Friday Fun Stuff: $0.49 Target Toy, CVS + $10 Coinstar Promo, Free PhotoCards ++

>> November 13, 2009

We had a great day of errands and fun today!

1st Stop Bookmans!!

I turned in some stuff for credit and then I picked up a book for Quinn and 2 Magazines. Another Tucson Lifestyle with the $10/50 AJ's Q in it. Plus another Martha Stewart Living with the $5 off $5+ Hallmark in it!

I used a $5 Hallmark Q yesterday and bought (3) 10 packs of Thank You Notes... since I will be needing these in a few months. They were regularly $4, but 50%.. so $6 total - $5 Q= $1.06 with tax!! I couldn't do any better for 30 thank you notes! Plus they are cute hallmark ones! The lady did try and tell me that I couldn't use the Q on sale items, but she was wrong... it states right on the Q, may be used on sale merchandise!!

I also browsed a bit for a few xmas goodies to add to my gifts. They have some candy and $5.99 ornaments that will work great with these Qs! The $5 Hallmark Qs are in the Dec Oprah, Martha Stewart and Women's Day magazines! So keep your eye out for these!

Speaking of cards... I received my 50 FREE FREE FREE Photo Cards today!!! I am so happy with them, super cute! And I can't believe my luck, this totally saved me at least $20, because while I wouldn't have ordered 50 cards, I most likely would have bought 20 photo cards somewhere.. and these can get pricey!!

I hope everyone took advantage of the deal. Check it out here!! The deal should still be working and doesn't expire until Nov 30th.. but I have found that when there are SMOKING hot deals online, they sometimes get pulled or deactivated early because its such an OVERWHELMING success for the company involved. So if you are interested in doing this deal... I would totally do it now!!!

Here is another SMOKING hot deal. Its only valid today and tomorrow at Target! You need to have the 2-day Toys R Us sale ad, it came in today's paper.. or perhaps you can pick it up in their stores. Target price matches deals if you have the entire ad. These cute Leap Frog Alphabet Pals are regularly $19.99 at Target, but Toys R Us has them for $10.49 today and tomorrow only! Then Target has a $10 Coupon... making them $0.49 + tax!!! You can find target Qs HERE!

I bought 2 for $1.06 total!! $0.49 each + 8% tax. The best part about the tax is that since the Qs are target Qs, they bring down the price-pre sales tax... (unlike how it works with Manufacturer's Coupons in AZ). So I walked out with 2 super cute toys for almost nothing! I plan giving one as a gift for a cousin (or adding to what I already have stashed for him... aren't kids always spoiled??) + one for Toys For Tots!!

Then we hit up CVS! I had 2 good sized orders planned with lots of rainchecks! I was SOOOO lucky they actually had everything I wanted and I was done shopping within 5 minutes. Unfortunately with all my rainchecks, ECBS to issue, meter Qs (which requires a manager override) and a new cashier, my checkout time was like 20 minutes. NOT that I am really complaining, it actually went beautifully!

Order #1
1 Nova Max Meter $9.99
1 Ear Rinse $7.99
1 Clearsil Face Wash $3.99 -$2 MQ (with Raincheck)
2 Throat Coolers $4.99 - $1 IPs (with Raincheck)
1 CVS TP (filler and again we desperately need a good TP deal around here!!)
-$5/30 Q
-$ 25.99 in ECBS

Total $2.09 on a gift card (tax was $1.44, sucks!)
Earned $9.99 (nova max), $7.99 (ear rinse), $4 (Clearsil), $ 10 (Throat Coolers)

I was hoping to both roll my ECBS + beef it up a bit... I spent $25.99 (ecbs) + $2.09 (gift card) $28.08 total and earned $31.98 in ecbs... so a bit of a money maker....

