Saturday Update: Cheap Target Peanut Butter...

>> October 17, 2009


6 Skippy PB (3/$5 price matched with Walgreens ad) - $1 Target Qs- $0.40 MQ= $0.26 or $0.27 each! This was way easier than dealing with the RR at Walgreens and hoping that I could finding enough jars of PB in stock. Plus I was able to snag the reduced fat version at Target, Walgreens doesn't carry it!

1 Target brand Crackers $1.74

1 Chocolate Milk (for Quinnie while waiting patiently while we did our flu shots!) $0.99

Total $4.33 on a gift card!!

Peter and I both got our flu shots and in our "flu shot" goodies bags were $10 RX Transfer Qs good until Jan!!

Update on my to-do list..

  1. Flu Shots- DONE

  2. Receipts- DONE

  3. Dogs Bath-Done

  4. Bookmans-not yet

  5. Thrift Store- checked one.. didn't find what I wanted

  6. Cheese blocks-not yet

  7. Baby Shower Game-Done

  8. Clean out bathroom bottles-Done

  9. Backyard-not yet

  10. Walk-not yet


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