3 Q= $0.66 each
3 Mini cheese $1.99- $1 MQs= $0.99 each
3 Snuggles $2.99 each - $3 MQ= free
So... in order to cover my overage + get my total to $50 for my $10 off 50 Q.. I had to add the following..
$10 Frys Gift Card
2 Milks $1.47 each
1 Roast $8.37
3 J&J floss $1.00 -$1.00 MQs= free
-(4) $0.75 OYNO Qs

Total $10.58... so my total was $10.58, but that includes the $10 Frys gift card I had to throw in my order!!!! Yah me!!!!!

And of course I received another (2) $0.75 OYNOs (dole)

I also have another 6 Dole fruits pictured... because my mom did a small order with stuff she needed.. so we threw in the fruit, tuna and potatoes.. she took the tuna and potatoes home.. and received $1.00 overage for her order from the tuna! And then I also was able to use her $0.75 OYNOS from the free dole for my order!


Win a $50 Safeway Gift Card!! Week #1

>> October 29, 2009

Editing to add... PLEASE BE SURE to make sure you leave an email address!!! (if you have one I can see in your blogger profile, that is cool too.) Also I do have to APPROVE all comments, before they appear. If you entry doesn't appear by the next day, please re-enter, I was having trouble approving the comments.

It's Official.. I have FIVE (5) $50 Safeway Gift Cards to give away!! I will give one gift card away each week! To enter, just make a comment on this post, telling me what recent Safeway Deal you found or what you HOPE to find a deal on now that they have "1000's of lower prices."

Everyone can have 2 entries each week. To get a 2nd entry, you can either blog about the contest and leave a 2nd comment with a link to the post mentioning it.
Or for the non-bloggers, you can get a 2nd entry by becoming a follower of my blog! At the top of the page, there is a link to "Follow"! Then comeback and make another comment letting me know you are following my blog!

Please be sure to leave your email address, so I can contact you if you win!!!

The giveaway ends next Thursday, October 5, at 8pm (AZ time of course!!). I will then use a random number generator to pick the winner.

And don't forget to come back each week.. I have 5 gift cards to give away!!


More Safeway Deals for me!! PLUS $50 for YOU!!!

Order #1

2 Easy macs $1.00 each - $0.55/2 = $0.50 each

3 Kleenex $0.99 each - $0.50/3 MQ= $1.97 total for all three

2 Mr. Clean Liquids $1.99 (wyb 4)= FREE (see coupon below)

2 Mr. Clean Sprays $1.99 (wyb 4)- 2 Free wyb liquid MQs (scan at $3.99, regular safeway price) = ALL 4 are free!!!

-$3 OYNO (from previous kleenex purchase)

Total $0.60 OOP (Since my tax was $0.64... the receipt states 100% savings!!)

Plus earned another $3 OYNO from the kleenex

Order #2

2 Easy Macs $1.00 each - $0.55/2= $0.50 each

3 Kleenex $0.99 each - $0.50/3 MQ= $1.97 total for all three

-$3 OYNO (from order #1)

Total $0.07 OOP!!! (Again my tax was $0.15, so the receipt states 100% savings!!)

Plus earned another $3 OYNO from kleenex!!

I love the kleenex deal... and of course Mr. Clean.. if the coupons weren't expiring on Saturday, I would be tempted to trade for more!!!

So, those are my deals from today...I had a quick trip in out of the store, since I was running other errands. However, Safeway has been promoting their new lower prices on 1000's of items in store! They sent me a gift card to go in and explore their new pricing and report my findings back to you guys!!!

EVEN BETTER!!! As a part of that promo, they sent me (5) $50 gift cards to giveaway to my readers!!! I plan on giving one away a week for the next 5 weeks! I will post the 1st giveaway tonight! So come back by and enter!!!


Safeway Deals!!!!

>> October 27, 2009

We ran up to Safeway (with my "I Play Tag At Safeway" sticker on my car), hoping to win $1000 from 94.9 Mix FM! I have been listening, hoping to figure out if they will be at one of our local stores, but they don't seem to be advertising that information. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!
Anyway, I had 2 great orders though!!! Not quite $1000 deals, but still pretty awesome!
Order #1
2 Glade Candle Tins $2.49 (wyb 4 mix and match) - $2.00 Qs (from packages of previous glade)purchases) = $0.49 each
2 Glade Refills $2.49 (wyb 4 mix and match)- free MQs, scanned at $3.79= $1.30 OVERAGE each!!!
2 Mr. Clean Liquids $1.99 (wyb 4 mix and match)= $1.99 each
2 Mr. Clean Spray Cleaners $1.99 (wyb 4 mix and match) $1.99 each - Free wyb MQs, scanned at $3.49 each = $1.50 OVERAGE each!!
3 Kleenex $0.99 - $0.50/3 MQ= $1.98 for all 3
1 10lb bag of Potatoes $0.97
Total $0.07 OOP!! This was lower than I anticipated... particularly considering tax was $1.25... It looks like the cashier scanned my Mr. Clean Q a 3rd time...
Anyway, I also earned $3.00 OYNO (Kleenex)
Order #2
2 Glade Candle Tins $2.49 (wyb 4 mix and match)- $2 Qs(from packages of previous glade purchases)= $0.49 each
2 Glade Refills $2.49 (wyb 4 mix and match)- free MQs, scanned at $3.79= $1.30 OVERAGE each!!
2 Mr. Clean Liquids $1.99 (wyb 4 mix and match) = $1.99 each
2 Mr. Clean Spray Cleaners $1.99 (wyb 4 mix and match) $1.99 each- Free wyb MQs, scanned at $3.49 each= $1.50 OVERAGE each!!
3 Kleenex $0.99- $0.50/3 MQ= $1.98 for all 3
2 Simply OJ $1.99 (using in ad Q)
-$3 OYNO (from previous order)
Total $3.57 OOP (including $1.25 in tax) and Earned $3 OYNO (Kleenex)
4 Glade Tins, 4 Glade Refills, 4 Mr. Clean Liquids, 4 Mr. Clean Spray, 6 Kleenex, 10 lb potatoes, 2 Simply OJ= Total $3.64 OOP, plus still have a $3 OYNO to spend.. so NET COST $0.64!!!!


Frys: Diet Coke, Cheez its and Clorox Wipes...

I ran into Frys to snag some decently priced soda. It seems like when I pass up decent deals, I run out of soda and have to overpay for it.

Order #1
4 Diet Coke 12 packs $10 (wyb 4)
2 Cheezits (free wyb 4 sodas)- $1.50/2 MQ= $1.50 overage
3 Clorox wipes $2.50 each - B2G1 IP & $1.50 Tearpad Qs= $2.00 for all 3
-$2.50 OYNO (from previous clorox run)
Total $8.61 OOP & EARNED another $2.50 OYNO Q

Order #2
4 Diet Coke 12 packs $10 (wyb 4)
2 Cheezits (free wyb 4 sodas) - $1.50/2 MQ= $1.50 overage
3 Clorox wipes $2.50 each - $1.50 Tearpad Qs= $3.00 for all 3
-$2.50 OYNO (from order #1)
Total $9.61 OOP & EARNED another $2.50 OYNO Q


Late night Bashas & Albies Run....

2 Mott's Apple Juice $.99- $0.55 IP = free
Cotto Salami $1.99
Grapes ($0.99/lb)= $2.44
Total OOP $4.33
We had pizza last night while the fanatics watched Monday Night Football... I ran out to snag some cheap Ben & Jerrys for desert.
4 B&J Pints $1.99 each (wyb 4)- $1 Tear pad Qs= $0.99 each
Total $3.96 OOP


Frugal Ramblings 10/26

>> October 26, 2009

So...Does this happen in your house? It drives my husband nuts! I bring my goodies in, take the blog pictures, put the cold stuff away.... AND then the stuff that goes into my stockpile pantry area sometimes gets stashed on the freezer... .for DAYS!!! It makes opening the freezer fun! Anyway, I am trying to stay more on top of it, which requires me to be more organized in general all over, including my pantries, so that I can easily find the space to put my goodies!!

