Frys 2 Mega Sale Orders.. FREE.. .after a return to customer service.

>> November 06, 2009

I rushed to do two orders this morning, my mom is leaving to Rocky Point this weekend so we had a TIGHT window of time to hit frys. I also deposited my 2 tutoring checks for the week and picked up a $4 Rx and used a $25 CVS transfer RX Q. I did ok with my 2 orders... Both totals were close to $25 after the $5 Mega sale, before any Qs.. which technically was higher than the $20 I wanted (I was using $5/20 Fresh and Easy Qs, THANKS Teresa!!), however I did snag a few things we needed (for the most part).

* Editing to add, I received $9.79 back in cash, for my granola bars (they gave both of them to me for free), Plus I returned the tiny strainer and borrowed a big one from my dad!

Order #1
4 Carnation Milks $0.49 each- $.50/2 IPs= Free
2 Rolaids $1 each - $1 MQ= free
1 Halls $0.49- $0.50 MQ= $0.50 Overage
3 Land of Lakes Butter $.99 each - $0.35 MQ= free
1 BC Potatoes $0.99 each- $.25 MQ= free
1 cookie thing $1.19 (for mom)
2 Pounce Cat Treats $2.79- 2 free Qs (only up to $2.39, spaced the max Q value)= $.40 each
1 Sara Lee Bread $2
2 Yakisoba thingys (food bank for sure!) $1 each - $0.50 MQ= free
1 Reach Floss $1 - $1 MQ= free
1 Strainer (to strain the chicken broth I SLAVED over last night) $2.09.. but it seems to small, I might be returning it!
2 Frys Milks $1.47 each
1 Quaker Chewy Halloween $3.99 (SUPPOSED TO BE $1, so my totals will LOOK BETTER!!!)
-$5/20 Fresh and Easy
-$4.50 in OYNO Qs (from Dole fruit in previous orders)

Total $0.62 OOP And I earned $1 OYNO (from pounce purchase)

Order #2
4 BC Potatoes $0.99 each - $0.25MQ= free
3 Land O Lakes Butter $0.99 each - $.50/1 IPs= free
2 Rolaids $1 each - $1 MQ= free
(only 9 items.. but I had 11 mega sale items, so it looks like the cashier forced it for me.. I will double check with customer service)
Fillers (non Mega Sale Items)
Stew Beef $5.91
2 Milks $1.47 each
2 Yakisobas $1 each - $0.50 MQ= free
1 Reach Dental floss $1- $1 MQ= free
1 Ranch Beans $0.99 (For my mom)
1 Quaker Bar $3.99 (supposed to be $1 halloween markdown) for my mom
-$5/20 Fresh and Easy Q

$4.27 OOP (mom gave me $3 for her cookies, beans and granola bars)
So my OOP $1.27

Total OOP between two orders $1.89 + $4.50 in OYNO Qs I had to spend on the 1st order (I hadn't planned on it originally), However I will get back $ 6 (maybe 7 if one granola is free) back for the granola bars that rung up wrong....)So I guess in the end, so it will make my two orders "FREE"

Since I received $9.79 cash back.. that more than covers my $4.50 in OYNO Qs and OOP costs! So a money maker trip in the end...

The Strainer..
I am thinking about returning the strainer I saw... and upgrading it to a bigger one.. cause its ridiculously tiny.. it will be hard to pour anything through it. They did have a bigger one for maybe $5.xx.. maybe I will roll it into my $50 order attempt this weekend... instead.

If you read my edits above. Then you know I returned the strainer and just borrowed a big one from my dad!

The Butter
Also I am SO loving all the free butter.. but seriously right before the butter deals started, we bought a huge one at costco, cause we were so out and I didn't see a deal in sight. Isn't that how it always happens! The tubs I will freeze.. the sticks will be good for baking this xmas! You can't go wrong with extra butter!!


Precious November 6, 2009 at 11:33 AM  

Great deals! I am so jealous. I can't wait until I can shop again!

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