>> November 30, 2009

I stopped by albies today for cheap milk and to use my coupons for the ideal sweetener that were expiring

4 Ideal Sweetener $2.79- Free MQs= free
2 Gallon Milk $1.47
5 Thanksgiving day napkins $0.37 each
1 french bread $1.50- receipt survey Q= free
-$2 Frys OYNO Q
Total $2.90 OOP


Walgreens- catching up

This is what I bought today at walgreens (thanks to couponsinoverdrive for the heads up on the ecotrin deal).

3 Ecotrin $1.99 each (with ad q) - $10/3 MQ = 4.03 overage
1 Scott Tp $2.50 (with ad q)
1 Wags Bleach $1.99
Total $1.10 on a gift card (subtotal was only $0.46! )

I did this on blackfriday
1 Touch and Brush Toothpaste dispenser $19.99
$15 Wags gift card
1 wags car $0.49
6 holiday bags $0.10 each
-$36 RR (from thanksgiving purchases)
Total $1.37 (subtotal was only $0.08!!) on a wags gift card. + earned a $5 RR for the Touch and Brush...
However, I did return the Touch and Brush today.. it dispensed toothpaste fine, but would not stick to the drywall in our bathroom well. Peter tried several times and it kept falling after 5-10 minutes. So he made me return it... oh well I tried! So I returned that today, received $21.21 on a wags gift card and she let me keep the $5 RR!!

Babies R Us.. We stopped in today so i could make a registry for the new baby. I have a few ideas on things we will need (we saved some stuff but not everything given that storage is a premium for us).. anyway, I had to get the registry started today because I had a coupon for a free $10 gift card for starting a registry and it expired today! I also received their new baby welcome kit with some Qs and samples in it. Fun stuff!


Local Tucson Contest List

There are a ton of local contests listed at Quite a few of them start today and end on Dec 1st! And most that I checked, were one entry per person. There are so many, that I was quite picky on what I entered, but if I have more time I might go back and enter more..

Check it out!!

And don't forget to enter my $50 Safeway Gift Card Giveaway. Its the last week!!

And Savvy Savings Tucson is also giving away another $50 Safeway Gift Card.


Santa Results.... and why I am a fan of the Walmart Santa..

>> November 29, 2009

Peter snagged a few pictures as we tried to coax Quinn into saying hi or giving Santa "5". This is the BEST picture of our experience.. he was a squirmy wormy who had no interest in talking to Santa, sitting with him, etc. I would be kicking myself to spend $20+ on this picture!

We ventured to the Walmart near the in-laws (I dropped Peter off to watch a football game over there), and they had their Santa set up a little after 10 am. Santa will be at local stores again next weekend 10-2, but you should definitely call before you drive over.

They did have vouchers for a free photo (but she didn't get any photos of Quinn... given his lack of participation) and of course some candy, which Quinn did enjoy.


Groupons? Group Buying Power...

I just stumbled upon this website called Groupons. Basically they post a new deal every day and if enough people jump on it, then get to buy it. It appears that its mostly a local site and the closest location for me is Phoenix. I went ahead and joined, I think there are sometimes online deals and we do visit Phoenix several times a year, so we might jump on a dining or entertainment deal at some point. Anyway, it doesn't cost to join and see their daily deals, so give it a try. I will let you know if I end up buying in on something at some point... maybe they will come to Tucson some time too.. (hint, hint). Here is their website Groupons.


$25 free sharpies at

This is a Cyber Monday deal, but listed as available today and tomorrow. The coupon code isn't working, but you can call after you place your order and have them apply the coupon code. Use 1-800-891-0195 for the shortest wait time. Also select ship to store to save on shipping costs, or spend $50 to get free shipping.

If you are a staples rewards member you can order 2 Duracell 20 ct AA or AAA battery packs for $12.99 each (but you get $12.99 each back in staples rewards). Its easy to sign up and you can get 2 "free" packs each week (through xmas I believe).

I actually already ordered one of these on Friday with a DVD player, so I couldn't do it again this week. I already placed my order... and I had a couple issues, first I forgot to ship to store, plus one of my items disappeared so my total was too low when I received my order confirmation. Of course it was no big deal since you HAVE to call to get the coupon code applied anyway.

