Saturday Morning Shopping: CVS & Wags & free foil!!

>> October 10, 2009

I went shopping this morning with my dad in tow... which means we spent an hour at Albies and of course the only thing I really wanted to snag, (progressive broth) was out of stock. I did grab a rain check for it and the cashier suggested I come early Monday morning, as they would be getting a truck in on Sunday night. I also got 10 more stamps for the pan deal.. from my dad's order.

Anyway, then we hit up CVS.. I had 2 orders planned and threw my dad's basket full of stuff on my 2nd order (since my total was ~$0) and just used his debit card for his stuff ($70!!!)

Order #1
4 Revlon Nail Polishs $3.99 - 1 MQ= $2.99 each
2 Zantac $5.19- $5 IP
-$5/25 CVS Q
-$7 ECB
Total $2.07 on a gift card (UGGGG $1.73 was tax...)
Earned $12 ECBS (revlon)

Order #2
2 Copper tone sunscreens 9.99 each - B1G1 CRT, -$2 MQs- $2 suncare CRT
1 Frutiopia shampoo - free with B1G1 sale
1 Viologie conditioner $3.99 - $2 CVS - $2 CVS Q= $0.01 overage
1 CVS Vasoline $2.29
-$5/25 CVS Q
(my total would been ~$1.xx)
However, my dad had about $70 in other stuff...used his debit card.
$0 OOP for me..
plus a bonus $5 ECB (my dad bought some neutragena products.... bonus for me!!!)

Store #1
4 Reynolds Foil $0.89- $1 MQ = $0.44 total OVERAGE
1 Fusion Razor $8.99- $4 MQ= $4.99
1 Chapstick fresh effects $2.99
1 Wags Wax paper $0.89
-$8 RR
Total $1.48 on a gift card
Earned $6 (razor) and $3 (chapstick)
Store #2
1 Over door shoe rack clearanced to $2.99
3 Reynolds foil $.89- $1 MQs= $0.33 total OVERAGE
1 Wags Wax paper $0.89
-$3 RR
Total $0.95 on a gift card
*** so I needed to roll a couple RRs and planned a few deals earlier this week. I then decided to try a new organizing project, that involves the shoe rack and saw that wags has them for $5 (searched their website... a good source to see what they have in store, including actually inventory in each store)... anyway, much to my surprise.. the 1st store didn't have any and I realized why at the 2nd store. They are being clearanced out.. so I had to adjust my plan for the 2nd store, but hey I got the shoe rack cheaper anyway!!
I will post my organizing project results at a later date... ***
I hope to hit up CVS one more time today, to do another sunscreen deal and maybe one with the tylenol deal too. I received my $8 children's tylenol coupons yesterday (from the recall).
Oh and the foil Qs.. are similar to what I posted about finding earlier. The ones I used today were from awhile back.. but if you can find the current book, then you can save them for the next time Wags puts the foil on sale. The key is to give them the MQs first.. since the regular foil price is over $1.. (key to getting the Q to scan and allow for overage).. then the wags Q last to bring it down to the sale price.


Teresa October 11, 2009 at 10:46 AM  

Hi Kc
I have a few stamps if you will need em let me know.

kc October 11, 2009 at 1:17 PM  

Hey Teresa.. shoot me an email with a wishlist. I would love to trade for some!


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