  • So first I need to say a BIG, HUGE Thank YOU to my brother!!! He is responsible for my festive Blog graphic at the top!! Very cool!! He actually created the regular one for me, cause he is super creative and a computer guy... and I am none of those things really.. creative, computer oriented or a guy. :-)
  • Also another BIG thanks to my brother for fixing my main computer, installing windows back on.. updating it and get it operational again so that I have another computer to print coupons from!! And EVEN more exciting, he routed my printer through my network (not even sure if that describes it right...), but basically I can print wirelessly from my laptop or mini notebook computer from anywhere in the house!!!! Before I would hit print and it would just sit waiting until I walked the computer back to the office and hooked it up to print. It was a major pain!!
  • So if you read my previous post, you saw that my mom and I had $1 chicken meals at Boston Market today! The coupon is good all week, just enter your email address HERE and it will get forwarded to you!
  • I had a SUPER great run at safeway this weekend, hopefully you checked it out, plus of course a decent run at albies today!
  • We are still working on Peter's Halloween costume, we hit up a couple more thrift stores today and didn't find what we needed... we are running out of time, so he may have to make do with "the item". I do plan on hitting up the dollar store tomorrow, to snag another thing or two that he needs... we will see.
  • Speaking of Halloween, My dad, gramme and I took Quinn to the YMCA's Trunk or Treat this week. A free, fun event that was MOBBED! Quinn enjoyed getting to wear his monkey suit and see all the other kids dressed up. We plan on hitting up Frys on Thursday for their Halloween special deals and trick or treating in store!
  • My mom and I just started an organizing project last week, where we are focusing one day on cleaning out, de-cluttering and organizing one area of our houses... and we are switching houses each week. We worked on her master bath/linen closet last week, so we will be doing something at my house this week. I think de-cluttering is super important in keeping things organized and easier to clean. It can just be hard to do set time aside to do!

My biggest and most important thing I want to impart is that... I will be starting a special Giveaway series this week! Please check back to enter!!! It will be very useful to ALMOST everyone!!!


Albies Run & $1 Chicken Meal Deal @ Boston Market!!

3 Frescheta Pizzas $3.99- $1MQ = $2.99
3 Kix Cereal $1.75 (wyb 4)- $0.50 MQ (really old NED ones) = $0.75 each
1 Cocoa Puff Cereal $1.75 (wyb 4) - $0.50 MQ (really old NED ones) = $0.75
4 Ben and Jerry's Pints (not all pictured... "hiding some at my mom's") $1.99 (wyb 4)- $1 Tearpad Qs= $0.99
-$5/25 Target Grocery Q
Total $10.93

Transaction #2... EXACTLY the same as above... so 6 pizzas, 8 cereals, 8 B&J pints for $21.86 total... Pretty happy with this!!!

Oh and we stopped by Family Dollar... and found one more snuggle, free with the $3.00 MQs. I only have 8 more boxes to find.....

Boston Market is offering a $1 Real Chicken Meal Deal this week... Monday, October 26 through Sunday, November 1st!!!
We went for lunch today! It was awesome, I love their mashed potatoes and gravy! The deal is for 1/4 lb white chicken or 3 pieces of dark meat + mashed potatoes and gravy and corn bread all for $1!!!!!! Click here... enter your email address and the coupon will be forwarded to you!!!
We had to buy each meal separately and then shared a soda. Quinn just had a side of mac and cheese, which of course was the most expensive thing we bought!
Our store offered to let us substitute a different side if we wanted.. but again.. I love their mashed potatoes and gravy..


A GREAT Safeway Run!! $15.55 Total ($10.55 OOP) + I Play Tag at Safeway!

>> October 25, 2009

Ok, so I am not usually the biggest fan of Safeway. They are the furthest store for me and often tempt me with promos that don't work. However, they do have such awesome promos sometimes that I still go back. I had a $5/50 Safeway Q burning a hole in pocket! (From the entertainment book, and it was expiring at the end of the month)!

I actually had a plan to go last weekend, because they had some great sales running, plus there weekend only specials. I never made it. However, I still had an awesome run today, Plus I was able to pick up the "I Play Tag at Safeway" sticker to put on my car. Remember I mentioned this promo earlier in the week, 94.9 will be giving $1000 away each day starting today!!!

Right now safeway is making all Qs worth at least $1! Meaning a $0.50 Q or $0.10 = $1 off!! (of course coupons over $1 are worth face value).

Anyway, so here is my run:
5 Ragus $1.17 each - $0.30 = $0.17 each
4 Wheat Thins $0.99 each (weekend only price) - $1/2 IP and $0.55/1 (MQ from Frys Mailer) = $.49 each!
12 Campbell's tomato soup $.50 each -$0.40/4 MQs = $0.25 each!
12 Campbell's chicken noodle soup $0.50 each - $0.40/4 MQs= $0.25 each!
Star Olive Oil $5.99- $4 MQs (mailed to me for doing a survey) = $1.99!
4 Friskies Treats $1.99 each - free MQs = $0 (filler to help get me to $50)
18 ct. eggs $0.99 (with safeway ad Q)
2 Simply OJ $1.99 each (with safeway ad Q)
2 Mr. Clean Sprays $1.99 each (wyb 3 or more) - 2 free wyb liquid Qs (one rang up $3.49, the other $3.99)
2 Mr. Clean Liquid $1.99 each (wyb 3 or more) = $.50 TOTAL for all 4 clean items!!!
1.44 lbs nanas $0.48
2 Cottages Cheese marked down $1 each (sell by date today.. but we will eat within the week required)= $1 each
$0.71 in tax
-$5/50 Safeway Q
-$5 Safeway gift card
Total $10.55 OOP!!!!

Fabulous run! My total was $15.55 for everything! (since I did pay $5 with a gift card).


Walgreens: A deal on olives + last CVS run for week..

>> October 24, 2009

So, I meant to hit up Walgreens all week to take advantage of the $0.99 olives and use some IPs ($1/2). I managed to score 4 $1/2 printables, so 8 cheap cans of olives!

My first attempt to use my expiring $6 RR and snag some olives was screwed up because they had none on the shelf. So I walk up to the register to get rain checks for me and my mom (since the limit was 3). The cashier calls for a rain check (managers have to issue rain checks at walgreens for some reason)... and the manager shows up with 6 cans of olives (from the back) instead of rain checks...

This threw me for a loop since I didn't have an order set up.. to use my $6 RR. And then the cashier split it into 2 orders of 3, which messes with my ability to use my $1/2 coupons effectively. I ended up giving her 2 of the coupons and of course the 2nd one doesn't work cause I don't have 4 cans.. but she says "let me try this" and "lets me buy a 4th".. which of course totally works. Safeway limits sale prices to keep people from clearing shelves and having enough stock, but the register doesn't actually limit it, its up to the cashier. I bought 4 used 2 $1/2 Qs ($1.96 on a gift card) and then bought the last 2 using 1 $1/2 MQ for $0.96.

Anyway, so I still needed to hit another walgreens with a plan of attack in order to my $6 RR was expiring, plus I had one more $1/2 Olive Q to use!

So after dinner and our TRUNK or TREAT experience at the YMCA tonight, I ran out to walgreens and CVS (REALLY FAST, cause I hate late Saturday runs!!) and finished up my deals.

1 Zantac $8.99-$5 IP
1 Milk $1.99
2 Olives $0.99- $1/2
-$6 RR
Total $1.51 on a gift card and Earned $9 RR (Zantac), so ended up still being a money maker and I bought 2 cans of olives and a gallon of milk!!

