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>> November 24, 2009

I seriously can't believe the discrepancy in pricing I came across last night online. We have decided on doing a robot theme for the new baby, so I decided to search for robot baby mobiles online. I knew the selection would be limited at best.. and I was right.

I came across this link first on for a 5 piece set: quilt, bumper, sheet, bed skirt + MOBILE! It looked super cute, but it costs $148 with shipping. Way too much for our purposes. In fact, I am not a big fan of crib sets anyway, given that babies can't use bumpers or quilts because of the chance of suffocation. Plus a cute sheet is fine, but you change it often, so you need several, not just one super cute one. In fact I already have already picked up several extra crib sheets to rotate between Quinn's bed and the babies crib. And of course we still have Quinn's bed skirt... anyway, I digress..

I decided to search around a bit and found that the original robot set was actually a Walmart exclusive, and it was on clearance on Of course just my luck the mobile was sold separately and no longer available, but the 4 piece-crib set shows an original price of $65, and a clearance price of $49. See it here. So the amazon set is simply a reseller, making some money. Unfortunately they aren't selling the baby mobile separately.

Bummed out completely.. that I obviously missed out on getting a reasonable priced ROBOT mobile through walmart, much less a CLEARANCED priced one. I kept searching.. and found some listed on ebay.

And to my disbelief.. the prices were WAYYYYY better on ebay. I found the same 5 piece (bedding + mobile) sets on there for as low as $5o WITH shipping! And also the mobile sold separately for $35 with shipping. Of course this is great news our purposes, way more reasonable. However, it does lead to me to believe that they must have sold these sets in stores and clearanced them SUPER cheap in order for people to be selling them so cheaply. So I am disappointed again, that I missed out on a super, smoking deal.

I know I should just be grateful that I can still make a purchase at a reasonable price. Its just too bad that reasonable price isn't through since I have amazon gift cards from Swagbucks to spend!

Anyway, we still haven't decided whether to go with this mobile or not and if we want the full crib set or just the mobile. The quilt would be useful later on, and if I could "make" something with the super cute bumper, then maybe it would be well worth the extra $15 on ebay!

The point of my rambling about a robot baby mobile? It is certainly well worth the effort to check prices online (I use google/froogle) and ebay can be more reasonable than you expect!


Tempe Directory November 25, 2009 at 12:07 AM  

I love this site! I haven't heard of $25 challenges before, but it certainly is exciting!

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