I waited on hold less than 5 minutes, and they quickly changed my order to ship to store, then helped me add another couple items to get to $25+. Unfortunately the item I wanted was out of stock (which is why it disappeared from my order), however I was able to make a couple quick substitutions and complete my order. The coupon applied actually took off my tax too.. so I will only pay $0.26 (my subtotal was $25.26) in the end!!

Anyway.... a fun freebie!

Thanks SlickDeals!!


Final Safeway Home For The Holidays Run & Summary of Challege!

>> November 28, 2009

I managed to do one last Safeway run for my personal $25 Home For the Holidays Promo Challenge. Safeway offered me a $25 gift card to offset my holiday supply purchases. You can read about my previous shopping runs here, here, and here.

Anyway, based on my last visit I had $3.79 left to spend plus a $5 HFTH and (2) $2 OYNO (from ICBINB purchases)...

I had 2 orders planned out but both included more butter.. since they are producing the $2 OYNO Qs. However.. both stores I checked were completely out the past couple times I stopped by.. So I regrouped and came up with another plan.

Here is what I did
4 Lea & Perrins $3.55- $2= = $1.55 each
3 Frosting $1.50 - $0.50 MQs= $0.50 each
6 Carnation Milks $1.25 each - $0.50/2 IPs = $0.75 each
- $5, $2 and $2 OYNO Qs
Total $2.70 on a gift card!! And earned another $5 OYNO for the Home For The Holidays Promo!

I did quite well over the past week with $1.09 left of my original $25 budget! The Home for the Holidays Promo (that runs through 11/29) really helped and of course coupons, and rolling the $5 & $2 OYNO Qs that I earned on my orders.

Here is a summary of everything I bought during my challenge:
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix: 4
Betty Crocker Frosting: 12
Wesson Oil: 2
Lea & Perrins Sauce: 5
Carnation Milk: 6
Karo Syrup: 1
Hersheys Baking Cocoa: 1
Flour: 1
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls: 12
Nestle Chocolate Chips: 7
ICBINB Baking Sticks: 16

We will be using most of these items for our holiday baking in the next few weeks. I also grabbed a few extras to stock our pantry; an extra box of Hershey's baking cocoa (for yummy No Bake Cookies that we eat year round!!), Wesson Oil, Flour, Lea & Perrins Sauce and Butter (I gave 1/2 of it to my mom).

I did quite well with my $25 budget (thanks to safeway for sending me a gift card!), and I have $1.09 left to spend (from the budget), plus my last $5 OYNO Q!

The Home For The Holidays Promo runs through tomorrow, Nov 29th. Hopefully you have had a chance to score some fabulous deals.


Reminder: Free Santa Visit!!

Update! My closest store didn't have it today.. I didn't call ahead (like I suggested below), but we needed to pick up a few essentials anyway. Another nearby store is doing it today and most likely tomorrow, so we may try that or we will try again next weekend!

Just a reminder.. I posted this about 2 weeks ago, but it starts today. This weekend and next weekend, Walmart is hosting free Santa visits! We plan on going today!

Yeah! Walmart is offering a free Santa Claus picture again! We did this the past two years, I am not one to want to pay $20+ for one 5X7 photo at a local mall. Particularly since Quinn doesn't pose well in photos or always cooperate. Free makes however it turn out way better!!

In past years they actually take and give you a free photo, it doesn't say that here.. but sort of implies it given that it is done by their photo departments. However, we have always taken a ton of our own the whole time using our digital pics! Be sure to check with your local store to make sure they are participating!!


Final Safeway Gift Card Giveaway

>> November 27, 2009

The week 4 winner is entry #8 Precious!!
Congrats Precious! I will be emailing you to find out where you want it sent!

This is the last week of my $50 Safeway Gift Card Giveaway! I want to give everyone as many chances as they want... so you can come back each day and enter again.

Entry #1 (Mandatory)
Are you done with your holiday shopping? Did you shop with "us" crazies today on Black Friday?? :-)

Entry #2
Subscribe to my feed or via email. Make sure you enter a separate comment letting me know you have subscribed (or already are a subscriber).

Extra Entries
Come back each day and enter again... (no holiday shopping comment is necessary.. just let me know its an extra entry).

Since I am not getting this up until Friday night.. you can enter until Friday, December, 4 at 8pm! Please make sure I have access to your email address either in your blogger profile or leave it in your comment.