2 Centrum Mens Ultra Vitamins $10 each - $5/2 IP = $7.50 each
2 24 ct. CVS pencils $1.99 each, free after ECB using a rain check= $3.96 total
2 Index Card Holder $0.99, free after ECB using a rain check= $1.98 total
PLUS found a $0.99 green CVS reusable bag tag
-$5/25 CVS Q (not available online anymore.. so sad!!!)
-$15 ecbs
Total $3.73 on a gift card (tax was $1.78!! UGHH!)
Earned $10 ECB (centrum) + $6 (pencils and index card holder)
The $0.99 green CVS reusable bag tag is a great thing to grab if you are a regular CVS shopper. You earn $1 ECB, after every 4th time using it!! Free ECBS!! :-)


Goodies from Gramme! ++ A new way to organize them!

I get these lovely little care packages from my Gramme every month or so.. They are mostly filled with coke points and BTFE (boxtops), but also LFE and other goodies from packages. She is quite diligent in saving them for me! In fact I think she has recruited one of sisters into helping as well! They are a fun surprise to get! Thanks Gramme!!

This is the new organizing method I have for my extra goodies (like what Gramme sends), rain checks, RX tranfer Qs, gift cards, carwash, hair cut and dining coupons.. and well you get the gist. Its been working great for me, to have it easily accessible and in view, vs. trying to file things in different folders or bins. I spent sometime a week ago pulling all my goodies together and getting rid of expired Qs.
The next picture is just the bottom half of the system.

I lucked out and found my Walgreens had clearanced these HUGE, CLEAR (very important to see what you are storing) shoe organizers for $2.99. I had checked online and saw they sold them for $5 each, and since I had RR to spend, I decided it would be the best place to try. (Last time I checked, CVS had smaller, canvas ones that were a bit more expensive. I bought one for storing our electronics stuff last year). The first store I checked, didn't carry it anymore, and I was quite bummed because I had checked online and Walgreens is pretty accurate about telling you whether they sell it in store or online. Of course when I found them clearanced at the next store, I totally understood what was going on! So if you are in the market for one, check your local store for a steal!!
I am pretty happy so far with my categories and am debating whether or not I need to label any of the pockets. Most of them are pretty obvious. I do believe that the hair/car/dining coupons should be labeled well, so that Peter doesn't have any trouble finding them. (Do they ever truly look for something???)
Anyway, what do you think? Oh and I can't really take the credit for this idea. I do have one of these clear babies in my pantry for extra spices, splenda, seasoning packets, etc. And of course I mentioned the smaller, canvas shoe holder I use for our electronics cords, cases, etc. However, it didn't occur to me to do this... I saw it here at Fi$tfull of Coupon$!


Free Non RX item up to $20 through medco....

>> October 23, 2009

If you have a medco mail order pharmacy account you can place an order up to $20 for free in their new non-RX store.

I found this on slickdeals last night. I ordered a 60pk of DHA supplements for $19.99, totally free, so really you don't have to spend $20+.

1st order is free shipping, automatically

Then use MHS10 and 10OFF, they do stack for a $20 discount!!!
This works great for me.. cause I am supposed to taking prenatal + DHA and my free Bashas prenatals doesn't include DHA, so I have been buying the DHA supplement at CVS. Even paying $10 for DHA supplement at CVS is still cheaper than paying $30+ for a fancy prenatal that includes DHA.


Halloween Fun!

>> October 22, 2009

  • Northwest YMCA Trunk or Treat: Saturday, October 24th, 5:30-7:30pm. Haunted House, Climbing Wall, Jumping Castle, Monster Bash, Costume Parade, Pumpkin Decorating, Car Decorating, DJ & Live Music and CANDY!! The best part??? Its free!!! Other YMCA branches offer similar events, check out the YMCA web site for more information.
  • Tohono Chul Park Park After Dark: October 30 5-8pm. There are performers and live nocturnal animal showings, along with complimentary refreshments. We did this last year and it was fun to see the animals! Plus its super close to our house! $5 admission
  • Marana Fall Harvest Festival: Saturday, October 24th, 9am-2pm. Farm Sign Painting, Petting Zoo, Peddle Tractor, River Park Train Ride, Live Music. Marana Heritage Park, 12375 N. Heritage Park Drive, Marana.
  • Avra Valley Fire Department 11th Annual Halloween Party: Friday, October 30th, 6-10pm. Costume Contest, Food & Drink, Jumping Castle, Candy, Haunted House, Karaoke, Live Music. Halberg Park, AVFD Fire Station 191, 15790 W. Silverbell Rd, Marana. And this one is FREE also!!! (Thanks to Jaws at PYP for posting the details!)
  • Bookmans Halloween Celebration and Costume Party, Ina Road Location, Saturday, October 24th, 2-4pm. Create beautiful Day of the Dead art projects (2-3pm). Then a ghost hunt throughout the store for prizes! Party games and costume rewards for those that dress up! Free
  • Trick or Treat at Foothills Mall, Saturday, October 31st, 6pm. Plus puppet show @ 6pm and Costume Contest @ 7pm. Free! (There is also a scary haunted house in the old Linens N Things building running each weekend, details on the Foothills Mall link as well, its not free though....)
  • Howl-o-ween at Reid Park Zoo, Friday & Saturday, October 23rd and 24th 6-8pm and Sunday, October 25th, 5-7pm. Costumed characters, trick-or-treating, decorations and some animals on display. No scary area this year! $5 admission or $4 for members.
  • AJ's Fine Foods Trick or Treat for Kids, 10 and under, October 31st 10am- 4pm.

Frys has done fun holiday promotions-in store, in the past, but I haven't seen any information about it this year. In addition, I thought I read about Bashas doing something, but again I can't find any details, if I do find any out.. I will let you know.

Please let me know of any other events I may have missed!

And check out my previous post on donating your gently used costumes to local kids in need!!


Halloween Costume Drive for Needy Kids!

While researching local Halloween events, I came across a costume drive for needy kids.
New and gently used costumes will be collected through October 28th at 3 locations:

  1. Creative Costumes, 4220 East Speedway
  2. Creative Costumes, 4039 North Oracle
  3. Giving Tree Thrift Shop, 4221 East 22nd St.

Costumes will be distributed on October 29th, at the Giving Tree Homeless Feeding Lot at 4425 East 22nd St.

What a great way to clean out your closet AND help needy kids participate in a fun holiday tradition!!


Safeway: Lower Prices & I Play Tag and Save Promo!

I have some great news to share with everyone! Safeway has asked me to introduce everyone to their new price reduction program available in all 117 stores in Arizona and New Mexico!

Safeway announces its new price reduction program by offering thousands of new everyday low prices, plus great weekly Club Card savings on items across the store, providing customers with a more affordable and convenient one-stop-shopping experience. Safeway will continue providing customers with quality products at competitive prices, friendly and helpful customer service and an outstanding store shopping experience.

Safeway customers can identify products in the price reduction program through redesigned yellow shelf "Tags" which show the old price and the new everyday low price. The new yellow tags also display addition savings customers receive when using the Club Card (for sale items).

In addition, Safeway is partnering with KMXZ-94.9 in Tucson and KESZ-99.9 in Phoenix for a $1000 safeway gift card giveaway!! In order to participate you need to pick up a "I Play Tag and Save at Safeway" car decal at your favorite Safeway store and display it on your back car window. Then listen to the applicable radio station (Tucson or Phoenix) for details on how to get "spotted". 94.9 (Tucson) will be visiting a different store each day October 24th- October 30th to spot a $1000 winner!! 99.9 (Phoenix) will be doing the same October 25th-October 31st, for a total of 14 winners between both cities!

Plus I get to have some fun with a Safeway giveaway right here on my blog!! Don't forget to stop back in next week to find out the details!!!


This weeks grocery ads 10/21/09

>> October 21, 2009

Ok here is what I see so far as deals for my family this week...


They are advertising all coupons are equal to $1. Meaning $0.10, $0.25 or $.75 coupons are all worth $1. Of course coupons greater than $1, are redeemed at face value.

