A GREAT Safeway Run!! $15.55 Total ($10.55 OOP) + I Play Tag at Safeway!

>> October 25, 2009

Ok, so I am not usually the biggest fan of Safeway. They are the furthest store for me and often tempt me with promos that don't work. However, they do have such awesome promos sometimes that I still go back. I had a $5/50 Safeway Q burning a hole in pocket! (From the entertainment book, and it was expiring at the end of the month)!

I actually had a plan to go last weekend, because they had some great sales running, plus there weekend only specials. I never made it. However, I still had an awesome run today, Plus I was able to pick up the "I Play Tag at Safeway" sticker to put on my car. Remember I mentioned this promo earlier in the week, 94.9 will be giving $1000 away each day starting today!!!

Right now safeway is making all Qs worth at least $1! Meaning a $0.50 Q or $0.10 = $1 off!! (of course coupons over $1 are worth face value).

Anyway, so here is my run:
5 Ragus $1.17 each - $0.30 = $0.17 each
4 Wheat Thins $0.99 each (weekend only price) - $1/2 IP and $0.55/1 (MQ from Frys Mailer) = $.49 each!
12 Campbell's tomato soup $.50 each -$0.40/4 MQs = $0.25 each!
12 Campbell's chicken noodle soup $0.50 each - $0.40/4 MQs= $0.25 each!
Star Olive Oil $5.99- $4 MQs (mailed to me for doing a survey) = $1.99!
4 Friskies Treats $1.99 each - free MQs = $0 (filler to help get me to $50)
18 ct. eggs $0.99 (with safeway ad Q)
2 Simply OJ $1.99 each (with safeway ad Q)
2 Mr. Clean Sprays $1.99 each (wyb 3 or more) - 2 free wyb liquid Qs (one rang up $3.49, the other $3.99)
2 Mr. Clean Liquid $1.99 each (wyb 3 or more) = $.50 TOTAL for all 4 clean items!!!
1.44 lbs nanas $0.48
2 Cottages Cheese marked down $1 each (sell by date today.. but we will eat within the week required)= $1 each
$0.71 in tax
-$5/50 Safeway Q
-$5 Safeway gift card
Total $10.55 OOP!!!!

Fabulous run! My total was $15.55 for everything! (since I did pay $5 with a gift card).


Milloy Family October 26, 2009 at 4:14 PM  

I just did a Safeway run and copied your Mr. Clean deal... it worked perfectly! Except both my Free Qs were entered in for 3.99 each so all 4 cleaners FREE! Thanks for the heads up! I'll post my trip in just a bit. And great run at Albie's! You are so awesome!

kc October 26, 2009 at 4:27 PM  

OOOH so jealous! I want mine to be totally free. :-)
I actually have 7 more Qs... realized the sale price runs until Jan.. then realized that the Qs expire 10/31.. so I plan on getting back over during this week for that deal! I love free and we were running low on cleaners anyway.
Thanks for sharing. I will watch for you latest run!

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