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>> November 20, 2009

Last night I ran out and did a few errands with a partner in crime.. she kept me company since we went out sort of later-ish. However, we were Quinn-less which makes quick trips, actually Quick! Anyway, we hit frys (see post from last night), Safeway and Walgreens. It all went pretty well!!

Safeway has their Home for the Holidays Promo running where you spend $25 on baking type items and you earn $5 OYNO. This week makes for some cheap/free butter and cookie mix (or frosting) if you have some Qs!

2 Milks $1.49 each
8 ICBINB Baking Sticks $1.99 each- $1 MQ= $0.99 each
8 Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix $1.50 - $0.40 MQs= $0.50 each
Plus - (2) $0.40 EQs
However I was charged $0.97 tax.. all food.. why tax???
Total $16.59, paid $9.28 on a gift card and $7.31 OOP.

Earned $5 (holiday promo) OYNO and FOUR $2 OYNO (butters). You earn a $2 one for every 2 you buy! So a total of $13 OYNO....basically the butter and cookie mix were almost free when you factor out the prices of the milks I threw on the order!

What a great run. I was excited to see they had enough Butter in stock for my plan. Of course I may go back and ask about the tax.. unless someone out there in the blog world can explain it. I am pretty sure we don't pay tax on food in AZ...

We also stopped by walgreens and I picked up a $25 old navy gift card, 2 snickers treats (fillers) - $10 RR= Total 15.78-$15 walgreens gift card from yesterday.. total $0.78 OOP.


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