This Weeks To Do List..

>> November 15, 2009

So I was thinking that maybe if I post my goals for the week, at least the bigger ones that they might be more likely to be done... so here we go

  1. Order photo stamp xmas gifts with coupon codes and gift certificates
  2. Work on Guest Post for Precious
  3. Work on den/nursery
  4. Steam Mop the Floors
  5. Order cigar pack (xmas gift)
  6. Dig Deeper for my food bank donations
  7. Sign up for our open enrollment health insurance changes
  8. Sort through books in den to sell/donate
  9. Sort through dvds in den to sell/donate
  10. Pack up Photo Albums/loose photos
  11. Pack up remaining Books/Dvds
  12. Sort Random Electronic Goodies
  13. Assess other photo xmas projects

Lets see how much I can do!!


Precious November 15, 2009 at 5:38 PM  

Thanks KC for doing the guest post. You have an ambitious list.

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