  • Coke 12 packs 4/$10 + 2 free boxes of cheez-its!
  • Post Cereal, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Nature Valley Nut Clusters, Fiber One bars $1.57 each (wyb 4). There are $0.50 MQs from 9/13 and 10/4 in the smart source inserts, that would make the Nature Valley Granola Bars or Nut Clusters $0.57 a box!
  • Kroger cottage cheese or sour cream (16 oz) $1.18 each

Also for anyone in Phoenix or traveling up there this weekend, There are advertising free entry all weekend 10am-5pm at the Arizona Science Center!

You can check out PYP for more Frys deals here! And of course if you didn't receive a frys sales ad in the mail, you can check it out here.


Quintuple Coupons ... all $0.20-$0.99 coupons are worth $1!

  • Bananas 3 lbs for $1
  • 10lb bag of Russet Potatoes $0.97
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.17, use $0.30 MQ from Redplum 9/13 inserts for $0.17 sauce!!
  • Campbell's condensed soup (tomato or chicken noodle) 2/$1, Use $0.40/4 MQs from 9/13 and 10/4 Smart Source insert for $0.25 soup!
  • Star Olive Oil $5.99, I have $4 MQs from doing a survey from a month ago.. so if you have the same coupons, then it will make for cheap olive oil!
  • 18 ct Large Lucerne Eggs $0.99 (with super coupon from ad and min. $20 purchase)
  • Simply Orange Juice $1.99 (with super coupon from ad and min. $2o purchase)
  • Triscuits and Wheat Thins $0.99 each, limit 4 (Saturday and Sunday only!), use the $1/2 Qs here to make it even cheaper (Thanks SpudtheBug at PYP)!!

Checkout the safeway ad online here. And other safeway deals from PYP here!

Safeway is also advertising "Thousands of New Everyday Low prices" in their ad.


  • Red Grapes $0.99/lb
  • Food Club Cheese $0.99 (6-8 oz), about the best price you can do without getting lucky with a great sale AND coupons!
  • Oscar Mayer Bologna $1.99
  • Bashas Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream (24 oz) $1.69, better than the Frys price, but I don't think the big tubs come in fat free, which is what I prefer.
  • Motts Apple Juice $0.99 - $.50 IPs (coupons I had printed a few weeks back, not sure if they are still available) = free

Check out the bashas sales ad here. And here is the link for the PYP Bashas deal

Sunflower Farmers Market

I don't see anything we need in the ad, but you check it out here.

Sprouts Farmers Market

  • Various apple varieties 2 lbs for $1
  • Yellow onions 3 lbs for $1
  • Yams $0.99 lb

Check out their website to view there sales ad, here.


Quadruple Coupons!

  • Coke 12 packs 4/$8 (must buy 4)
  • Freschetta Pizzas $3.99, use $1 MQ from 9/13 smartsource insert
  • Ben and Jerry's $1.99 each, when you buy 4 and I have $1 tear pad Qs (found in local convenience stores), so should be $0.99 each!!!
  • General Mills cereal $1.75 each, when you buy 4. Not a bad price as is, but I also have some VERY old NED (no expiration date) coupons for .50 off 1 kix or cocoa puffs that will worth nicely for me, $0.75 each.

The Tucson ad also has $5 off $50 and $10 off $100 store Qs, but they state redeem after ALL manufacturer Qs. (so not a good deal for me)!

Check out PYP here for other albies deals. Check out the albies ad here.


Great new tearpad Q to watch for.. Clorox Wipes!!

I found this yesterday at Frys yesterday. There was a tearpad attached to the Clorox wipes dispenser at the front of the store (for using on the shopping cart handles)!

It pictures several products.. but actually does say save $1.50 on Clorox Wipes (no other product types are listed). And its good until March!!

So be on the lookout for these. Given its the current flu situation, extra disinfecting wipes are nice to have on hand!!


CVS Monday...

>> October 20, 2009

We ran out to both salvation army and savers this morning, looking for a halloween costume thingy for my husband. I didn't find what we needed.. Bummer

I also bopped into Bookmans.. and earned $9 for my magazines, donated the rest.

We also stopped by Babies R Us, so I could finish up a baby shower gift for this next weekend. Now I just need to wrap it... or throw it in a bag, so I will feel ready to go for Saturday!

We then checked another CVS to see if I could score some more diaper deals. This store, had lots of blanks spaces where the Mega packs should be.. but no clearance diapers to be found. So they must have already sold them! I might hit another store tomorrow, on a my way to an errand.. we will see.

I did finish up my coke deal (I bought 2 sodas for my dad yesterday during the diaper bonanza) + my freebie glade thing.

2 Diet Coke 12 packs $3.25 each - $1/2 Peelie Q = $2.75 each
1 Glade Thingy $6.99 - $3 MQ= $3.99
2 Robotussins $5.50 each - $2 IPs= $2.50 each
2 Reese's candy - BOGO Q, plus on sale for BOGO 50% off.. so $0.45 for both! (fillers)
-$5/25 CVS Q
-$10 ECBS
Total $3.10 OOP (I couldn't find my gift card...)
Earned $3 (coke deal) $6.99 (glade) + halfway towards the Robo/meds deal for the week.

Update on my weekend to-do list.
1.Flu Shots- Done
3. Dogs Bath- Done
5. Thrift store- checked 3 so far, not done but a good effort!!
6. Cheese blocks- not yet
7. Baby Shower Game- Done
8. Clean out Bathroom bottles- Done
9. Backyard- Peter did watering and clean up yesterday, so DONE (although we may need to work on it next weekend)
10. Walk- not yet (and not happening today, since I have 2 hours of tutoring tonight and it will be dark by the time I am done!)

Overall... Only 2 things not finished or attempted.. so 80% is pretty darn good!!


Diaper Treasure!!!

>> October 18, 2009

I found diapers last night on a clearance end cap with no prices yet... meaning they should be marked down today at some point. But WHEN is always a huge question, because they are busy with the new sales ad and other things. Marking clearance just isn't a priority for them. So I called this afternoon to check if they had done it yet.. they hadn't, but claimed they would be doing it right then. So I went on down there.. of course it wasn't marked yet, (remember they are busy), but I tracked down the lady I spoke with and she double checked the pricing for me.

Here is a tip on CVS clearance pricing... when the item is in the sales ad, the sales price will OVERIDE any clearance pricing. I learned this rule while "stalking" formula one time. I caught it at 50% and came back the next week, knowing it should be 75% off... however it rang up full "sales" price, because ALL of the similac happened to be on sale that week.. which over-rode the clearance cycle.. unless you find a store employee who understands what is happening and fixes it for you.

Anyway, so this applied to the diapers this week. All the diapers I bought were MEGA packs, which are normally $17.99, but are on sale this week for $14.99, so that is what the scanner told me. Luckily the lady I spoke with understood this process and had the front cashier just price modify it 75% off (the original price.. not sales price)! I was super stoked! I was afraid they might only be 50% off, which would still be high even with MQs. (Normally I only buy jumbo packs, because smaller packs with a coupon are almost always a better deal then the bigger packs with coupons!)

So I did 2 orders... in order to use (2) $5/25 CVS Qs. Plus my dad wanted soda, so I had 2 coke 12 packs + a gallon of milk (I was still short $25 of my 2nd order and milk is practical.. we go through a lot of it!). The soda and milk are not pictured...

7 Huggies MEGA packs $4.50 each - $2 and $3 Qs (home mailers or printable)
2 Pampers MEGA packs $4.50 each -No Q's for these...
2 coke 12 packs $3.25
1 Gallon milk $2.19
-(2) $5/25 CVS Qs
-(2) $10 ECBS
Total $1.78 (on a gift card) + $3.30 cash (my dad's total for the soda, so he even got a deal!)

My cost... $21.78 in CVS $$$ (no real cash) for 9 MEGA packs of diapers + gallon of milk. If you don't count the cost of the milk (we can pretend its bonus free milk!) I ended up with 434 size 3, 4 and 6 diapers, which works out to be $0.05 a diaper! Plus I used no cash!! Yah!!!

Can anyone tell I am excited? I missed out on some diapers at my fave store a few weeks ago, so this makes up for it. I am totally on the look out for diaper deals now that #2 is on the way! Hopefully I will get lucky again!


