Frugal Ramblings 11/4

>> November 04, 2009

The past week has been quite busy with the Frys Mega Sale + Halloween last weekend! In fact we had a crazy day yesterday, going down to get the H1N1 flu shots. It was a long day waiting in line, but we decided it was for the best for us. Now what frugal/deals have been happening for me??

  • I had a great mail week, first I received both some albies pot/pans stickers and some Fresh and Easy Qs (to use at Frys) from Teresa!! Those were awesome!
  • I also received several different magazines that will go to bookmans (hopefully today!!).
  • Plus my 2 free bottles of DHA vitamins from the medco deal! Plus the day after I ordered those.. there were some additional codes available (found via slickdeals) that could also be used for some great deals on BIG orders. I ended up ordering 2 Crane frog cool mist humidifiers + 2 refill cartridges for under $8 total!!! The cranes are about $35 each + $10 for the filters, a savings of OVER $80!!!! I just received those yesterday! Super excited! This deal didn't last long, I was going to try a 2nd order, but the coupon codes expired before I could.
  • Halloween Fun! We ended up going to a party at my brother and SIL's house, which might be a new family tradition. Our house is set on larger lots that just makes trick or treating more difficult, in fact we don't get any trick or treaters. So we had dinner over there (and lots of goodies, took Quinn trick or treating up and down their street and helped pass out candy! I managed to create a free costume (my fave kind), I was a cowgirl. I borrowing a hat and western shirt from my dad, and already had boots, jeans and handkerchief. Peter ended up being a Pro Bowler, which was ended up being pretty cheap and was my fave costume! We bought a silly pink bowling bag (thrift store), some wrist guard/arm things (99 cent store), patches for his shirt (michaels) and a sweat band (walmart). Total OOP cost was ~$16. Quinnie was of course a monkey, an old navy costume that we found at Twice as Nice, which means we used credit and paid $0 OOP for it!
  • I made Potato Soup with my dad last week.. using his simple recipe. It was great, I will post the recipe (for any newbie/non cooks out there like me!!)
  • I am making a roast today on the stove top (mom helped me start it), I find that my crock pot really limits the potatoes and carrots I can add. Hopefully this way works well for me. I plan on making a stew with the leftovers.
  • Frys Mega Sale is continuing this week, so don't forget to check your sales ads or even better, check out PYP, one of my favorite deal sites!
  • Two great CVS Qs, popped up yesterday! (Found via slickdeals!!!) You can find a $5 off 30 Q here. Also an even better $5 off $20 here. This one does print with lots of ink on the page though! So if you are talented with printing to PDF and then editing what you actually print out, you would be better off.
  • Don't forget to enter the Safeway $50 gift card contest here! Plus another local blogger is hosting her own $50 safeway gift card contest, go enter her contest here!


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