Disclosure: I was also given an additional Safeway gift card to check out their new lower prices for myself. However, this in now way influences my opinions or reviews of their products or store!


Barnes & Noble $10 Gift Card for 99 Swagbucks and Free 8 X 10 Collage at Walgreens... Both Today Only

Ok two hot topics right now.. if you are done and recovered from your Black Friday Shopping and Turkey Overload...

1st Swagbucks is lowering their prices on gift card rewards starting today through sometime in Jan! Today is a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card for 99 swag bucks, that is a savings of 26 swagbucks!!

They announced this promo a few weeks ago, so I stopped redeeming for amazon gift cards, hoping to score a deal sometime during this promo.

They will have one "sale" gift card everyday, and the gift cards could repeat, but possibly for differing sale amounts. Check back each day at 11 am PST to see what the sale gift card is!!

Walgreens is offering a free 8 X 10 Photo Collage today only, using promo code FINDJOY. If you select in store pick up there is no shipping charge! I love Walgreens photo freebies!
Thanks DealSeekingMom


Walgreens and round 2 at CVS...

>> November 26, 2009


4 identical orders (2 different stores)..

1 Dove Deodorant $3.99- $2 IP = $1.99

1 Infusium Hair Product $4.99- $2 MQ= $2.99

Total $5.53 on a gift card.

Earned $4 and $5 in RR for each order

Summary: Total $22.12 on a gift card, and earned $36 in ECBs, so no actual "real money" spent OOP! And a walgreens $ profit of $13.88!


I went to a different store, to do the deals on my mom's card... they were only out of stock on the bic Soliel razors, so I was able to grab everything according to plan fairly quickly. However, I did have 2 issues at the register.. the $5/20 online Q I had printed awhile back, beeped, said it had already been redeemed. Plus I had an ECB that had a different card number attached to it.. but its because my mom's phone number was used, instead of the actual card. We had them link to the 2 accounts before... but it still caused problems. Bummer.. anyway, no big deal. I will be calling CVS to discussing both issues next week.

Order #1

1 Schick Quattro Razor $9.99 -$2 MQ

1 King Size Twix $1.59

1 Colgate Toothpaste $2.88- $1 IP= $1.88

1 Colgate Toothbrush $2.99- $1 IP= $1.99

1 Just For Men $8.29- $2 IP = $6.29

1 Universal Remote $6.99

1 Degree Deodorant $4- $1.25= $2.75

-$5/30 Q

-$24.48 CVS ECBS

Total $2.03 on a gift card, earned ECBS for everything... $8, $1.59, $2, $2, $8.29, $6.99, and $4!

Order #2

2 Bliss Candy Bars $0.89 each - B1g1 MQ= $0.89

4 Herbal Essences $2.99 each - 2 B1G1 = $5.98 for all 4

1 St. Ives Body Wash $3.99- $1 MQ= $2.99

1 Vasoline Sheer Lotion $7.99- $1.50 Ip= $6.49

(NO CVS Q.. since it didn't work.. bummer)

-$16.29 in ECBS

Total $2.00 on a gift card, earned $6, $7.99, $3 and $0.89 in ecbs.


CVS ThanksGiving!

I ran out this morning to my fave CVS location. They opened at 7 am, but despite getting up at 6:15, I didn't manage to get to CVS until 7:45. It didn't matter, I saw 2 customers the entire time I was there picking up random deal seekers. I had no trouble accomplishing my planned orders!

Order #1
1 Schick Quattro $9.99- $2 MQ =$7.99
1 Twix extra large candy $1.59
1 Colgate Total $2.88- $1 MQ= $1.88
1 Just for Men $8.29- $2= $6.29
1 St Ives Body Wash $3.99- $1 MQ= $2.99
1 Vasoline Sheer Infusion $7.99- $1.50 IP= $6.49
1 Universal Remote $6.99
1 Degree deodorant $4- $1.25 MQ = $2.75
- $5/30 Email Q
-30.98 ECBS
Total $2.62 on a gift card,
Earned ecbs for everything.. $8, $1.59, $2, $8.29, $3, $7.99, $6.99, $4!

