Success at Albies!

>> October 12, 2009

I popped into my closest Albies.. and of course they were STILLL out of the progresso broth. I wanted to get into the store early this morning.. assuming it was stocked last night, but couldn't make it until after 11 Am. So I went down to another Albertsons in the area, not a whole lot further, although going towards a less affluent part of town. And I ALWAYS have better luck finding deals there... not as many couponers hit that store I guess...
Anyway, the broth, veggies and frosting are part of the buy 6 save $3 promo
6 Progresso Chicken Broth $1 (with promo)- $0.50 MQ= free
1 Betty Crocker Frosting $1 (with promo)- $0.50 IP= didn't double... so $0.50
5 Green Giant Steamers $1 (with promo) - $0.50/$0.40= free
13 Hunts tomatoes $1 each - $3 (free 3 cans wyb 10 store Q)- $.45/3 MQs= $6 for all 13 cans
3 Freshetta Pizzas $3.88-$1 MQ= $2.88
-$9.00 in safeway OYNO Qs (from the kleenex deal last week).
Total $6.14 OOP
Just rechecking my math on the receipt.. and realized that the SCO (self check out) cashier didn't double my .50 frosting IP. Oh well.. so paid $0.50 for that. Everything else went perfect!!
For some reason the SCO took almost all of my Qs, except the last 3 of my progresso broths (took 1st three fine), the frosting IP (which the clerk didn't double), the store Q for $3 off Hunts (wouldn't even scan..) and of course the (3) $3.00 Safeway OYNO store Qs.
I only wish I had a $5/30 Q of some sort to use with this order... my totals are so low sometimes, I have a hard time using them. This order would have been perfect for it!!
I am still pretty happy. I plan on grabbing another rain check for the progresso broths and and then trading for extra Qs. So I can stock up! Albies is doubling/tripling, etc until Nov 1!!!! So there won't be any problem with getting my coupons doubled with the rainchecks.
Oh and I received another free bread/bag survey at the bottom of my receipt!! They seem to be less frequent, but make sure you check your receipts!!


Milloy Family October 12, 2009 at 3:38 PM  

Good job KC! I am still searching for the elusive Progressive broth & Green Giant steamers. I have rainchecks for both, so I will wait for the dust to settle after the sale ends. Thanks for the reminder to use the Kleenex OYNO from Safeway. I always forget we can use those there.

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