The rest of my evening shopping spoils...

>> November 11, 2009

I also hit up Safeway, Albertsons and Walgreens to "cherry pick" the deals!
6 Progresso Broths $1 each (with a rain check) - $0.50 IPs= free
2 Pineapples $1 each - $0.75 IP= free
Total OOP $0!!

Plus I got a rain check for $1 Puffs, free with the $0.25 MQs quadrupled... of course they were sold out, but luckily I remembered my rain check!!

5 Betty Crocker Frosting B2G3 free- (4) $0.50 Qs -$0.50 EQ (one of my MQs only doubled to $0.28.. the register was smart, my total was $3.78 for all 5, so 3 Qs doubled to $1 and the last one doubled $0.50 to another $0.28, so only the full value of what I paid), however the $0.50 EQ was overage.. towards to my nanas
2.07 lbs nanas $1.22
Total $0.72 on a gift card!!

Check out this BONUS meter pack I found behind the pharmacy counter. The regular diabetes aisle was empty, so to avoid leaving the store empty handed I checked at the pharmacy to see what they had. I noticed they had these bonus ones up high on the shelf. I figured they should work for the deal, since you are buying the meter and getting the A1C check free. And they did ring up right.. $14.99. Unfortunately the RR machine was down back there, so it still required manager intervention. Luckily they had already gone through this earlier in the day, so the manager just quickly gave me a $5 Gift card, that ended up with $5.30 on it since he did a "return" in order to put money on the card, giving me the "tax" on the $5 as well!! Bonus!! Plus the gift card doesn't expire!!
1 Bonus Bayer Meter $14.99- $MQ=free
Total on a gift card $0.91 (tax) and earned $5.30 on a gift card!!!


Renee Richins November 12, 2009 at 10:49 AM  

I went to Albertson's yesterday too since I had rainchecks on the broth and the Warm Delights that were expiring. It looked as though someone else had bought a bunch of those items too. :) I thought it was funny.

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