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>> October 13, 2009

I have a confession.... I let my coupon organization get out of control... like crazy, where I had stacks and stacks of the inserts not filed and only half labeled with the date. Its been BADDDD all summer.

I decided to bite the bullet this week and get it together. I was so sick of struggling to find the right insert in the stacks and then missing out on deals. Here is what I had to do....
  1. Stack up all inserts into a couple of huge (although manageable stacks) instead of spread out on my desk, file cabinet and office floor.
  2. Yesterday (while watching Quinn play outside), I went through all the stacks and dated all inserts that needed it. (only about half did). Unfortunately I found some loose coupons/not with their insert cover pages. Quinn sometimes knocks the inserts over when I am working with them.. .and if I have several dates out and don't deal with it right then.. I get loose random inserts hanging around. I made a stack of these loose pages to deal with later.
  3. This morning, I checked the PYP thread for "when to toss inserts". Check it out here. I hadn't purged my filing cabinet of old inserts in long time. So I pulled all old inserts to make space in my filing cabinet. The picture above is all the expired inserts that I pulled from my file cabinet.
  4. Then I had to go through my dated stacks of inserts and create file folders for each date. Then I filed the folders in my file cabinet. I typically have 5-9 copies of the inserts each week, this keeps my file cabinet VERY full. The upcoming weeks inserts will be a very tight fit! To help save room, I started creating MEGA INSERTS (see FrugalSuz's post here for details), this method gets rid of extra, insert pages (with no Qs on them). Of course with my lack of coupon organization lately, comes with a lack of consistently creating the Mega Inserts too! I plan on going back making Mega Inserts for the past few weeks if I get a chance in the next few days.
  5. My last step was to go through the stack of orphan coupon pages and pair them back of with their matching inserts. This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Half of the inserts were outdated Qs that I could toss. Then the rest were clumped up in groups, it only took about 10 minutes to match them up to the right date. I used the PYP AZ coupon list here. Then I filed them!

This was my big coupon project to deal with.... I am also working on my loose/cut coupons. I use a baby wipes box to organize those. However, I think I need to expand to two boxes. I try not to cut out coupons unless I know I will use them. I find it much easier to just keep them filed away as whole inserts until I need them. However, I inevitable always cut more than I need. Plus I organize all the extra Qs that I find in magazines, stores, mailers, etc in the boxes as well.

My car is getting some warranty work done today at the dealership, so we have been stuck at home all day. This was a perfect day to buckle down and get some organization accomplished!!!

I hope to get some errands done later today.. possibly one last albertsons run! That is if my car is ready today!!


Teresa October 13, 2009 at 10:01 PM  

Hi Kc!
You are not alone. I am bad when it come to organizing my coupons. It is soo easy to get behind. That is a good idea about using a baby wipes box. I have quite a few of the 5/20 from f&e. Would u like some?

kc October 14, 2009 at 6:59 AM  

Hi Teresa,

Yeah.. I didn't even take an pictures of the crazy piles in my office, I was too embarrased. It is soooo easy to get behind. It feels good to be caught up though!

I would love the Qs, except I can only get away with using them when FRYS advertises accepting competitors' Qs. We actually don't have any F&E here yet.. bummer, cause I know their Qs are good at albies too. I would love to take you up on your offer if Frys lists Fresh and Easy as a competitor in their ad again though (cause then its hard for cashiers to argue against using them!). Hopefully they will do that sale again soon!

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