Frugal Ramblings 10/26

>> October 26, 2009

So...Does this happen in your house? It drives my husband nuts! I bring my goodies in, take the blog pictures, put the cold stuff away.... AND then the stuff that goes into my stockpile pantry area sometimes gets stashed on the freezer... .for DAYS!!! It makes opening the freezer fun! Anyway, I am trying to stay more on top of it, which requires me to be more organized in general all over, including my pantries, so that I can easily find the space to put my goodies!!

  • So first I need to say a BIG, HUGE Thank YOU to my brother!!! He is responsible for my festive Blog graphic at the top!! Very cool!! He actually created the regular one for me, cause he is super creative and a computer guy... and I am none of those things really.. creative, computer oriented or a guy. :-)
  • Also another BIG thanks to my brother for fixing my main computer, installing windows back on.. updating it and get it operational again so that I have another computer to print coupons from!! And EVEN more exciting, he routed my printer through my network (not even sure if that describes it right...), but basically I can print wirelessly from my laptop or mini notebook computer from anywhere in the house!!!! Before I would hit print and it would just sit waiting until I walked the computer back to the office and hooked it up to print. It was a major pain!!
  • So if you read my previous post, you saw that my mom and I had $1 chicken meals at Boston Market today! The coupon is good all week, just enter your email address HERE and it will get forwarded to you!
  • I had a SUPER great run at safeway this weekend, hopefully you checked it out, plus of course a decent run at albies today!
  • We are still working on Peter's Halloween costume, we hit up a couple more thrift stores today and didn't find what we needed... we are running out of time, so he may have to make do with "the item". I do plan on hitting up the dollar store tomorrow, to snag another thing or two that he needs... we will see.
  • Speaking of Halloween, My dad, gramme and I took Quinn to the YMCA's Trunk or Treat this week. A free, fun event that was MOBBED! Quinn enjoyed getting to wear his monkey suit and see all the other kids dressed up. We plan on hitting up Frys on Thursday for their Halloween special deals and trick or treating in store!
  • My mom and I just started an organizing project last week, where we are focusing one day on cleaning out, de-cluttering and organizing one area of our houses... and we are switching houses each week. We worked on her master bath/linen closet last week, so we will be doing something at my house this week. I think de-cluttering is super important in keeping things organized and easier to clean. It can just be hard to do set time aside to do!

My biggest and most important thing I want to impart is that... I will be starting a special Giveaway series this week! Please check back to enter!!! It will be very useful to ALMOST everyone!!!


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