Santa Results.... and why I am a fan of the Walmart Santa..

>> November 29, 2009

Peter snagged a few pictures as we tried to coax Quinn into saying hi or giving Santa "5". This is the BEST picture of our experience.. he was a squirmy wormy who had no interest in talking to Santa, sitting with him, etc. I would be kicking myself to spend $20+ on this picture!

We ventured to the Walmart near the in-laws (I dropped Peter off to watch a football game over there), and they had their Santa set up a little after 10 am. Santa will be at local stores again next weekend 10-2, but you should definitely call before you drive over.

They did have vouchers for a free photo (but she didn't get any photos of Quinn... given his lack of participation) and of course some candy, which Quinn did enjoy.


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