Saturday Update: Cheap Target Peanut Butter...

>> October 17, 2009


6 Skippy PB (3/$5 price matched with Walgreens ad) - $1 Target Qs- $0.40 MQ= $0.26 or $0.27 each! This was way easier than dealing with the RR at Walgreens and hoping that I could finding enough jars of PB in stock. Plus I was able to snag the reduced fat version at Target, Walgreens doesn't carry it!

1 Target brand Crackers $1.74

1 Chocolate Milk (for Quinnie while waiting patiently while we did our flu shots!) $0.99

Total $4.33 on a gift card!!

Peter and I both got our flu shots and in our "flu shot" goodies bags were $10 RX Transfer Qs good until Jan!!

Update on my to-do list..

  1. Flu Shots- DONE

  2. Receipts- DONE

  3. Dogs Bath-Done

  4. Bookmans-not yet

  5. Thrift Store- checked one.. didn't find what I wanted

  6. Cheese blocks-not yet

  7. Baby Shower Game-Done

  8. Clean out bathroom bottles-Done

  9. Backyard-not yet

  10. Walk-not yet


Frugal Ramblings 10/16

>> October 16, 2009

What I have done this week.. besides a little bit of deal shopping?

  1. I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime (3 months), thanks to Swaggrabber! See the instructions here! This is perfect with christmas coming up! I did a free trial on my account last year, so I just added it Peter's account since its for new "Prime" members. Free shipping!!!

  2. To go with the free shipping at Amazon.. I ordered another $5 Amazon gift card with my Swagbucks. And I am almost halfway to another on already!! It only costs 45 swag bucks for $5 Amazon and it seems like I am able to get 1 or 2 every month without much effort. Just a little searching here and there! Luckily I have most of my codes sitting in my Swagbucks account, so I will be able to add them to Peter's account to use with his Prime/Free shipping! I do have about $50 still in my account, but hopefully some of the gifts I buy on Amazon will already have free shipping, and then I can order any that need free shipping with Peter's Amazon account! Does that sound like a plan?? :-) I love SwagBucks!!! If you haven't joined, now would be great!!

  3. I sent away for 3 free quarts of Glidden Paint. (It was an offer from last weekend.. had to be post marked today). I am having one quart sent to my house, my mom's and one to my dad's! I will have 3 quarts of the same color!

  4. Peter finally signed up for our flu shots through his work. This year they are doing vouchers, so Peter received a free voucher and mine costs us $15. It is still a way better deal than paying $24.99-$30 at grocery/drug store or our Drs. Office Copay of $30!

  5. I finally got around to organizing my coupon disaster this week. Getting all of the inserts dated and put into their appropriate file folders. Plus getting rid of outdated inserts. I was too embarrassed to take many pictures of the process, because it was ridiculous, but you can read about my process here.

  6. We had our dashboard replaced at Mazda for free this week! Our car is still under warranty and it had 2 cracks in the middle of the dash. I am so glad to have that crossed off my to-do list!!

Now... what do I hope to accomplish sometime this weekend?? I am shooting to finish all 10 items, in addition to our regular keep the house clean and laze about all weekend plan.

  1. We will get our flu shots at Target this weekend (its one of the places that will take our voucher)

  2. Sort and trash most of my receipts that are out of control. I don't have time to regularly go through them and keep up with possibly rebates that MAY or MAY NOT come up. So I plan on just saving the ones that I KNOW are applicable at the time of purchase. Otherwise I have too much going on to constantly search through them!

  3. Give the dogs a bath! They need it and we try and do it ourselves as often as possible, to keep our costs down. Its been several weeks since they were groomed... so they are long overdue!

  4. Hit up bookmans to take in another stack of magazines!!

  5. Hit up a thrift store to finish up, Peter's Halloween costume!!

  6. Shred and vacuum seal the cheese blocks I bought last week. My dad let me borrow his Vacuum sealer on a long term basis, since he normally lives out of the country. So I am excited to start using that! Plus I plan on breaking out my Kitchen Aid Mixer to shred the cheese.. I never use my mixer, but with several blocks to shred.. I figure it will be much easier!!

  7. Prep a game for a baby shower I am helping host next weekend!

  8. Toss old bottles of nail polish, lotion, etc in our bathroom drawers that are NEVER used, and just clutter up our space!

  9. Water and clean up the backyard! It finally started cooling down with the past 2 weeks, we have been severely neglecting the back yard!!

  10. Go for at least one long walk with my boys!!


$0.37 at Albies, $1.25 profit at Wags and some Kohls deals

>> October 15, 2009

I ran over to albies to use my Marcal paper towel rain check for $1.00 each with my $1 Qs. I found a few more that I hadn't cut out (while organizing my Qs earlier this week), plus a couple more from the Woman's day mags I bought a bookmans.

(6) Marcal Paper Towels $1 each (rain check)- $1 MQ= free
2 pepsi 2 liters $1 each - $0.25 IPs = free
Total $0.37 (darn tax)

The Pepsi IPs didn't quadruple automatically, and I had to point it out to the cashier... but it worked out in the end.

I had a $2 RR expiring today, luckily I was able to work out a decent deal.
Robotussin to go $2.49 - $2 IP= $.49
2 Trident Layers Gum $1 each (wyb 2)- $0.75 IP= $0.25 each
2 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.39 each
1 Snickers $0.49 (filler... thought the gum was $1.50, there was no notice about the sale price when buying more than one...),
-$2 RR
Total $0.25 on a gift card
Earned $2.50 RR (robotussin) and $1 (trident)!!

So I spent $2.25 (with RR and gift card) and earned $3.50 in RR = Profit of $1.25!!!

I have several of the $10 off $20 Peelie Qs that came in the paper last week. I decided to update our pillows, in the spirit of "spring" or "fall" cleaning. :-)

1 Fancy Hotel Pillow (for me) $14.99
1 Pillow Cover (for the memory foam pillow that you can't wash...) $7.49
-$10/20 Kohls Q
Total $13.49 on a gift card

1 Memory Foam Pillow (for my picky husband) $22.49
-$10/20 Kohls Q
Total $13.50 on a gift card and cash


Quick necessity shopping: milk and warm delights!!

Bashas has their shamrock farms milk B1G1 free at 2.99. However it doesn't ring up right if you buy 2 different varieties, so be careful. I also picked up some warm delights $1.50-$0.50 MQ=$0.50 each! My mom did the beef deal, where you buy 3 lbs of Moran ground beef (a chub) for $7.99 and you can use the ad coupons for free pasta, sauce, bread and salad. She gave me her salad. Oh and a snickers bar, I am pregnant right? :-)

We also stopped in at 99 cent only. I wanted to grab new toilet brushes and carpet deodorizer (DH likes to use it and I don't want to discourage any cleaning!). I also snagged celery, onions, shredded carrots, nanas, sweet potatoes and this bag of ready to cook/steam/microwave in bag potatoes to try out. Plus the latest ad had a Q for a free reusable bag! While there I ran into the Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaners, something that I guess never took off. I bought one last year at CVS (FAR on black friday) and even have rain checks for them, but I have never seen CVS carry them again. I just ran out of other surface type cleaners this week, and broke out that crazy bottle to try it out. Basically its a little bottle of concentrate that you dilute with water in the spray bottle, withe the idea that you just buy refills (better for the environment) and reuse the spray bottle. I can't say that I have even seen the refills anywhere. However, for 99 cents, its not a bad cleaner and we are low on that right now, so perfect timing for us!
I made spaghetti sauce mostly in the crockpot today, ready for a family dinner that peter could finish prepping while I tutored tonight. He really liked the sauce this time, so I will detail it out here if only for my own reference... I am by no means a cook/chef. :-)
1/2 onion chopped and 1/8 bag of carrot shreds sauteed well in pan. Dump into crockpot with 1 jar of spaghetti sauce, 2 cans diced tomatoes. Then brown 1 lb meat in pan. Add Italian seasoning to crockpot and stir well. Add meat and then saute 1/2 clover of chopped garlic in pan before adding to crock pot as well. I let it heat on high for a couple hours in the crockpot to mix flavors well (since technically everything that needed to be cooked was already cooked), then I turned it down to low for a couple hours and after I noticed the sauce still bubbling and we had a few hours left before dinner, I dropped it down to warm, to avoid overcooking it.
Anyway, I usually get complaints of too many carrots when I do crockpot sauce, but I guess this
ratio worked out well!


