Quick CVS Trip! $26.91 Profit.....

>> October 04, 2009

Ok to be fair... $25 profit is from a RX transfer. The RX that I had tried to pick last night was in stock at CVS, so I had them transfer it. We needed it right away. The best part, is I can say it really is pure $25 profit. Its a newer drug that is a "brand" name for our insurance and costs us $50 a month. (such a bummer). But the drug does have one of those nifty Prescription Savings Coupons (found searching the web) and it pays up to $50 a month in copay for a whole year. So... our RX today was actually FREE!!! 1st time that has happened to us!

Ok... anyway, I had to run in grab this RX and had a quick run planned to grab some soda, which we have been out of all week.

1 Bayer Meter $14.99- free MQ
2 Diet Cokes $3.33 each -$1.00/2 Q
7 Kids Anti Bacterial hand sprays (90% off)= $0.19 each
-$4/20 Email Q
-$2 ECB
Total $1.09 on a gift card.
Earned $5 ECBS (meter)

So this trip was a profit with the help of the email Q and meter deal! 1st time I found the hand sprays at 90% off and its the good kind without alcohol for kids. So I snagged all of them.

I plan on going back to do more meter deals for cheap soda and what ever else I need this week!


Teresa October 4, 2009 at 8:25 PM  

Hi Kc
Where did you find the coupons for the soda?

kc October 4, 2009 at 8:34 PM  

Hi Teresa,

I have a few random coupons that were either peelies or from a tearpad earlier this year. I actually sort of turn my nose up at the $1.00/2 ones... I was loving the $1.00/1 from my cokerewards, but I guess $1.00/2 is better than nothing!

I haven't seen many lately, maybe that means we are due for some new ones!!

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