Walgreens: A deal on olives + last CVS run for week..

>> October 24, 2009

So, I meant to hit up Walgreens all week to take advantage of the $0.99 olives and use some IPs ($1/2). I managed to score 4 $1/2 printables, so 8 cheap cans of olives!

My first attempt to use my expiring $6 RR and snag some olives was screwed up because they had none on the shelf. So I walk up to the register to get rain checks for me and my mom (since the limit was 3). The cashier calls for a rain check (managers have to issue rain checks at walgreens for some reason)... and the manager shows up with 6 cans of olives (from the back) instead of rain checks...

This threw me for a loop since I didn't have an order set up.. to use my $6 RR. And then the cashier split it into 2 orders of 3, which messes with my ability to use my $1/2 coupons effectively. I ended up giving her 2 of the coupons and of course the 2nd one doesn't work cause I don't have 4 cans.. but she says "let me try this" and "lets me buy a 4th".. which of course totally works. Safeway limits sale prices to keep people from clearing shelves and having enough stock, but the register doesn't actually limit it, its up to the cashier. Anyway...so I bought 4 used 2 $1/2 Qs ($1.96 on a gift card) and then bought the last 2 using 1 $1/2 MQ for $0.96.

Anyway, so I still needed to hit another walgreens with a plan of attack in order to my $6 RR was expiring, plus I had one more $1/2 Olive Q to use!

So after dinner and our TRUNK or TREAT experience at the YMCA tonight, I ran out to walgreens and CVS (REALLY FAST, cause I hate late Saturday runs!!) and finished up my deals.

1 Zantac $8.99-$5 IP
1 Milk $1.99
2 Olives $0.99- $1/2
-$6 RR
Total $1.51 on a gift card and Earned $9 RR (Zantac), so ended up still being a money maker and I bought 2 cans of olives and a gallon of milk!!

2 Centrum Mens Ultra Vitamins $10 each - $5/2 IP = $7.50 each
2 24 ct. CVS pencils $1.99 each, free after ECB using a rain check= $3.96 total
2 Index Card Holder $0.99, free after ECB using a rain check= $1.98 total
PLUS found a $0.99 green CVS reusable bag tag
-$5/25 CVS Q (not available online anymore.. so sad!!!)
-$15 ecbs
Total $3.73 on a gift card (tax was $1.78!! UGHH!)
Earned $10 ECB (centrum) + $6 (pencils and index card holder)
The $0.99 green CVS reusable bag tag is a great thing to grab if you are a regular CVS shopper. You earn $1 ECB, after every 4th time using it!! Free ECBS!! :-)


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