Coupon Maintenance!

>> October 13, 2009

I have a confession.... I let my coupon organization get out of control... like crazy, where I had stacks and stacks of the inserts not filed and only half labeled with the date. Its been BADDDD all summer.

I decided to bite the bullet this week and get it together. I was so sick of struggling to find the right insert in the stacks and then missing out on deals. Here is what I had to do....
  1. Stack up all inserts into a couple of huge (although manageable stacks) instead of spread out on my desk, file cabinet and office floor.
  2. Yesterday (while watching Quinn play outside), I went through all the stacks and dated all inserts that needed it. (only about half did). Unfortunately I found some loose coupons/not with their insert cover pages. Quinn sometimes knocks the inserts over when I am working with them.. .and if I have several dates out and don't deal with it right then.. I get loose random inserts hanging around. I made a stack of these loose pages to deal with later.
  3. This morning, I checked the PYP thread for "when to toss inserts". Check it out here. I hadn't purged my filing cabinet of old inserts in long time. So I pulled all old inserts to make space in my filing cabinet. The picture above is all the expired inserts that I pulled from my file cabinet.
  4. Then I had to go through my dated stacks of inserts and create file folders for each date. Then I filed the folders in my file cabinet. I typically have 5-9 copies of the inserts each week, this keeps my file cabinet VERY full. The upcoming weeks inserts will be a very tight fit! To help save room, I started creating MEGA INSERTS (see FrugalSuz's post here for details), this method gets rid of extra, insert pages (with no Qs on them). Of course with my lack of coupon organization lately, comes with a lack of consistently creating the Mega Inserts too! I plan on going back making Mega Inserts for the past few weeks if I get a chance in the next few days.
  5. My last step was to go through the stack of orphan coupon pages and pair them back of with their matching inserts. This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Half of the inserts were outdated Qs that I could toss. Then the rest were clumped up in groups, it only took about 10 minutes to match them up to the right date. I used the PYP AZ coupon list here. Then I filed them!

This was my big coupon project to deal with.... I am also working on my loose/cut coupons. I use a baby wipes box to organize those. However, I think I need to expand to two boxes. I try not to cut out coupons unless I know I will use them. I find it much easier to just keep them filed away as whole inserts until I need them. However, I inevitable always cut more than I need. Plus I organize all the extra Qs that I find in magazines, stores, mailers, etc in the boxes as well.

My car is getting some warranty work done today at the dealership, so we have been stuck at home all day. This was a perfect day to buckle down and get some organization accomplished!!!

I hope to get some errands done later today.. possibly one last albertsons run! That is if my car is ready today!!


Success at Albies!

>> October 12, 2009

I popped into my closest Albies.. and of course they were STILLL out of the progresso broth. I wanted to get into the store early this morning.. assuming it was stocked last night, but couldn't make it until after 11 Am. So I went down to another Albertsons in the area, not a whole lot further, although going towards a less affluent part of town. And I ALWAYS have better luck finding deals there... not as many couponers hit that store I guess...
Anyway, the broth, veggies and frosting are part of the buy 6 save $3 promo
6 Progresso Chicken Broth $1 (with promo)- $0.50 MQ= free
1 Betty Crocker Frosting $1 (with promo)- $0.50 IP= didn't double... so $0.50
5 Green Giant Steamers $1 (with promo) - $0.50/$0.40= free
13 Hunts tomatoes $1 each - $3 (free 3 cans wyb 10 store Q)- $.45/3 MQs= $6 for all 13 cans
3 Freshetta Pizzas $3.88-$1 MQ= $2.88
-$9.00 in safeway OYNO Qs (from the kleenex deal last week).
Total $6.14 OOP
Just rechecking my math on the receipt.. and realized that the SCO (self check out) cashier didn't double my .50 frosting IP. Oh well.. so paid $0.50 for that. Everything else went perfect!!
For some reason the SCO took almost all of my Qs, except the last 3 of my progresso broths (took 1st three fine), the frosting IP (which the clerk didn't double), the store Q for $3 off Hunts (wouldn't even scan..) and of course the (3) $3.00 Safeway OYNO store Qs.
I only wish I had a $5/30 Q of some sort to use with this order... my totals are so low sometimes, I have a hard time using them. This order would have been perfect for it!!
I am still pretty happy. I plan on grabbing another rain check for the progresso broths and and then trading for extra Qs. So I can stock up! Albies is doubling/tripling, etc until Nov 1!!!! So there won't be any problem with getting my coupons doubled with the rainchecks.
Oh and I received another free bread/bag survey at the bottom of my receipt!! They seem to be less frequent, but make sure you check your receipts!!


Saturday Morning Shopping: CVS & Wags & free foil!!

>> October 10, 2009

I went shopping this morning with my dad in tow... which means we spent an hour at Albies and of course the only thing I really wanted to snag, (progressive broth) was out of stock. I did grab a rain check for it and the cashier suggested I come early Monday morning, as they would be getting a truck in on Sunday night. I also got 10 more stamps for the pan deal.. from my dad's order.

Anyway, then we hit up CVS.. I had 2 orders planned and threw my dad's basket full of stuff on my 2nd order (since my total was ~$0) and just used his debit card for his stuff ($70!!!)

Order #1
4 Revlon Nail Polishs $3.99 - 1 MQ= $2.99 each
2 Zantac $5.19- $5 IP
-$5/25 CVS Q
-$7 ECB
Total $2.07 on a gift card (UGGGG $1.73 was tax...)
Earned $12 ECBS (revlon)

Order #2
2 Copper tone sunscreens 9.99 each - B1G1 CRT, -$2 MQs- $2 suncare CRT
1 Frutiopia shampoo - free with B1G1 sale
1 Viologie conditioner $3.99 - $2 CVS - $2 CVS Q= $0.01 overage
1 CVS Vasoline $2.29
-$5/25 CVS Q
(my total would been ~$1.xx)
However, my dad had about $70 in other stuff...used his debit card.
$0 OOP for me..
plus a bonus $5 ECB (my dad bought some neutragena products.... bonus for me!!!)

Store #1
4 Reynolds Foil $0.89- $1 MQ = $0.44 total OVERAGE
1 Fusion Razor $8.99- $4 MQ= $4.99
1 Chapstick fresh effects $2.99
1 Wags Wax paper $0.89
-$8 RR
Total $1.48 on a gift card
Earned $6 (razor) and $3 (chapstick)
Store #2
1 Over door shoe rack clearanced to $2.99
3 Reynolds foil $.89- $1 MQs= $0.33 total OVERAGE
1 Wags Wax paper $0.89
-$3 RR
Total $0.95 on a gift card
*** so I needed to roll a couple RRs and planned a few deals earlier this week. I then decided to try a new organizing project, that involves the shoe rack and saw that wags has them for $5 (searched their website... a good source to see what they have in store, including actually inventory in each store)... anyway, much to my surprise.. the 1st store didn't have any and I realized why at the 2nd store. They are being clearanced out.. so I had to adjust my plan for the 2nd store, but hey I got the shoe rack cheaper anyway!!
I will post my organizing project results at a later date... ***
I hope to hit up CVS one more time today, to do another sunscreen deal and maybe one with the tylenol deal too. I received my $8 children's tylenol coupons yesterday (from the recall).
Oh and the foil Qs.. are similar to what I posted about finding earlier. The ones I used today were from awhile back.. but if you can find the current book, then you can save them for the next time Wags puts the foil on sale. The key is to give them the MQs first.. since the regular foil price is over $1.. (key to getting the Q to scan and allow for overage).. then the wags Q last to bring it down to the sale price.


