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>> November 10, 2009

I plan on running out to Albies (free puff tissues, pineapple and progresso broth with a raincheck and Quadruple Qs), Safeway (free frosting) and yes one more mega frys run in a little bit, once Peter is home from an appointment. However, I have a little time to Ramble for your pleasure...

  • First and Foremost.. Please take advantage of the Free Holiday Photo Cards I posted about earlier today. I have no idea how long it will last, but I made mine yesterday and received my order confirmation this morning and shipping confirmation this afternoon!! I am so stoked for this deal, I was only hoping for cheap photo cards this year, but free ones totally rock!!!
  • I really liked 4hats post here about challenging herself to only spend $20 this week. I am going to try it too.... so far I haven't spend any cash OOP!!! I plan on just getting freebies or super cheapies tonight, so we will see how I do!!
  • I evaluated my xmas gift situation and we are sitting pretty good. I still have some gifts to purchase on, but I have plenty of amazon gift cards from Swagbucks! If you haven't joined you should! Plus, I saw starting on black Friday they are doing a gift card blowout where they will reduce the cost to redeem for a specific gift card each day, it will change each day. Normally amazon $5 gift cards cost 45 swagbucks and are the biggest bang for your BUCK as far as I am concerned!
  • I also plan on rolling some Walgreens RR into another gift card or too. The fine print does exclude gift card purchases, but one way around it is to buy super cheap fillers, and use the overage towards the gift card. For example, if you buy 4 boxes of Jello for $0.25 each, then use (4) $5 RR, you would have $19 towards the gift card purchase! Couponers use overage all the time and this is no different!!
  • Anyway, I have only a few extra things to buy and ideas on what I need for ALMOST everyone, just one hard gift to figure out... but we will figure something out by xmas I am sure!
  • Speaking of extra funds for xmas, if you have loose change sitting around Coinstar just announced their fabulous extra $10 promotion. I took advantage of it last year. Redeem $40 at a coinstar and you can send off for a bonus $10 certificate! How it worked last year, was I redeemed $40 in store for a gift card/certificate (to avoid any fees) and then sent in the form, and after about 6 weeks, I received an extra $10 certificate to the store I had picked. I am thinking about CVS this year, because I have an extra gift I want to splurge on during their black Friday sale and do not have enough ECBS right now.
  • Speaking of ECBS, I plan on redeeming some of my rainchecks for freebies, particularly Bayer Meters, to beef up my sadly lacking ECBS! That will help with my black Friday shopping!
  • I have been doing extra cooking lately, particularly experimenting with soup recipes, since I am a big fan. I made a Roast last week, that fed us dinner (plus 2 more adults) and then lunch for peter the next day.. Plus I used the leftover carrots, potatoes and tiny amount of meat to make beef stew. I only had to buy some addition beef stew meat, threw the leftovers in with extra gravy, the beef juices from extra meat and we had a WHOLE new meal! And that fed us again (plus 2 additional adults again) and peter had 2 days of lunch. He loved it!
  • Then I made Roast Chicken (2 in the oven) last week.. had chicken, with freebie BC potatoes and steamer veggies for dinner that night. Then I pulled off all the leftover meat from one, and all the meat from the other for use in my Chicken Noodle Soup. I also made my own chicken broth with the icky leftovers and carcasses, that was delish! Then I made home made chicken noodle soup, with the fresh broth, roasted chicken, carrots, celery, onions and mushrooms!! It was great. We added some rolls and again had 2 guests over for dinner, with lots of leftovers, plenty for 2 extra dinners and lunches!!!


Precious November 10, 2009 at 7:29 PM  

You are getting to quite the great cook!

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