Albies Run & $1 Chicken Meal Deal @ Boston Market!!

>> October 26, 2009

3 Frescheta Pizzas $3.99- $1MQ = $2.99
3 Kix Cereal $1.75 (wyb 4)- $0.50 MQ (really old NED ones) = $0.75 each
1 Cocoa Puff Cereal $1.75 (wyb 4) - $0.50 MQ (really old NED ones) = $0.75
4 Ben and Jerry's Pints (not all pictured... "hiding some at my mom's") $1.99 (wyb 4)- $1 Tearpad Qs= $0.99
-$5/25 Target Grocery Q
Total $10.93

Transaction #2... EXACTLY the same as above... so 6 pizzas, 8 cereals, 8 B&J pints for $21.86 total... Pretty happy with this!!!

Oh and we stopped by Family Dollar... and found one more snuggle, free with the $3.00 MQs. I only have 8 more boxes to find.....

Boston Market is offering a $1 Real Chicken Meal Deal this week... Monday, October 26 through Sunday, November 1st!!!
We went for lunch today! It was awesome, I love their mashed potatoes and gravy! The deal is for 1/4 lb white chicken or 3 pieces of dark meat + mashed potatoes and gravy and corn bread all for $1!!!!!! Click here... enter your email address and the coupon will be forwarded to you!!!
We had to buy each meal separately and then shared a soda. Quinn just had a side of mac and cheese, which of course was the most expensive thing we bought!
Our store offered to let us substitute a different side if we wanted.. but again.. I love their mashed potatoes and gravy..


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