$0.37 at Albies, $1.25 profit at Wags and some Kohls deals

>> October 15, 2009

I ran over to albies to use my Marcal paper towel rain check for $1.00 each with my $1 Qs. I found a few more that I hadn't cut out (while organizing my Qs earlier this week), plus a couple more from the Woman's day mags I bought a bookmans.

(6) Marcal Paper Towels $1 each (rain check)- $1 MQ= free
2 pepsi 2 liters $1 each - $0.25 IPs = free
Total $0.37 (darn tax)

The Pepsi IPs didn't quadruple automatically, and I had to point it out to the cashier... but it worked out in the end.

I had a $2 RR expiring today, luckily I was able to work out a decent deal.
Robotussin to go $2.49 - $2 IP= $.49
2 Trident Layers Gum $1 each (wyb 2)- $0.75 IP= $0.25 each
2 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.39 each
1 Snickers $0.49 (filler... thought the gum was $1.50, there was no notice about the sale price when buying more than one...),
-$2 RR
Total $0.25 on a gift card
Earned $2.50 RR (robotussin) and $1 (trident)!!

So I spent $2.25 (with RR and gift card) and earned $3.50 in RR = Profit of $1.25!!!

I have several of the $10 off $20 Peelie Qs that came in the paper last week. I decided to update our pillows, in the spirit of "spring" or "fall" cleaning. :-)

1 Fancy Hotel Pillow (for me) $14.99
1 Pillow Cover (for the memory foam pillow that you can't wash...) $7.49
-$10/20 Kohls Q
Total $13.49 on a gift card

1 Memory Foam Pillow (for my picky husband) $22.49
-$10/20 Kohls Q
Total $13.50 on a gift card and cash


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