A good run at Safeway, although it took awhile to check out...

So we hit up our other safeway and found LOTS of the $0.99 kleenex. I grabbed 12 boxes (enough for 4 orders) and there was still at least 20 boxes left!
I had some extras planned for my orders, which didn't take too long to grab, but a couple of issues at the register took us about 10 minutes to check out...
  • First the pasta I picked up was discountinued to it rang up at $1.79 and not the sale price of $1.00 each
  • Then I couldn't find my $3 OYNO from my last trip.. but no big deal, I paid with my gift card and figured I will have an extra $3 OYNO to spend.. I just need to find my first one at home.
  • Because of the pasta mix up and a building line behind me.. I was flustered and forgot to give the cashier my last 2 pasta Qs on my 2nd order.. causing that order to be high. Then the cashier wanted to just use them on my next order, except that I had it planned to under a $1... so that didn't work. She voided it.. and after all my orders.. cashed out the coupons for me.
  • I did receive an extra $3 OYNO Q, since she had to void my 1st order to fix the pasta issue.

Order #1

3 kleenex $0.99 each - $0.50 MQ= $1.97 for all 3

1 Hunts Tomato $1

3 Barilla Pasta $1 - $0.50 MQs= free

2 Dial hand Soap $1- $0.35 MQs= free

1 Bright Green Bleach $1.49- $1 Q= $0.49

Total $3.76 on a gift card, earned $3 RR (2 of them actually because of the void)

Order #2
3 kleenex $0.99 each - $0.50 MQ= $1.97 for all 3
1 Hunts Tomato $1
2 Barilla Pasta $1 - $0.50 MQs= free
2 Dial Hand Soap $1- $0.35 MQs= free
1 Bright Green Bleach $1.49- $1 Q= $0.49

-$3 OYNO Q (from previous order)
Total $0.70 on a gift card. Earned another $3 OYNO Q

Order #3

3 Kleenex $0.99- $0.50 MQ= $1.97 for all 3

1 Hunts Tomato $1

2 Dial Hand Soap $1- $0.35 MQs
1 Bright Green Bleach $1.49 - $1 Q= $.049
-$3 OYNO Q

Total OOP $0.76, earned $3 OYNO Q

Order #4

3 Kleenex $0.99 each - .50 blinkie (doesn't double)= $2.47 for all 3
2 Dial Hand Soaps $1- $0.35 MQs

2 bottled waters $.50 each.. (fillers and we were thirsty)

-$3 OYNO Q

Total $0.69 OOP, earned $3 OYNO Q

I love this deal.. It ends tomorrow, so I am not sure if I will get another chance to do it again.. but stocking up on kleenex is great for this time of year!

My mom earned another 3 boxes of Kleenex + a dial soap for her deal seeking participation. :-)


Decent Apple Juice Deal at Target

We were checking out our new Super Target and ran across a decent Apple Juice deal.. we were out of it (at least big bottles of it)...
Motts are $1.75 each..and if you buy 5 you get a $5 gift card. so it works out to $0.75 a bottle. I couldn't find any MQs, otherwise I might have snagged some more

5 Motts Apple Juice $1.75

Total on a gift card $8.75 and earned $5 gift card...
Since I had Pharmacy RX transfer gift cards for target, there was no OOP cost for the juice! Works for me!


CVS & Albies (Thursday)

>> October 09, 2009

Order #1
1 Bayer Breeze Meters $14.99- free MQ
1 Viologie Shampoo $3.99- $2 - $2 Qs = .01 overage
1 Fruitopia Conditioner $3.48- B1g1 sale= free
1 CVS travel wipes = $0.75
Total $1.01 on a gift card
Earned $5 RR (meter)

Order #2
2 Bayer Breeze Meters $14.99- free MQs
1 Fruitopia double pack $5 - $2- $2 Qs = $1
1 Viologie Condition $3.99- B1G1 Sale= free
1 Mr. Clean Cleaner $4.19
-$5/25 CVS Q
Total $0.71 on a gift card
Earned $10 RR (meters)

I use my parents CVS cards, when there are good deals.. like the meters since its a MM, the limit is 2 per card....

Also The Fruitopia and Viologie Shampoo/conditioners are B1G1 this week. The CVS Beauty Book has $2 Qs off each one. You can only use one of each Q per order, so you have to mix and match the kinds in each transaction. These are from the Qs, I found earlier in the week, check it out here.

Albies is doubling, tripling, etc this week. I ran in real quick to grab some corn tortillas for dinner last night and sought out some good deals. If you buy 6 of certain items (mix or match), you receive an additional $3 off your order... which combined with Qs, makes for some freebies/cheapies.

6 Steamers - $0.40 MQs= free after Q and promo pricing
6 Betty Crocker Warm Delights- $0.50 MQs = free after Q and promo pricing
Tortillas (not pictured)= $0.79
Total $1.29.... UGGGHHH cause.. some of the coupons were not doubling right.. the cashier attempted to fix it, but was frustrated with it.. and didn't really get it right... so I paid $.50 extra for the warm delights and steamers. I am not sure its worth my time to try and fix it.



>> October 08, 2009

1 Meter $14.99- free MQ
1 CVS scented sun screen (90 % off) $0.89 - $2 skin care CRT = $1.11 overage
1 Revlon Nail Polish (Steel-her heart!! Great fun color!!) $3.99- $1 MQ
Total $2.18 OOP
Earned $5 for the meter and $3 for the Revlon.
I also found a few of the CVS Beauty Brand Coupons... which will allow me to snag some free shampoo/conditioner in the next few days!! I was stoked to find these!!


I hit up Sunflower market again

>> October 07, 2009

Wednesday is double ad day at Sunflower market.. so last weeks as is still good through today.

I ran back for a few more things

2 Gallons Milk $.99 each

1.60 lbs chocolate pretzels $1.58

5.14 lbs beef $8.07

3.41 lbs colby jack cheese $6.79

Total $18.42 OOP


Free Tissue at Safeway!!

We ran up to Safeway to try out the free Kleenex deal today (supposedly good through the 10th).

You buy 3 boxes of the $0.99 kleenex and receive $3.00 OYNO.. which you can roll into another deal.

I did 3 orders... (my mom snagged 3 boxes of kleenex as payment for participating in our shopping adventures).
Order #1
3 Kleenex $0.99 each - $0.50 MQ
Total $2.13 on a gift card
Received $3 OYNO Q
Order #2
3 Kleenex $0.99 each - $0.50 MQ
1 Bright Green Bleach $1.49 - $1 MQ
1 Hunts diced tomato $1
-$3 OYNO
Total $0.71 on a gift card
Received $3 OYNO Q
Order #3
3 Kleenex $0.99 each - $0.50 MQ
1 Bright Green Bleach $1.49- $1 MQ
1 Hunts diced tomato $1
-$3 OYNO
Total $0.71 on a gift card
Received $3 OYNO Q
So... tax on my 2nd and 3rd orders was $.24, so the tomatoes were only $0.47 each.. not bad particularly since we need them anyway.. How did I run completely out????


Tuesday Shopping: Albies, Family Dollar

Albies- order #1
1 Sara Lee Bread $1.37
4 Bumble Bee Tunas $.50 each - $0.55 MQ= $0.20 overage
Total $1.17 OOP
Albies- order #2
1 Sara Lee Bread $1.37 (gave to my dad...)
4 Bumble Bee Tunas $0.50 - $1.00 IPs (adjusted to $0.69 each) and $0.55MQ = $0.48 overage
Total $0.89 OOP
Coupon Booklet
My mom also found the coupon booklet in the picture. The best one is the $1.00 aluminium foil Q, it only excludes the 25 Sq ft.. the 20 sq feet is often on sale at wags for $0.99.. so free foil!!
Family Dollar
One box Snuggle Dryer Sheets $3.00- $3 MQ= free
Total OOP $0.24 (tax)
They only had one box left.. otherwise I would have used all 5 of my Qs!


