1 hours, 3 stops = Almost a complete waste of time!! UGH

>> November 25, 2009

When I get the chance to run errands without Quinn in the evening, particularly if a friend comes with, I jump at the chance. Last night, I had big plans in a short period of time. I wanted to hit Frys, Safeway and Bookmans in under an hour! I had very specific lists for the grocery stores, so I wasn't going to be browsing and wasting time. Plus at Bookmans, I had 3 bags of books/dvds (that peter sorted through for me), which can usually take awhile for them to look through, but after 7 during the week its pretty dead, so there usually isn't a wait.

My only luck was with Bookmans. They were able to start on my order as soon as we walked in. They took about half the dvds we had (maybe 10) and some books and gave me $45 in credit! While waiting I picked up a book for Quinn and another magazine with a Hallmark $5 Q in it.

I wanted to finish spending my $25 for my personal Safeway challenge, I had 2 specific orders, but both included ICBINB and of course they were wiped clean. No butter in sight. So we left.

At Frys, the store was a madhouse, I ignored that fact as I did my ATM deposit, but as soon as I hit the dairy section, I realized we were in trouble. There was like 2 gallons of milk left in the dairy case. The milk price is ok this week, but not that great, and yet they were wiped out. Of course I still attempted my list, but they were out of bacon and mc cormick grinders, so I was already having to figure out substitutes for my list and I had just started... Then I realized that at least half the checkout lanes were open and people were still waiting 3-4 people deep. We again decided to abandon ship and left.

I can say 3 positive things about our trip...

  1. Bookmans was quick and painless!
  2. I made my check deposits
  3. Found the Coors $25 rebate on $100 gift card purchases forms.

So not a total loss, but not quite how I had planned.. Now I need to attempt 2 trips today. Ugh! The day before Thanksgiving!


Teresa November 25, 2009 at 9:25 AM  

Hi Kc
I went out last night and made 4 different stops before I found a turkey. I ended up buying one at safeway. I had it all planned out at frys to where my out of pocket would be very low. Anyways I feel your pain I am headed out right now back to frys.

kc November 30, 2009 at 7:47 AM  

Hi Teresa,

I never made it back to a grocery store.. other than Safeway on Thanksgiving to do my last $25 challenge run. I just couldn't imagine stapping back into frys. Of course that means we paid $20 for some essentials at walmart this weekend.. so hopefully I can get back to scoring some GREAT grocery deals this week!

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