CVS & Albies (Thursday)

>> October 09, 2009

Order #1
1 Bayer Breeze Meters $14.99- free MQ
1 Viologie Shampoo $3.99- $2 - $2 Qs = .01 overage
1 Fruitopia Conditioner $3.48- B1g1 sale= free
1 CVS travel wipes = $0.75
Total $1.01 on a gift card
Earned $5 RR (meter)

Order #2
2 Bayer Breeze Meters $14.99- free MQs
1 Fruitopia double pack $5 - $2- $2 Qs = $1
1 Viologie Condition $3.99- B1G1 Sale= free
1 Mr. Clean Cleaner $4.19
-$5/25 CVS Q
Total $0.71 on a gift card
Earned $10 RR (meters)

I use my parents CVS cards, when there are good deals.. like the meters since its a MM, the limit is 2 per card....

Also The Fruitopia and Viologie Shampoo/conditioners are B1G1 this week. The CVS Beauty Book has $2 Qs off each one. You can only use one of each Q per order, so you have to mix and match the kinds in each transaction. These are from the Qs, I found earlier in the week, check it out here.

Albies is doubling, tripling, etc this week. I ran in real quick to grab some corn tortillas for dinner last night and sought out some good deals. If you buy 6 of certain items (mix or match), you receive an additional $3 off your order... which combined with Qs, makes for some freebies/cheapies.

6 Steamers - $0.40 MQs= free after Q and promo pricing
6 Betty Crocker Warm Delights- $0.50 MQs = free after Q and promo pricing
Tortillas (not pictured)= $0.79
Total $1.29.... UGGGHHH cause.. some of the coupons were not doubling right.. the cashier attempted to fix it, but was frustrated with it.. and didn't really get it right... so I paid $.50 extra for the warm delights and steamers. I am not sure its worth my time to try and fix it.


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