$.04 eggs....

>> October 06, 2009

Just.. catching up on my deal posting.... this is from Monday

They just opened up a new Sunflowers Market, right down the street from my house. I ran in there to grab some of the deals.

2 Hickmans eggs $.69 each - $0.65 MQ (found in local newspaper a long time ago...)
2 Gallons Milk $0.99
5.73 lbs ground beef (all natural!) :-) @1.57 a pound
1lb Chocolate pretzels $1.00
~12 lb watermelon $4.xx
3 Apples $.49/lb
2 blocks of colby jack cheese ($1.99/lb)
Total $19.57 OOP


Monday Deals

>> October 05, 2009

(7) Challenge Butters, (tubs and sticks) $.88 each - $0.50, $0.55 and $0.75 IPs= free!!!
(I did 2 orders...)
4 Diet Cokes 3.33 each - $1/2 MQ (peelies)
4 Planters Trail mix $1.50 - $1/2 MQs
1 Bayer Meter $14.99- Free MQ
1 Fireman hat $1 (75% off)
PLUS glasses for my dad... $22.00 (he is paying..)
-$5/25 Q
-$11.99 ECBS
Total FOR my dad... $23.05, total for me $0 OOP..
I swear the tax situation is so screwy at CVS. I know if I had done this order without the glasses.. I would have paid some tax... However, my dad's glasses with tax alone would cost $23.78.. so he technically got a $0.73 discount on his tax somehow... so I give up on trying to figure this out.
Oh and earned $5 ECB for the meter...
99 cent only
Bag of salad, cucumbers, pint of tomatoes, fancy wheat thins = $4 :-)


Quick CVS Trip! $26.91 Profit.....

>> October 04, 2009

Ok to be fair... $25 profit is from a RX transfer. The RX that I had tried to pick last night was in stock at CVS, so I had them transfer it. We needed it right away. The best part, is I can say it really is pure $25 profit. Its a newer drug that is a "brand" name for our insurance and costs us $50 a month. (such a bummer). But the drug does have one of those nifty Prescription Savings Coupons (found searching the web) and it pays up to $50 a month in copay for a whole year. So... our RX today was actually FREE!!! 1st time that has happened to us!

Ok... anyway, I had to run in grab this RX and had a quick run planned to grab some soda, which we have been out of all week.

1 Bayer Meter $14.99- free MQ
2 Diet Cokes $3.33 each -$1.00/2 Q
7 Kids Anti Bacterial hand sprays (90% off)= $0.19 each
-$4/20 Email Q
-$2 ECB
Total $1.09 on a gift card.
Earned $5 ECBS (meter)

So this trip was a profit with the help of the email Q and meter deal! 1st time I found the hand sprays at 90% off and its the good kind without alcohol for kids. So I snagged all of them.

I plan on going back to do more meter deals for cheap soda and what ever else I need this week!


Finishing up my weekly deals

>> October 03, 2009


I found a great new book for Quinn. It's all about Big Trucks (or Big "Ucks" as Quinn calls them). He loves Big "Ucks"!!! The best part about it, it names each one, which helps mommy out, when I call I farm equipment tractors and all construction stuff loaders. :-)
I also grabbed another Real Simple for the Target $10 RX New or Transfer Q. I also picked up a Seventeen Magazine with the $10 Sears Juniors Q in it. All of this was using trade credit, so $0 OOP!


I went to target to pick up a RX (why I stopped at Bookmans for the Target Q), which unfortunately they didn't have in stock.

I did grab 4 Renu Travel Size Contact Solutions $1.52 each- (2) $2.00 IPs, and (2) $1 IPs = .08 + tax = $0.57


(finishing up Tide/P&G deal on my mom's card)

1 Tide $6 -$1MQ

1 Tide Stain Release $4- $1.50 Home Mailer

3 Dawn Soap - $1- $1 Home Mailers

1 Accu Avia $14.99- $10 MQ

1 Candy Filler (for my chauffeur)

-$5/25 CVS Q

-$7.99 and $1 ECBS (expired one day.. but they let me use them!!)

Total $1.26 on a gift card

ECBS earned $10 (tide) & Meter ($5)

I has a good amount of ECBS expiring this week on both my and my mom's card. There weren't a lot of freebie deals to roll, so I decided to snag some Tide and Dawn. I really didn't need either, but I did have a little space in my laundry room for it and both are practical for long term stockpiling.

My Card Summary:
I spent $17 ECBs and $0.49 on a gift card on Monday. Then $3.68 on a gift card and $5 ECB on Thursday. So $22 ECB used and $4.17 on a gift card. I managed to walk away with another $17 in ecbs.. so my orders with included 4 tides and a few other things... only cost $4.17 on my cvs gift card...

Mom's Card Summary:
$10 ECB and $0.79 on Thursday. $7.99 ECB and $1.26 on a gift card today. So $17.99 ECBs and $2.05 on a gift card. Those orders resulted in $20 ECBS, so they only cost me $.04..... in CVS money....

I guess I did pretty good...better than I thought. Luckily the $5/25 CVS Qs, plus the meters (which were only break even..) helped me through this week.


Joint Juice Deal was a NO GO for me..... but had an ok deal run.

>> October 01, 2009

I decided to venture out today to take advantage of two smoking deals, one at Safeway and one at Walgreens. One worked.. the other didn't.


The safeway deal is supposed to be buy 7 Joint Juice and earn $10 OYNO Q. Plus if you buy 1 or more, you also get a $5/7 Q that prints. So the idea is to buy 1 joint juice.. for $1.39 and get the $5/7 Q. Then buy 7 Joint Juice at $1.39- $5/7 Q. Total will be about $5 (depending upon the price of the joint juice in your store). Plus you get the $10 OYNO Q. Then you can roll it into the same deal again, giving you about $5+ overage each time. Assuming of course you can find enough stock of this stuff.... My store only had 8 bottles.. just enough to buy the first one for the Q.. then 7 on the next order to start the deal. Of course neither the coupon or the OYNO catalina printed. The catalina machine light was on... but nada printed. BUMMER!! It sounds like a great deal. I am not sure if the deal was killed off early or if it just didn't work at my store. Anyway, I won't be trying it again.. because safeway is my least fave store and it's not worth my time...


The walgreens deal worked good. Check out the details here... at Arizona Savings.

3 Theraflu $4 each - $2 Wag Q- $2 Wag Q= free

2 Glade Candles $3.29- free MQ= free

1 Herbal Essences $2.99- $1 MQ= $1.99

Total on a gift card $3.30

Earned $8 RR (theraflu) + $2 RR(herbal essence).. thought I would get a $1 for the glade also, but it must have ended yesterday (Sept. 30).

Profit $6.70!

Anyway.. definitely profitable..I have never stacked Walgreens Qs before... so I am not sure if all stores will it allow it or not. I might try and do this again... I just don't have any more walgreens gift card funds left.. so it depends if I want to start paying OOP for the deal or not....


My card (finishing up the Tide deal from Tuesday).

1 Tide $6- $1 MQ

1 Dawn $1 - $0.50

1 Accu Aviva Meter $14.99- $10 MQ

1 Gallon Milk $2.79

2 GE peanut clusters $1.98- $2/2 CRT

-$5/25 Email Q

-$5 ECB

Total $3.68 on a gift card.

Earned $10 (P&G/Tide) & $5 (Meter)

I had planned my deal using a $7 ECB, but then I discovered I let a $5 ECB expire yesterday... so I decided to see if they would let me use it instead.. and they did push it through for me. So my OOP on a gift card was a bit higher than I wanted, but at least the $5 ECB didn't go to waste.

Mom's Card

1 Accu Avia Meter $14.99- $10 MQ

2 Tide $6- $1 MQs

-$5/25 CVS Q (from their website)

-$10 ECB

Total $0.79 on a gift card.

Earned $5 (Accu Avia)

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