Order #2
2 Bliss Bars $0.89 each - B1G1 MQ = $0.89
4 Herbal Essences $2.99- (2) B1G1 MQs = $5.96 for all 4
1 Colgate $2.99 - $1 Ip = $1.99
2 Bic Soliel Razors $6.99 - $2 MQ= $4.99
- $5/30 Medicaid Q
- $12.99 ECBS
Total $2.56 on a gift card,
Earned ecbs for everything, $0.89, $6, $2, $10

Order #3 (not pictured.. in hiding)
$99.99 - front page of today's ad...
-$10/50 CVS Q
- All ECBS from 1st and 2nd order+ another $9.99 ecb I still had...
subtotal $19.25, total $24.74 on a gift card.

Everything went super well.. everything was in stock. I was in and out in 25 minutes!!!

The only slight bummer.. was I got home and found $21 in ecbs sitting with my other Qs.. DUH! Oh well. I thought I had wiped myself out... but I guess not.. I guess that is what I get for not being SUPER DUPER organized!!


To Do List Thursday Update

Update... So I am cheating.. I updated it again after this auto-posted... I didn't have a chance to edit it this morning and it automatically posted on me earlier :-)

1.Finish my safeway home for the holidays challenge -done
2.One last Frys run? - not sure....
3.Donate to Goodwill - done
4.Take dvds/books to bookmans - done
5.Take stuff to Twice as nice - done
6.Take left over bookman/twice as nice stuff to good will - done
7.Start Baby registry to get my free $10 bru gift card (coupon was mailed to me a few months ago) - will do it monday, Q expire 11/30!!
8.Store photos, albums, etc at mom's (yah mom!) - done
9.Plan black friday shopping: cvs, walgreens, target, staples for sure! - will start doing that this afternoon!
10.Clean floors :-) (was this on here last week???) -they were vacummed, does that count?
11.Make sopapilla cheese cake as pie alternative for thanksgiving desert! - done and already had a piece!!
12.Hit CVS before black friday to use rain checks and build up a few more ECBS for my "big" plan. :-) - done


CVS + 2 "new" shirts

>> November 25, 2009

2 Complete Contact Solutions $8.99- $1 MQ= $7.99 each
5 Listerine Kids rinse $2.99 (with rain check) - (2) B1G1 and (1) $1 MQs= $7.97 for all 5
-$5/30 CVS Q
Total $21.62 on a gift card (I totally forgot to bring my ECBs with me... DUH!!)
Earned $17.98 (complete) + $15 (listerine) ECBS = Total $32.98, profit of $11.36.

Normally I wouldn't have blown $21 in CVS gift card money for ECBS, since ECBS have an expiration date.. but I plan on buying something big tomorrow during their special black friday/thanksgiving day sale, and didn't have enough ECBS anyway. I have to make up the difference with CVS gift card money. So in this instance, ECBS or gift cards it doesn't make a difference.

Twice as Nice
I took a small bag of stuff to trade at Twice as nice.. and picked up 2 "new to me" maternity shirts. Both long sleeve and both with red tags, which are B1G1 free this week. So I paid $5.99 in trade credit for both! So $0 OOP!

Not bad, for a couple of comfy shirts. Not that I need long sleeve shirts right now.. Its supposed to stay in the high 70's, low 80's for at least the next few days. Beautiful Arizona weather!


Walgreens 11/25

I had a couple of $5 RR expiring that I needed to use. And we were dangerously low on TP again, so I decided to blow it on the TP this week.

2 Big Roll 12 pack TP $6.49
2 Vanity Fair Dinner Plates $3.79 B1G1 Sale- B1G1 Q= both free!
3 Reynolds Wrap Foil $0.99 each - $1 Qs = $0.01 overage
- (2) $5 Register Rewards
Total $4.15 on a gift card.


1 hours, 3 stops = Almost a complete waste of time!! UGH

When I get the chance to run errands without Quinn in the evening, particularly if a friend comes with, I jump at the chance. Last night, I had big plans in a short period of time. I wanted to hit Frys, Safeway and Bookmans in under an hour! I had very specific lists for the grocery stores, so I wasn't going to be browsing and wasting time. Plus at Bookmans, I had 3 bags of books/dvds (that peter sorted through for me), which can usually take awhile for them to look through, but after 7 during the week its pretty dead, so there usually isn't a wait.

My only luck was with Bookmans. They were able to start on my order as soon as we walked in. They took about half the dvds we had (maybe 10) and some books and gave me $45 in credit! While waiting I picked up a book for Quinn and another magazine with a Hallmark $5 Q in it.

