Saturday Shopping!

>> November 15, 2009

We ran out for a few errands yesterday, mostly at the mall.

I used 2 of the $10 off $10 Juniors Qs (from seventeen magazine) that were expiring... I figured a couple cheap long sleeve shirts would be good. I found some soft ones, but with 2 issues, 1st they were $9.99 and the Q required a $10 min purchase (the cash register couldn't adjust it down), after much searching I found some $0.99 tanks in the clearance section (I sleep in these, so at least it won't be a waste). The 2nd issue was the size.. I bought large, but I am not sure how long these will fit me as my tummy grows. I was hoping for an extra large, but they didn't seem to have any extra large in this style. Anyway...
2 orders
$9.99 and $0.99 + $10.98- $10 Q= $0.98 + tax= $1.06 total per order...

I had 2 more of the $5 Qs to use and picked up some goodies to add to my xmas gift stash. They let me use both Qs in the same transaction even though the Q said one per person. Peter was with me, so I had planned on having him check out too if necessary. I found two things for $5.99 that will be great, so I paid $0.99 + tax each.

I had a return at Gap from an online purchase. I recently figured out that I could return my "fillers" from orders. So I had 3 pairs of baby socks to return at $0.99 each. Funny thing though, first they had to do each return separately and even though I used a coupon code and a gift card to pay, they had to return my "money" via check mailed to my house. So I will be receiving (3) $1.05 checks within the next 2 weeks from Gap. Funny, huh? The Gap employees were unsure why the register made them do the returns this way, but very grateful that I didn't care. I thought that was silly, honestly who gets hung up on how $3.15 gets returned to them, I am getting my money back either way.

Free $10 Gift Cards!!!
Since I drug the boys with me we ended up with (2) $10 Tucson Mall Gift Cards! Unfortunately within the stack of Mall Qs they also handed you, was a Q for a free thing of jewelry cleaner from a jewelry store in the mall. I didn't even look at the Qs, so I totally missed out on that freebie!! (The Q was good yesterday only! Bummer!)

On the way home we stopped at Chick Fil A for lunch, Q enjoyed their play area and hardly touched his was decent, but expensive!

We also stopped at Walgreens and I picked up some free mousse.
3 Nexxus (2 oz size) $2.50 each - $4 Wags Q (from Nov Q book)= it auto adjusts to $2.50 each. So I just paid tax... $0.61 on a gift card! This is the regular price and the Q is good all month, so you can still repeat this deal.


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