Monday Night Shopping: Albies + Walgreens

>> November 03, 2009

2 Chex Mix Bars $2 - $0.50 MQ = $1 each
6 Nature Valley Granola Bars $2 each - $0.40 MQ= $1 each
2 Honey Nut Cheerios - $0.55 IPs= $1 each
-$10 OYNO (5, $2 Qs from last order)
Total $0 OOP, and earned another FIVE (5) $2 OYNO Qs!

Thanks to Coupons in Overdrive for sharing her mascara deals here! Of course once I had the heads up for this.. I had to venture out and try the deal, because Almay is only supposed to be B1G1 50% off.. not B1G1 free, so its a mistake that can be fixed at any time. I already planned on hitting my albies for a quick trip and I have 2 walgreens within a mile of each other, both on my route to the store and back, so it was easy to bop in there too!!

Store 1, Order #1
1 Almay Pure Blends Makeup $9.99
1 Almay One Coat Mascara $7.99 - $4 WAGS IVC (Nov Book)
-$7.99 b1g1 sale almay
-$5 RR (from last week)
Total $1.60 on a gift card, and earned $10 RR (almay pure blends makeup)
I decided to try out my 1st transaction to see if the Almay was ringing up B1G1 at my store.. Since it did I went on to my next order.. but if it didn't, it would have been -$3.99 B1G150% off sale), and my subtotal would have been close to $10, given that you earn $10 RR anyway, it wouldn't really be a loss, just not as great of deal.
Store 1, Order #2
2 Almay One Coat Mascaras $6.99 (some are 7.99, some are 6.99)
-$6.99 B1G1 Sale
-$8 Wags IVC (Nov book, auto deducts, $4 for each mascara!!)
(so there is overage.... involved)
I threw in
5 Halloween Napkins for a xmas project I am doing $.25 each
Total on a gift card $.74!!
Store 2, Order #1
(I repeated my 1st order from the 1st store... checking to make sure this store still had them b1g1 free)
1 Almay Pure Blends Makeup $9.99
1 Almay One Coat Mascara $7.99
1 HotWheels Car $1.29 (filler, plus much needed bribe for our H1N1 flu shot adventure scheduled for today....)
-$7.99 Almay B1G1 sale
-$4 Nov Wags IVC (mascara)
-$6 RR
Total $1.97 on a gift card, earned $10 RR (pure blends makeup)
Store 2, Order #2
2 Almay One Coat Mascaras $6.99
1 Hotwheels Car $1.29 (filler, bribe)
-$6.99 B1G1 Sale
-$8 nov Wags IVC ($4 for each mascara)
Total $.79 On a gift card
Summary of all 4 order... spent $11 in RR, + $5.10 in Wags gift card funds= $16.10 total.. but have $20 in RR now... so still overall profitable even when considering tax and fillers!!


Rachel November 3, 2009 at 1:53 PM  

Wow, those are some GREAT deals!!

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