Safeway Fabulous Run: Home For The Holidays Promo

>> November 23, 2009

Ok I posted this weekend about the features available on Safeway's website to make the Holidays, particularly Thanksgiving easier! If you missed it, check it out here!

Anyway, I also mentioned that Safeway was sending me $25 to help offset my Holiday grocery purchases. I decided to plan a couple of great trips using their Home For The Holidays Promo! This promo runs through 11/29, spend $25 on specific holiday items and you earn a $5 OYNO Q! The great part of the promo is that you have to spend $25 pre coupons!! Plus you can roll the $5 OYNO Q into your next order.

I decided to challenge myself with the $25 they are sending; to plan my orders very well and maximize what I can buy. I am hoping to get most if not all of the holiday baking stuff I still need, plus maybe a few extra goodies!

Order #1
2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.50 - $.40 MQs= $0.50 each
2 Nestle white chocolate chips $2 - $0.50 MQs= $1 each
6 Pillsbury Crescent Roils $1.69 each - $0.25 MQs & one $0.50 EQ= $0.69 and one at $0.19.
4 ICBINB stick butter $1.99- $1 IPs= $0.99 each
Tax... for $0.49 for the butter.. I forgot to ask about this when i was there. Hopefully I can get it refunded, not sure what is happening.
Total $11.09 on a gift card!
Earned $5 OYNO (HFTH promo) & (2) $2 OYNO (ICBINB)!

Order #2
Gold Medal Flour Q $2.00 (no Q. couldn't find the IP anymore)
6 Betty Crocker Frosting $1.50 each - $0.50 MQ= $0.50 each
1 Lea & Perrins Sauce $3.55- $2 MQ= $1.55
1 Karo Light Syrup $3.09- $0.40 MQ= $2.09
4 ICBINB Stick Butter $1.99- $1 IPs= $0.99 each
Tax $0.49... seriously annoying...
-$5, $2 and $2 OYNO Qs (from first order)
Total $3.57 on a gift card!
Plus earned another $5 OYNO and (2) $2 OYNO Qs!!

So far.. I have only spent $14.66 on a gift card, hopefully I can get $0.98 back (from the tax issue), making it only $13.68 spent. Plus I have the $5 and (2) $2 OYNO Qs from the last order.

I will be busy figuring out what else I can get with my remaining $11.32.

The Safeway ad has a few of the Home For The Holidays promo listed, but there are tons more in store. My store had a special display at the front and then tags listed below the qualifying items on the shelf!

Don't forget to enter my $50 Safeway Gift Card Giveaway!

And another local blogger: Savvy Savings Tucson is also having a $50 Safeway Gift Card Giveaway!

Disclosure: Safeway is sending me a $25 gift card to help me offset the cost of exploring their holiday deals.


Becky November 23, 2009 at 5:20 PM  

wow you did really good! I think I will go there tomorrow before the ad changes. Thanks so much!

kc November 23, 2009 at 5:29 PM  

Hi Becky,
I was pretty happy with my orders, they went super smooth with a quick 15 minute shop!! I love those kind! I already have the rest of my orders planned out for tomorrow! I want to hit them before the ad changes as well!

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