I wanted to finish spending my $25 for my personal Safeway challenge, I had 2 specific orders, but both included ICBINB and of course they were wiped clean. No butter in sight. So we left.

At Frys, the store was a madhouse, I ignored that fact as I did my ATM deposit, but as soon as I hit the dairy section, I realized we were in trouble. There was like 2 gallons of milk left in the dairy case. The milk price is ok this week, but not that great, and yet they were wiped out. Of course I still attempted my list, but they were out of bacon and mc cormick grinders, so I was already having to figure out substitutes for my list and I had just started... Then I realized that at least half the checkout lanes were open and people were still waiting 3-4 people deep. We again decided to abandon ship and left.

I can say 3 positive things about our trip...

  1. Bookmans was quick and painless!
  2. I made my check deposits
  3. Found the Coors $25 rebate on $100 gift card purchases forms.

So not a total loss, but not quite how I had planned.. Now I need to attempt 2 trips today. Ugh! The day before Thanksgiving!


Robot Baby Mobile and shopping around...

>> November 24, 2009

I seriously can't believe the discrepancy in pricing I came across last night online. We have decided on doing a robot theme for the new baby, so I decided to search for robot baby mobiles online. I knew the selection would be limited at best.. and I was right.

I came across this link first on for a 5 piece set: quilt, bumper, sheet, bed skirt + MOBILE! It looked super cute, but it costs $148 with shipping. Way too much for our purposes. In fact, I am not a big fan of crib sets anyway, given that babies can't use bumpers or quilts because of the chance of suffocation. Plus a cute sheet is fine, but you change it often, so you need several, not just one super cute one. In fact I already have already picked up several extra crib sheets to rotate between Quinn's bed and the babies crib. And of course we still have Quinn's bed skirt... anyway, I digress..

I decided to search around a bit and found that the original robot set was actually a Walmart exclusive, and it was on clearance on Of course just my luck the mobile was sold separately and no longer available, but the 4 piece-crib set shows an original price of $65, and a clearance price of $49. See it here. So the amazon set is simply a reseller, making some money. Unfortunately they aren't selling the baby mobile separately.

Bummed out completely.. that I obviously missed out on getting a reasonable priced ROBOT mobile through walmart, much less a CLEARANCED priced one. I kept searching.. and found some listed on ebay.

And to my disbelief.. the prices were WAYYYYY better on ebay. I found the same 5 piece (bedding + mobile) sets on there for as low as $5o WITH shipping! And also the mobile sold separately for $35 with shipping. Of course this is great news our purposes, way more reasonable. However, it does lead to me to believe that they must have sold these sets in stores and clearanced them SUPER cheap in order for people to be selling them so cheaply. So I am disappointed again, that I missed out on a super, smoking deal.

I know I should just be grateful that I can still make a purchase at a reasonable price. Its just too bad that reasonable price isn't through since I have amazon gift cards from Swagbucks to spend!

Anyway, we still haven't decided whether to go with this mobile or not and if we want the full crib set or just the mobile. The quilt would be useful later on, and if I could "make" something with the super cute bumper, then maybe it would be well worth the extra $15 on ebay!

The point of my rambling about a robot baby mobile? It is certainly well worth the effort to check prices online (I use google/froogle) and ebay can be more reasonable than you expect!


Safeway: Another run for my $25 challenge

Ok just to recap, I started my challenge yesterday using $25, to see how much holiday baking items I could buy with Safeway's Home For the Holiday Promo. Check here for the details on my purchases yesterday.

Before I go further I wanted to let you know I did get the butter/tax issue resolved, they refunded me that tax. So that brings the total spent yesterday to $13.68, with a $5 and (2) $2 OYNO Qs left to use today.

Order #1
1 Wesson Oil $2.49- $0.25 MQ= $1.49
1 BC Cookie Mix $1.50 - $0.40 MQ= $0.50
5 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.69 - $0.25 MQ = $0.69 each
3 Nestle Semi-sweet chips $2 - $.50 MQs = $1 each
4 ICBINB Baking Sticks $1.99- $1 IP
- $5, $2 and $2 OYNO Qs (from yesterdays order)
Total $3.40 on a gift card!!
And I earned another $5 and (2) $2 OYNO Qs!!

