A great way to "preview" safeway prices!!

>> November 04, 2009

Whenever I am planning a trip to Safeway and want to check on prices, I use their website! As long as they deliver groceries in your area, or even somewhere nearby, you can get pretty accurate prices! If you go to their website, click grocery delivery and enter your zip code (or a nearby one that offers deliver), you should be able to search for current prices! Or you can click this link...

From here you can browse the site (without creating an account) or use their search function to look for specific items. However, I have found that the search doesn't always pull up all the items. So I sometimes just "shop by aisle" which allows me to browse categories. This process is very useful when you want to check and see if a specific variety is included in a sale. Often sales ads state "selected varieties" which means you don't know all the varieties on sale until you get to the store, this is inconvenient when trying to plan your shopping trip.

In addition, if you know you need to buy something, but its not on sale (as in listed in the weekly ad), you can always check the website for the current prices. I haven't run into any discrepancies when using this method to check prices, but of course YMMV!

While we are talking Safeway and prices, remember they have just launched their "Thousands of New Everyday Low Prices" program. In conjunction with this, they have given me (5) $50 Safeway gift cards to give away to my readers! Please don't forget to enter the giveaway!

And as a bonus, Stephanie over at SavvySavingsTucson is also doing a similar set of giveaways! Check out her contest link here.


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