Quick necessity shopping: milk and warm delights!!

>> October 15, 2009

Bashas has their shamrock farms milk B1G1 free at 2.99. However it doesn't ring up right if you buy 2 different varieties, so be careful. I also picked up some warm delights $1.50-$0.50 MQ=$0.50 each! My mom did the beef deal, where you buy 3 lbs of Moran ground beef (a chub) for $7.99 and you can use the ad coupons for free pasta, sauce, bread and salad. She gave me her salad. Oh and a snickers bar, I am pregnant right? :-)

We also stopped in at 99 cent only. I wanted to grab new toilet brushes and carpet deodorizer (DH likes to use it and I don't want to discourage any cleaning!). I also snagged celery, onions, shredded carrots, nanas, sweet potatoes and this bag of ready to cook/steam/microwave in bag potatoes to try out. Plus the latest ad had a Q for a free reusable bag! While there I ran into the Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaners, something that I guess never took off. I bought one last year at CVS (FAR on black friday) and even have rain checks for them, but I have never seen CVS carry them again. I just ran out of other surface type cleaners this week, and broke out that crazy bottle to try it out. Basically its a little bottle of concentrate that you dilute with water in the spray bottle, withe the idea that you just buy refills (better for the environment) and reuse the spray bottle. I can't say that I have even seen the refills anywhere. However, for 99 cents, its not a bad cleaner and we are low on that right now, so perfect timing for us!
I made spaghetti sauce mostly in the crockpot today, ready for a family dinner that peter could finish prepping while I tutored tonight. He really liked the sauce this time, so I will detail it out here if only for my own reference... I am by no means a cook/chef. :-)
1/2 onion chopped and 1/8 bag of carrot shreds sauteed well in pan. Dump into crockpot with 1 jar of spaghetti sauce, 2 cans diced tomatoes. Then brown 1 lb meat in pan. Add Italian seasoning to crockpot and stir well. Add meat and then saute 1/2 clover of chopped garlic in pan before adding to crock pot as well. I let it heat on high for a couple hours in the crockpot to mix flavors well (since technically everything that needed to be cooked was already cooked), then I turned it down to low for a couple hours and after I noticed the sauce still bubbling and we had a few hours left before dinner, I dropped it down to warm, to avoid overcooking it.
Anyway, I usually get complaints of too many carrots when I do crockpot sauce, but I guess this
ratio worked out well!


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