Order #2
1 BC Cookie $1.50 each - $0.40 MQ= $0.50 each
3 BC Frosting $1.50 each - $0.50 MQ= $0.50 each
1 Hershey's Baking Cocoa $2.99 (no Qs)
2 Nestle Semi-sweet chips $2- $0.50 MQ= $1 each
1 Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.69- $0.25 MQ= $0.69
4 ICBINB Baking Sticks $1.99 - $1 IPs= $0.99 each
1 Wesson Oil $2.49- $0.25 MQ= $1.49
- $5, $2 and $2 OYNO Qs (from previous order)
Total $4.13 on a gift card!
And I earned another $5, and (2) $2 OYNO Qs!!!

So I spent a total of $7.53 on my challenge today, leaving me with $3.79 left to spend from my original $25!!! I plan on trying to do at least one more run with my $3.79 (+ $5 and (2) $2 OYNO Qs).

I also did 2 extra orders, not a part of the challenge
Order #3
2 Milks $1.49 each
Total $2.98 on gift card

Order #4
2 Milks $1.49 each
$50 Ebay gift card
- $5, (4) $2 OYNO Qs (these were from purchases I made last week.. figured I should spend them and get rid of them, so I don't' let them expire!!)
Total $39.98 on a gift card!!


To Do List: Thanksgiving Week

  1. Finish my safeway home for the holidays challenge
  2. One last Frys run?
  3. Donate to Goodwill
  4. Take dvds/books to bookmans
  5. Take stuff to Twice as nice
  6. Take left over bookman/twice as nice stuff to good will
  7. Start Baby registry to get my free $10 bru gift card (coupon was mailed to me a few months ago)
  8. Store photos, albums, etc at mom's (yah mom!)
  9. Plan black friday shopping: cvs, walgreens, target, staples for sure!
  10. Clean floors :-) (was this on here last week???)
  11. Make sopapilla cheese cake as pie alternative for thanksgiving desert!
  12. Hit CVS before black friday to use rain checks and build up a few more ECBS for my "big" plan. :-)

Ok so that is all I can think of.. its pretty big though considering my goal is to have it all done in the next few days anyway!


Fed Ex delivered our John Deere!!

The John Deere toy tool box I ordered last week. I was able to snag an awesome deal on this toy and only pay shipping of $5.95! Read the details here. This is one of those deals you want to watch for and jump on all year for cheap gifts. I love that these toys are wooden and tools, Quinn loves playing with tools and working on things!

I bought these with a $15 off $15 coupon code for There was a link in my original post with a referral to receive the $15 off as well.. but its no longer working. However, keep your eyes peeled for awesome deals online, you never know when or where they will pop up!


Safeway Fabulous Run: Home For The Holidays Promo

>> November 23, 2009

Ok I posted this weekend about the features available on Safeway's website to make the Holidays, particularly Thanksgiving easier! If you missed it, check it out here!

Anyway, I also mentioned that Safeway was sending me $25 to help offset my Holiday grocery purchases. I decided to plan a couple of great trips using their Home For The Holidays Promo! This promo runs through 11/29, spend $25 on specific holiday items and you earn a $5 OYNO Q! The great part of the promo is that you have to spend $25 pre coupons!! Plus you can roll the $5 OYNO Q into your next order.

I decided to challenge myself with the $25 they are sending; to plan my orders very well and maximize what I can buy. I am hoping to get most if not all of the holiday baking stuff I still need, plus maybe a few extra goodies!

Order #1
2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.50 - $.40 MQs= $0.50 each
2 Nestle white chocolate chips $2 - $0.50 MQs= $1 each
6 Pillsbury Crescent Roils $1.69 each - $0.25 MQs & one $0.50 EQ= $0.69 and one at $0.19.
4 ICBINB stick butter $1.99- $1 IPs= $0.99 each
Tax... for $0.49 for the butter.. I forgot to ask about this when i was there. Hopefully I can get it refunded, not sure what is happening.
Total $11.09 on a gift card!
Earned $5 OYNO (HFTH promo) & (2) $2 OYNO (ICBINB)!

