Frugal Ramblings 10/16

>> October 16, 2009

What I have done this week.. besides a little bit of deal shopping?

  1. I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime (3 months), thanks to Swaggrabber! See the instructions here! This is perfect with christmas coming up! I did a free trial on my account last year, so I just added it Peter's account since its for new "Prime" members. Free shipping!!!

  2. To go with the free shipping at Amazon.. I ordered another $5 Amazon gift card with my Swagbucks. And I am almost halfway to another on already!! It only costs 45 swag bucks for $5 Amazon and it seems like I am able to get 1 or 2 every month without much effort. Just a little searching here and there! Luckily I have most of my codes sitting in my Swagbucks account, so I will be able to add them to Peter's account to use with his Prime/Free shipping! I do have about $50 still in my account, but hopefully some of the gifts I buy on Amazon will already have free shipping, and then I can order any that need free shipping with Peter's Amazon account! Does that sound like a plan?? :-) I love SwagBucks!!! If you haven't joined, now would be great!!

  3. I sent away for 3 free quarts of Glidden Paint. (It was an offer from last weekend.. had to be post marked today). I am having one quart sent to my house, my mom's and one to my dad's! I will have 3 quarts of the same color!

  4. Peter finally signed up for our flu shots through his work. This year they are doing vouchers, so Peter received a free voucher and mine costs us $15. It is still a way better deal than paying $24.99-$30 at grocery/drug store or our Drs. Office Copay of $30!

  5. I finally got around to organizing my coupon disaster this week. Getting all of the inserts dated and put into their appropriate file folders. Plus getting rid of outdated inserts. I was too embarrassed to take many pictures of the process, because it was ridiculous, but you can read about my process here.

  6. We had our dashboard replaced at Mazda for free this week! Our car is still under warranty and it had 2 cracks in the middle of the dash. I am so glad to have that crossed off my to-do list!!

Now... what do I hope to accomplish sometime this weekend?? I am shooting to finish all 10 items, in addition to our regular keep the house clean and laze about all weekend plan.

  1. We will get our flu shots at Target this weekend (its one of the places that will take our voucher)

  2. Sort and trash most of my receipts that are out of control. I don't have time to regularly go through them and keep up with possibly rebates that MAY or MAY NOT come up. So I plan on just saving the ones that I KNOW are applicable at the time of purchase. Otherwise I have too much going on to constantly search through them!

  3. Give the dogs a bath! They need it and we try and do it ourselves as often as possible, to keep our costs down. Its been several weeks since they were groomed... so they are long overdue!

  4. Hit up bookmans to take in another stack of magazines!!

  5. Hit up a thrift store to finish up, Peter's Halloween costume!!

  6. Shred and vacuum seal the cheese blocks I bought last week. My dad let me borrow his Vacuum sealer on a long term basis, since he normally lives out of the country. So I am excited to start using that! Plus I plan on breaking out my Kitchen Aid Mixer to shred the cheese.. I never use my mixer, but with several blocks to shred.. I figure it will be much easier!!

  7. Prep a game for a baby shower I am helping host next weekend!

  8. Toss old bottles of nail polish, lotion, etc in our bathroom drawers that are NEVER used, and just clutter up our space!

  9. Water and clean up the backyard! It finally started cooling down with the past 2 weeks, we have been severely neglecting the back yard!!

  10. Go for at least one long walk with my boys!!


Miss Thrifty October 16, 2009 at 11:23 AM  


I have just given you a Blog award. Check it out here......

Thanks love your site,

Shelley Giles
Alias=Miss Thrifty

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Precious October 21, 2009 at 10:04 AM  


You might want to check to see if your insurance charges a co-pay on shots. We got our flu shots at our Dr's office this year and I have a co-pay of $20. for an office visit but there is NO co-pay for a shot. My Dr. does not consider coming in for a shot and office visit.

kc October 21, 2009 at 2:39 PM  

Thanks Miss Thrifty! I appreciate the award!!

Hi Precious,
We ended up with $0 cost for Peter (through his work and a voucher) and my voucher cost $15. I will see how the drs. office deals with Quinn's flu shot tomorrow (we have a shot appt.) Thanks for the tip though!!

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