To Do List Update 11/18

>> November 18, 2009

SO FAR.............

1.Order photo stamp xmas gifts with coupon codes and gift certificates - Done
2.Work on Guest Post for Precious - I have made progress
3.Work on den/nursery - Have a game Plan!
4.Steam Mop the Floors
5.Order cigar pack (xmas gift)
6.Dig Deeper for my food bank donations
7.Sign up for our open enrollment health insurance changes - Done
8.Sort through books in den to sell/donate
9.Sort through dvds in den to sell/donate
10.Pack up Photo Albums/loose photos
11.Pack up remaining Books/Dvds
12.Sort Random Electronic Goodies- Done
13.Assess other photo xmas projects

Not bad so far.. and of course I started working on a big project today that isn't on my list.. (I am such a procrastinator!!). I am updating the blog format. To be fair though, I have had this on my to do list for awhile! I just didn't happen to list it on this weeks list! :-)


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