Order #2
Gold Medal Flour Q $2.00 (no Q. couldn't find the IP anymore)
6 Betty Crocker Frosting $1.50 each - $0.50 MQ= $0.50 each
1 Lea & Perrins Sauce $3.55- $2 MQ= $1.55
1 Karo Light Syrup $3.09- $0.40 MQ= $2.09
4 ICBINB Stick Butter $1.99- $1 IPs= $0.99 each
Tax $0.49... seriously annoying...
-$5, $2 and $2 OYNO Qs (from first order)
Total $3.57 on a gift card!
Plus earned another $5 OYNO and (2) $2 OYNO Qs!!

So far.. I have only spent $14.66 on a gift card, hopefully I can get $0.98 back (from the tax issue), making it only $13.68 spent. Plus I have the $5 and (2) $2 OYNO Qs from the last order.

I will be busy figuring out what else I can get with my remaining $11.32.

The Safeway ad has a few of the Home For The Holidays promo listed, but there are tons more in store. My store had a special display at the front and then tags listed below the qualifying items on the shelf!

Don't forget to enter my $50 Safeway Gift Card Giveaway!

And another local blogger: Savvy Savings Tucson is also having a $50 Safeway Gift Card Giveaway!

Disclosure: Safeway is sending me a $25 gift card to help me offset the cost of exploring their holiday deals.


Sunday CVS Run!

>> November 22, 2009

4 Diet Pepsi 12 packs $12
1 Tums - $2 CVS (flu book) Q- $1 IP= $0.99
2 Complete Contact Solution $8.99 - $1 MQ= $7.99 each
-$5/30 Q
-$22.98 ECBS

Total $2.51 on a gift card

Earned $17.98 (contact soln) & $1 (tums) ECBS

Summary: I technically use Tums (particularly right now) and contact solution (although I usually use Renu), however the point of my order this week was to get cheap-ish soda. Luckily I was able to add a few freebies to my order to use the $5/30 CVS Q. I spent $22.98 (ecbs) + $2.51 (gift card) for a total purchase of $25.49 in CVS $. I earned $18.98 back in ECBS, so the net cost was only $6.51 for my 4 12 packs, plus this was in CVS $ (not real $) anyway! Not too shabby!


Magazine Qs: $5 Hallmark and $10/50 AJ's

The newest Real Simple magazine ALSO has the $5 off any Hallmark purchase! This is good on ornaments, candy, sale items, anything really. I found the same awesome Q in my Woman's Day, and Martha Stewart Living. I have also read that Oprah's magazine also has the Q!

And the newest Tucson Lifestyle magazine has another $10/50 AJ's Q. I don't generally shop AJ's since its more of a gourmet (expensive) grocery store. However, Albies "always" takes competitors Qs, and Frys is rumoured to be taking them through Christmas! The same Q was available in last month's magazine and I was able to use 2 of them during my Frys Mega Runs!! Hopefully another great Frys sale comes up before Christmas, this Q is good until Dec. 30!


Santa and Snow!

>> November 21, 2009

We hit the Foothills mall for some Santa, snow and fun!!

We arrived extra early and as the crowd filled in, the kids became antsy to play in the snow. Luckily Santa and Mrs. Claus finally showed up to throw out the 1st snow balls!!

Then the chaos began, which Quinn LOVED! Watching all the kids play with snow; getting his hands down in it and throwing it up in the air! He had a blast!! It was a fun, fabulous, free event!!


Safeway is making Thanksgiving easier!

Safeway contacted me recently wanting to let all my readers know about some great features available on their website!

Here are some features to explore:
Budget Friendly Recipes: I am always looking for new recipes.
2 hour Turkey Recipe Video: What a time saver!!!
Leftover Lounge: Find great recipes to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers
Thanksgiving Planning Guide
Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Safeway offers free delivery on your first online grocery purchase.

And through Monday, November 23, they are offering a FREE TURKEY with online purchases of $200 or more!

In addition, Safeway is sending me a $25 gift card to explore their holiday food deals. I plan on taking advantage of their great "Home For The Holidays" promo in conjunction with coupons to maximize my deals! I will share the details of my actual purchases in the next few days, once I make them. :-)

All the prices should be good through Tuesday, based on the current sales ad, or checking their online pricing. The Home For The Holidays Promo runs through 11/29, you earn a $5 OYNO Q when you spend $25 or more in participating items. This is before any MQs! I will be working on maximizing what I can purchase using that $25 gift card! Here are some of the items from the promo that I need for the holiday season!