Order #2
1 Ear Rinse $7.99
2 Contour Meters $14.99 (with Raincheck) - MQs= free
2 CVS Rules $0.99 (with Raincheck)
3 PaperMate Pens $0.99 (with Raincheck)
-$5/25 email Q
I also used the $4 CVS Q in the Holiday Catalog... when you spend $20 + then you earn an extra $4 ECBS (unfortunately its a limit of one per person)
-$6.99 ECBS

Total $1.88 on a gift card

I Earned $7.99 (ear rinse) + $4 (holiday catalogue) + $10 (meters) + $3 (pens) + $2 (rulers)

Summary: I spent $6.99 (ecbs) + $1.88 (gift card) = $8.87 total and earned back $26.99! So it was a big money maker transaction because I cashed in some rain checks! I am working on building up my ECBS for the big Black Friday shopping day!! I am planning a big purchase that day. :-)

While I was shopping, I sent my mom with Quinn to use the Coinstar machine in CVS. He loved helping grandma with this task!

And my mom ROCKS she put in EXACTLY $40 for a CVS gift card!

Coinstar has a promo running where you send in for a bonus $10 when turn in $40+ in coins!! It only runs until 12/6, so if you want to take advantage, do so soon!! Check out the details here!

Oh and I got my haircut (FINALLY, long over due), decided to try SuperCuts with the $3 Q from the recent inserts.. so I paid $13.99 total with Tip! It turned out pretty cute... I have been holding off going to my more pricey salon because I haven't been $40 impressed in a long time there... I will save my beauty splurges for my pedicures there, which are SOOO worth it!!


Milloy Family November 13, 2009 at 4:11 PM  

Did you have any trouble with the Leap Frog Alphabet toys? I am going on my way home from work and I am nervous! Target is so hit and miss for me! I'll post how it goes. GREAT DEALS TODAY, by the way! You and your mom are a couponing machine! I am in awe, as usual!

Teresa November 13, 2009 at 4:45 PM  

ooooh good deal on the leapfrog toy I will be trying that. Oh and your xmas cards does look cute!


Milloy Family November 13, 2009 at 6:23 PM  

So, no go on the Leap Frog toy. I was trying to avoid Target, so I called Babies R Us (who takes comp Qs) and they verified the sale price. When I got to the register, the system wouldn't take the price lower than $10.49. The store manager said they only take comp Qs on regular priced items. He even showed me his policy from corporate. :( He was really nice, but I still think that's lame. So I'll call corporate on Monday. Meanwhile, I am sure both Targets near me are already out of stock. Oh well, it was worth a shot!

kc November 13, 2009 at 6:32 PM  

Hi Milloy Family,

I had no trouble at Target, just had to go to customer service to do it. I was super excited with today's deals! You might try your target in the AM?? They might have restocked over night.. plus you could always have them check the stock room. When I grabbed my 2, there were 5 on the shelf and I saw at least other one in another cart, so you might be surprised!

Hi Teresa! The leapfrog toy is a great deal! I was stoked with the xmas cards, because I wasn't prepared for the deal and scrambled like a mad woman to find pictures that would work! Sometimes deals like that just die a fast death and I was soooo afraid that would happen.

Evers Family,  November 13, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

I strongly second the cry for TP! All these Q's but no sales to use them on. Argh! Kleenex can only go so far in a pinch.

Teresa November 15, 2009 at 9:23 AM  

Hi Kc
I have a question about CVS. When it says in the ad spend 20 get 10 EB do I have to hit 20 before or after coupons? I have been doing after just want to make sure I have it right.

kc November 15, 2009 at 10:06 AM  

Hi Evers Family! Hopefully we see some good TP sales soon! I hate "blowing" good CVS $ on nondeals!!

Hi Teresa
You have to hit $20 before Qs.. so if it was like makeup for example at $10 each and you have $2 Qs. You can buy (2)= $20- (2) $2 Qs= Pay $16 and still earn the $10 ECB. I am not sure what deal you are doing, but its definitely before Qs! :-)

Teresa November 15, 2009 at 10:39 AM  

wow I am so glad I asked you! Thank you! I feel a little dumb that I have been doing it after coupons.... but at least now I know!

kc November 15, 2009 at 10:46 AM  

Hi Teresa!
Glad I could help. Don't feel dumb, if its not spelled out sometimes its easy to make a mistake, besides at least you were getting your ECBS.. now you can do better!!

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