Frys Mega Sale Again...

>> November 01, 2009

I had (2) $5/20 Fresh and Easy Qs to utilize (THANKS TERESA!!!), so I had two orders planned. My trip was almost perfect.. only had to substitute 3 things from my plan because they were out of stock, not bad for a Saturday afternoon... however, my 2nd order went awry... I will explain in a moment..
Order #1
6 Uncle Ben's Rice $0.99 each- $1/3 MQs= $0.66 each
3 Betty Crocker Potatoes $.99 - $0.25 MQ= free
3 Scotch Lint Rollers $1- $1 MQ= free
2 Bumble Bee Tuna $0.49-$0.50 MQs= $0.50 OVERAGE each!
6 Dole Fruit $0.49 each - $0.55/2= free
Fillers (not mega sale items)
2 Kroger Boullin Cubes $1.77 each
3 King Size Reeses Cups $1.00 each - $0.55 MQ= free
-$5/20 Competitor Q
Total $0.79 on a gift card, earned $1.50 OYNO (dole)
Savings 98%!!
Order #2
6 Dole Fruit $0.49 each - $0.55/2 MQs= free
4 Uncle Bens Rice $.99 each - $1/2 IPs= $0.49 each
3 Bumble Bee Tuna $0.50 - $.50 MQ= $0.50 overage each!!
4 Fritos $1.47 each <----- 1st problem!!!
2 ICBINB Spray $0.99 each- $0.75 IPs= free
1 Playtex Glove $0.50 each - $1 MQ= $0.50 overage
Fillers (non mega sale items)
2 Kraft Parm Cheese $3.79 <---------------------2nd problem!!
3 Reese's Kings Size PB Cups $1.00- $0.55 MQs= free
-$5/20 Competitors Q
Total $8.33 on a gift card, earned $1.50 OYNO (dole)
Ugghh.. I figured a couple bucks OOP, not $8.xx!!!! 1st off.. I grabbed the Fritos, with the intention of using the Safeway ad Q, for $0.88 each.. which after the $0.50 discount (for the Mega Sale) would make them $0.38 each. So $1.09 extra each TIMES 4= $4.36 overpaid!!, that would have brought my total to $3.97, which would have been ok.... but I grabbed 2 Kraft Parm cheese.. cause I thought I needed two to cover my overage.. I could have only bought one.. and brought my total even further down to $0.18!!!!
We can always use Parm cheese, so I will bite the bullet and keep both cans.. not big deal. However, I am taking the fritos back for the price adjustment, if they won't give it to me... then I will just return them. Plus one of my ICBINB sprays was busted at the top.. so I have to exchange that anyway. What a PAIN!! I totally saw what happened when I paid.. cause my safeway Q was in the stack of Qs, I totally spaced having the cashier price adjust the Fritos when they were rung up. And when I was paying.. there was a huge line and the cashier was really a stocker who was clueless, so I knew I wasn't going to get it easily fixed right then. And of course customer service had a huge line and it was Halloween afternoon, so I had to get home to get ready for our Halloween adventure!!!
I plan on only keeping a few of the Dole Tropical Fruits, the rest are going to Lynn for her food drive! I can't beat Free for donations + making money on the OYNO Qs, that printed!!!


Teresa November 3, 2009 at 9:32 AM  

Wow you did good. I have been shopping at frys ALOT. My husband had banned me from buying anything frozen but I have still been sneaking stuff in.

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