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.50 each - $0.40 MQs= $0.50 each
Nestle Semi-Sweet Chips $2 each - $1 MQs= $1 each
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.69 each-$0.50 MQ= $0.69 each
Betty Crocker Frosting $1.50 each- $0.50 MQ= $0.50 each
Safeway 5 lb sugar $2
Golden Medal Flour $2 - $0.50 (IP?)= $1 each
Lee Perrins Sauce $3.55- $2 MQs= $1.55 each
Wesson Oil $2.49- $0.25 MQ= $1.49 each
Carnation canned milk $1.25 each - $0.50/2 IPs= $0.75 each

Disclosure: Safeway is sending me a $25 gift card to help me offset the cost of exploring their holiday deals.


New Recipe Attempts: Lazy Mom's Tator Soup and Sour Cream Muffins!!

I decided to try out two of 4HATS recipes for dinner on Thursday. I snagged a 5lb bag of potatoes at Frys for $0.58, so potato soup seemed to be in order. I tried my dad's potato soup recipe recently, which was yummy, but I wanted to try the "Lazy" version that 4hat often makes!
The Lazy Mom's Tator Soup recipe can be found here. She often pairs it with Sour Cream Muffins, her recipe for that is here.
Potato Soup Verdict:
First off.. let me say that Potato Soup turned out Awesome. I actually ended up doubling the recipe, so I used the entire 5lb bag of potatoes. My husband loved it and said he preferred it to my dad's version! However, I wouldn't call it a "Lazy" recipe, because peeling and dicing 5 lbs of potatoes takes a bit of time. It was definitely worth it though. We had the in-laws over for dinner who enjoyed a bowl, a friend came by to run errands with me who also enjoyed a bowl, and THEN we had more for dinner last night. Doubling the recipe worked well for us, particularly with the extra diners! I know I will be making this often!!

I had to make a few substitutions on the muffin recipe... the results were not so good.
Here is what I did with the Sour Cream Muffin Recipe:
2 cups self rising flour (2 cups flour, 3 tsps baking powder and 2 tsp salt)-I used whole what flour 2 sticks butter, melted
1/2 pint sour cream - I used fat free sour cream
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Combine all ingredients and spoon into small, ungreased muffin tins. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes. If you don't have a mini muffin tin, you can use a regular one but let the muffins cook, without peeking, for a full 30 minutes. I used regular size muffin pans - silicone ones... it made 12 and took 30 minutes for me.

I am not sure how these muffins are supposed to taste, but I am guessing not how mine did. When I realized I had fat free sour cream (generally what I prefer to buy, unless I get a great deal on the light version), I figured the lack of fat shouldn't make a difference given all the fat in the 2 sticks of butter.
However, I was very concerned about the whole wheat flour and how it would change the taste. We don't use lots of flour around here, so that just happened to be what I had in my baking supplies. I do know there is a big difference in taste between white and wheat products.
In the end.. Peter and I decided they were not "fit" for our guests... so I am guessing the whole wheat flour definitely ruined it... whether the fat free sour cream did too is still up in the there. The dogs have been enjoying them though. :-)
I will attempt the recipe again with regular flour to see much better they turn out. By the way the result should in no way affect any one's opinion of 4hats' recipe, but solely my baking and ingredient substitution skills!
Also while searching for more information about using whole wheat flour online, I ran across someone who claims that instead of substituting whole wheat flour in recipes for a better nutritional content, you can instead use 1/2 oatmeal flour with 1/2 regular flour. Oh and you make oatmeal flour, by just food processing oatmeal until its the consistency of flour. Neat! I want to try this too!!


Reminder: Free Holiday Fun

>> November 20, 2009

Don't forget.. Foothills Mall has Santa arriving tomorrow with 30 tons of Snow!! It starts at 9:45.. but I would get there early. We live SOOO close by, we are gonna try and do it tomorrow morning! However, we will get there early for a decent parking spot, maybe grab a smoothie. :-)

And of course next weekend Walmart will be having Santa from 10am-2pm!


Free $10 Shutterfly credit

Enter the Baby & Child Model Search and get a free $10 Shutterfly credit. The credit pops up right after you register, make sure you check the box to receive Shutterfly promotions when registering!
Bonus... maybe your munchkin will win!! :-)
And if you think Quinn would make the most adorable model.. Go Vote For Us!!
Another great find on SlickDeals!!!

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