My last Frys Mega Run... Making $ :-)

>> November 09, 2009

I had to run in and grab an RX tonight at Frys, so I decided to buckle down and do the last of my frys mega sale runs. I do have a few random Qs for freebies that I could use, but I just don't NEED any of it and I am getting sick of Frys. :-)

Order #1
4 ICBINB $0.99 each - $1.00 IPs= $0.01 overage each
1 Bumble Bee Tuna $0.69 each- $0.55 MQ= $0.31 overage
4 Uncle Bens Rice $0.99- $1 MQs= $0.01 overage each
1 Mini Baybel Cheese $1.99- $1 MQ= $0.99
Non Mega Sale Item (filler)
Sara Lee Bread $2
-$2.50 OYNO Q (from clorox wipes deals a few weeks back..)
Total $0.10 OOP!!! (I actually used $0.07 on a gift card and then $0.03 in cash)!!
Earned (2) $2 OYNO Qs for the ICBINB and $1 OYNO Q for the Uncle Bens!

Order #2
4 ICBINB $0.99 each- $1.00 IPs= $0.01 overage each
3 LOL Butters $0.99 each - $0.50 MQ= $0.01 overage each
2 Dole Tropical Fruits $0.49 each - $0.50/2 MQ= $0.01 overage
1 Uncle Bens Rice $0.99 - $1 MQ= $0.01 overage
Total NEGATIVE $0.10!! Yup they paid me 10 cents for this order.. sort of cancelled out my first order!!!
I also earned another (2) $2 OYNO Qs for the ICBINB!!!
So $0 OOP between the two orders, but I did walk out with $9 in OYNO Qs!!! Awesome, paying me for my groceries!

It is POURING butter at my house. I seriously can't believe how much butter or butter spread I have in my fridge right now. I need to freeze most of it for the future. I of course just bought that HUGE, HUGE tub at costco like a month ago, just before the butter deals started pouring in... I swear that is always how it happens... Oh well, I won't be paying for butter anytime soon!!!


Becky,  November 10, 2009 at 10:04 AM  

Where did you find the ICBINB coupons?

Precious November 10, 2009 at 10:06 AM  

Another great shopping trip! I have fgorzen butter up to a year and it is still fine.

kc November 10, 2009 at 10:53 AM  

Hi Becky, I usually do a google search for coupons, here is the link i Used just 2 days ago.
But it says they are all gone.. maybe google and see if you can find another link? Of course without Qs.. you pay 99 cents each, but get $2 for every 2... so still free

Hi precious,
Yeah super stocking up got me in trouble.. I NEVER ran out of butter, so I was shocked when I did.. and just limped along with a small purchase here and there until of course I took the costo plunge :-) Oh well, I won't run out for a long time now! :-)

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